Uni fee,s…final chapter

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Katie arrived home from shopping and dumped the bags on the counter and grabbed a apple and bit into it.

“MUM YOU HOME?”..Katie called then seen her mum outside through the kitchen window getting the washing from

the clothes line.

Katie just watched her as she continued to eat the apple..and wondered did her mother realise what was going to

be happening to-night it was the Wednesday her father had booked her so he father and her brother could pretend she was Katie

and fuck her again..

Hearing a knock at the door Katie bit the last of the apple and threw the core into the trash as she walked passed to

go see who was at the door..

“Hey Tara..was not expecting you here to-day.”..Katie said.

Tara shrugged..”Well i was close by and thought fuck it will pop in and say hello.”..She said.

Katie grinned..”Alright let me grabbed the bags from the kitchen and i will met you in my room i want to talk to you about

something anyway so it worked out well.”..Katie said and about five minutes later she closed the door to her bedroom.

Tara was laying on her bed and got herself up on one elbow..”So hun whats on your mind.?”..Tara asked..

Katie told Tara about fucking her father at the party that they been at where they had to wear those masks and that she was booked

to-night by her father so he and her brother could fuck her again and her mum would be there to watch and learn.

Tara sat up and looked at Katie for a long moment..”Katie i have been fucking my father and two older brothers since i was

fifteen dad caught Nathan fucking me in my room and just sat down on the bed beside us and grinned.And once Nathan finished

he fucked me and told Nathan to go and get Michell so he could join in the fun as well.So that afternoon both brothers and my

father took turns fucking me it was my father who taught me how to do anal..and before you ask yeah they know what i do for

a living.

My brothers even thought they have moved out and have girlfriends still pop home to fuck me and dad pops in most nights

for a blow job or to fuck my ass..and Katie i really love it mostly when all three can be here i do things with them that mum wont and

that the girlfriend wont do..So yeah and honestly iam shocked your father has not nailed you before now always wondered were

you doing the job on him.”..She said with a grin..

Katie just stared at Tara totally shocked..”Damn i had no idea Tara.”..Katie said and laid back on the bed staring up at the ceiling

Tara laughed..”I have gone to tell you so many times but always stopped myself before i did…and now hun you have me all wet

just thinking about it so young lady drop your panties.”.Tara smiled Katie turned her head and grinned and lift her butt to

pulled her panties off and spread her legs..

Tara got on her knees on the floor between Katie,s legs and started flicking Katie,s pussy..”Hmmm seems someone else is pretty

wet thinking about getting fucked by her father.”..Tara said and started sucking on Katie.s pussy softly..

Katie moaned a little…”Iam Tara and to-night i get to have a few hours of him fucking me and Troy as well the only thing is

at the moment they dont know it was me they were fucking but after to-night they will.”..Katie said and rubbed her hand over

Tara,s hair as Tara started rubbing her clit and a good five minutes later Katie came in Tara,s mouth..

Tara stood then laid down over Katie and let some of the cum in her mouth dribble into Katie.s waiting mouth then lean down

and kissed Katie deeply..

Tara stood above Katie and removed her own panties then knelt above Katie,s face and lowered herself down onto Katies waiting tongue.

katie licked her fast and sucked her clit hard just how she like it Tara moaned and pushed down harder..”Open that mouth hun

here i cum.”..She breathed heavily and came hard and fast into Katie,s mouth..Katie licked it up quickly and swallowed and sucked what

what was left as she rubbed Tara,s bare ass..

Tara looked down at Katie beneath her..”Dad should be home soon iam still as horny as hell and mum will be out till late to-night

so iam going home now and get dad to give me a good fucking,”..She laughed then smiled cheekily down at Katie..

“And iam not going to clean myself up so when he eats me out he will tasting you too.”..Tara said and got herself in fits of laughter

over the thought of it..

Katie laughed..”Your a sick unit..now go home and wait for your dad and ride his cock good for him.”..Katie said with a smirk.

Tara put her panties back on and grabbed her bag..”Plan on it hun..ok later have fun to-night.”..She said and left..

At 6.45pm Katie said bye to her parents and her brother and looked at the three off them and smiled..”Have fun to-night”..Katie

said and started to walk away..

“Oh we are going out too and plan on having a very good night..bye sweetie.”..he father said..

Katie smirked and walked out the door and took off in her car about ten minutes down the road Katie pulled over and pulled off

the dress she left the house in she was now sitting in a red short dress that she had been wearing underneath..

katie parked a little ways from the motel and waited she could see the motel and anyone that walked in.Looking down at the time

it was 7.15pm she was booked to be there at 7.30pm as she lifted her head again she seen her parents and her brother walk into

the motel..

At 7.25pm Katie picked up her bag and walked to the motel and made her way to room 325 as she stood at the door Katie put the

large feather mask on took a very deep breath and knock on the door..

Her father answered the door and ushered her inside the room was dimly lit..

“Glad you could make it..now its the same as at the party you will answer to Katie if you dont remember thats my daughters name.”

He said and rubbed Katie,s ass then put his hand on the small of her back and lead her further into the room.

“This is my wife she will be watching for now and this is Troy my son.”..he said then Katie heard her mother soft voice..

“I wont be joining in i dont even want to be here.”..She said Katie,s dad flew so fast at her mother and grabbed her by

the cheeks with one hand and squeezed hard..

“I dont care what the fuck you want if i want you to get on that bed or on your knee,s you will understood.”..He said

Her mother just nodded Katie was shocked she didnt realise her father was like this.

Troy walked to Katie and looked her over..”Your been dressed to long get those clothes off.”..he ordered..

As Katie undressed her father and brother removed their clothes her father was the first to walk over and put his hand between

Katies legs..

“Ohh Sex hikayeleri my Katie iam going to fuck you every way i can and you are to call me dad.”..he said Katie just nodded as her father

started rubbing..

“Hmm your cunt is getting wet already.’..he said and slipped a finger in moving it in and out slowly before taking it out

and sucking his fingers..”My Katie tastes so sweet now Katie get on your knee,s Daddy needs his cock sucked.”..he said

katie went to her knee,s and took her father,s cock in her mouth and started sucking each time taking a little more of him in.

“Hmmmmm thats it Katie take all of your daddy,s cock.”..he said and started rubbing her shoulders…Troy was stroking his cock

as he stood beside his father waiting on his turn which came a few minutes later while Katie was sucking Troy,s cock her father

walked to her mother..

“She could teach you a thing or two about sucking cock Ann and she really has not even started yet.”..He said with a laugh..

0nce Troy pulled out of her mouth she was ordered to sit on the end of the bed and spread her legs as her father was now down on his knees

sucking her pussy Katie let out a moan..

Troy smiled..”Sis like her cunt sucked dad wonder if she likes it done harder?”..he said as his father started sucking harder and pushing

his tongue into her hole Katie moaned louder..

Her father got back to his feet and Troy took his place as soon as Troy had his head between her legs her father lent over

her and kissed her Katie tasted her juices on her father,s lips..A few seconds later Katie came in her brothers mouth he kept

licking her and sucking making Katie flinch and grab his head..

Her father lifted her head and turned it a little and pushed his cock into her mouth as he held her head he as moving it back and forwards

Pushing it further down her throat until she gagged then pulled back a little then pushed back in again..

“Thats it Katie take it all..feels so good having my cock down my little girls throat.’..He said..

Katie looked at her father,s eyes there was pure lust in his eyes at the thought of his cock down his daughter,s throat..

She wonder then what he was going to do when she reveal herself which she was going to do very soon this holding back on the noises

was killing her.

Katie was snapped back to reality when she heard her father tell her mother to take of her panties..”Come on Ann i want to see your cunt”

he said and started getting annoyed when she was taking to slow..”Fuck Ann dont make me come over there”..He said..

Her mother dropped her panties and lifted her dress..”Turn around and bent over.”..he said her mother did then he looked down at Katie..

and suddenly grabbed Katie by the hair and dragged her from the bed and over to her mother..

“Lick her cunt she has never had a woman do that to her.”..her father ordered..Katie looked at her mother,s pussy then let out a deep breath..

“Hang on a minute i need to tell you something.”..Katie said and got to her feet and turned to face her father and brother..

Who now looked confused…Katie removed her mask and stood there for a few moments..

“It me dad.”..She said her father just stared at her and then the biggest smirk came to his lips.

he grabbed Katie by the hair again and dragged her back down to her knee,s…”Like i said lick her cunt.”..he said..

Troy almost blew his load right then and there as he dropped to his knee,s beside his sister and just looked at her..

“Lick her cunt like dad said.”..Troy ordered Katie spread the flaps of her mother,s pussy and began licking out her mother..

Troy put his hand between Katie,s legs and started fingering her and lent to her ear..

“Do you know how long i have wanted to fuck you Sis? and yes i have already but that does not count i didnt know but

Now i have you here naked in front of me my fingers in your cunt.Did you like me fucking you Katie at that party?”..he asked.

Katie stopped licking her mother and turned to look at her brother..”I knew it was you and dad who booked me for to-night

if i didnt like you both fucking me Troy i wouldnt be here so yes i did like you fucking me and your fingers have stopped.”..

she said and went back to her mother,s pussy her mother started to groan..”OHHHHH Godddd.”..her mother

said Katie licking harder and faster a few seconds later her mother came in a gush filling Katie,s mouth..

Troy grabbed Katie,s head and spun it around and kissed her roughly shoving his tongue and sucking his mother,s cum from her mouth..

Katie took Troy,s cock in her hand and began stroking him then smiled..”Since this is a paying job for me anything goes.”..she said

as Troy rammed two fingers inside her..

Katie felt herself bring lifted back to her feet Troy still slamming two fingers deep inside her Katie groaned and pushed down to take

the fingers harder..then she felt her father behind her leaning close to her and rubbing her ass cheeks..

“So my daughter is a paid whore?’..he asked and lean Katie over a little and started playing with her ass hole running his finger down

to her pussy then back up again wetting her hole before inserting a finger..

“Dad i like to fuck and iam good at it so i got a job where i get paid to fuck and i make damn good money.”..she said and grunted

as her father inserted another finger.

“Ann get over here and suck your son,s cock.”..her father ordered as he lined his cock up with Katie,s ass hole and pushed it

in and and slowing began fucking his daughter ass get harder and faster with each stroke..

Katie lent to her brother who was getting his cock sucked by his mother and started to kiss him then pulled back a little.

“I have wanted to fuck you and dad for so long and to-night big brother i want you to fuck me hard do anything you want i like it hard

and fast and that goes for you to dad fuck my ass hard.”..she said and let out a yell as he father rammed his cock in harder..

Katie was now right into this they all now knew she was a whore and loved to fuck..Troy went ridged pulling his fingers from

Katie,s pussy and grabbed his mother,s head and rammed into her mouth hard and blew his load Ann gagged..”Swallow it Ann.”..her father ordered..

Katie,s father grabbed both her tits and squeezed then tight ramming Katie harder until he released his load and fill her ass

with his cum.Pulling out he pulled Katie back to him roughly…”I love to fuck also and i like to fuck rough and i play rough

Katie.”..He said in her ear…”I will take anything you dish out daddy.”..Katie said as her father spun her around and rammed three

finger straight into her pussy..”Come on daddy you can go harder make your baby Sikiş hikayeleri girl cum..Katie wants to cum on her daddy,s fingers.”

Katie said in a teasing like little girl voice he father respond and pushed in deep and kissed Katie hard..

“So help me god iam going to fuck you every way i can you will be begging me to stop.”..he growled..

Katie laughed..”Never will i beg you to stop daddy.”..Katie said in sweet voice..

Troy watched the verbal exchange between his father and sister then looked at his mother who was standing there in shock

listening to what was being said between her husband and daughter..Troy pushed his mother,s legs apart and inserted two fingers

“Mum just let yourself go this is going to happen whether you like it or not.”..Troy said and started moving his fingers faster..

Ann looked at her husband then her daughter then to her son and removed the rest of her clothes and reached down and took her

son,s cock in her hand and began stroking him Troy laughed..”Thats it now lets have some fun.”..He said and felt his mother


Katie now had her whole father,s fist in her pussy and was slamming it in hard and fast Katie was gasping with each thrust..

“Keep going iam going to cum daddy.”..She said and came hard her father pulled straight out and shoved his fingers down her throat.

“Suck your cunt juices off my fingers.”..he said Katie put her hands up and took her father,s fingers from her mouth and started sucking them one

by one..Her father lipped his lips then looked at his wife then back to his daughter..

“I think you and your mother need to play with each other.”..he said and lead Katie to the bed Ann followed and joined her daughter her father and brother

Sitting on either side of the bed..

Katie smiled at her mother then pulled her legs apart and got between them and looked at her mother..

“Iam going to eat you out and your going to cum like never before,”..Katie said and spread the flaps of her mother,s pussy

and slowly in long strokes licked her mother pussy each time she went back up she gently took her mother,s clit in her teeth

then released it and started back down after doing this a few times Katie stuck her tongue in her hole as far as she could..

Troy got up on his knee,s beside Katie and put two fingers on her pussy and started ramming them hard as he did Katie started

pushing harder and faster into her mother..

Ann groaned Katie removed her tongue and began sucking on her mothers flaps until she got back to her clit Katie just flicked her tongue and teased

it making her mother move under..

Katie didnt see her father get up and walk away until Katie gasped as she felt some big get rammed into her ass.

Lifting her head Katie looked over her shoulder her father was fucking her ass with a dildo Katie pushed back and let out a grunt..

her father pushed it all the way in then pulled it out and rammed it back in as he grabbed a handful of one of her ass cheeks

and squeezed it tight..

Katie licked her lips and turned back and put her head back in between her mothers legs and held them open with her hands..

Katie picked up the pace her mother grabbing a handful of hair….”Ohhhh god Katie…iam going to exploded.”..she panted and

started lifting her hips up Katie went faster until her mother stretched out and let out a yell and came Katie kept going..

“Ohhh fuck Katie stop please stop…ohhh my god.”..She screamed out and grabbed the sheets as she came again..Katie slowed down

and rubbed her face in her mother,s cum and lifted her head..

“Troy can you stop iam going to sit on my mothers face so she can lick me.”..Katie said..

Her father kept using the dildo as she made her way up to her mum,s face and sat abover her..her mother looked up at her

then slowly started licking Katie..

Katie groaned and pushed down a little and closed her eyes her eyes opened as her head was beging pulled up by her hair her

father was on his knee,s in front of her Troy had taken over fucking her ass..

He slammed down on her mouth shoving his tongue in as far as he could then took her bottom lip and bit it taking two fingers

he pulled Katie,s head back and shoved them down her throat making her gag Katie started gasping her air as he would pulled them out

and repeat the process..

The whole time he was grinning..”Troy pass the dildo.”..He said and reached out and took it the fingers down her throat were

now replaced by the dildo that was just fucking her ass..

Her father was savage on Katie,s mouth making her gag on the dildo as he would hold in for a few extra moments he did a few of those

then began fucking her mouth with it hard and fast each time ramming it in deep..

Katie reached down and took her father cock and began stroking it then Katie,s eyes open wide as she tried to yell as she came

on her mother,s face..

Her father grinned and reached down and roughly dragged his fingers along Katie,s pussy then pulled the dildo out of her mouth

And shoved his cum filled fingers in her mouth then returned the dildo into her mouth Katie groaned and gagged again her eyes watering

as her father kept forcing the dildo down further..

This continued for a few more minutes until her let her go and pushed her onto the bed and told his wife to move..He laid down

“Get on my cock Katie.”..he said as Katie straddled him he grabbed her waist and brought her down hard Katie let out a yell..

“Troy fill her ass and dont be gentle she wants its hard and rough then lets give it to her that way.”..He said

Troy got behind her and spread her ass cheeks and rammed all the way in Katie screamed as both men started fucking her hard.

“Ann get the dildo and ram it down her throat i want to her gagging on i dont hear her gag i will do it to you”..he

said through gritted teeth..

Ann got the dildo and got on her feet beside Katie and looked at her daughter..

Katie grinned..’Do it mum i love it like this.”..Katie said as she let out a moan..Ann nodded and grabbed Katie,s hair

and pushed the dildo down her throat Katie gagged as her mother pulled it out Katie gasped for air her mother forced it down her throat

again about minute later Katie came with a massive shutter..

For the next hour Troy and her father fucked her…made her mother finger her pussy and her ass…Katie loved every minute of it..

Her father was the last to fuck her he laid her on her back and put her legs over his shoulders and drove into Katie hard..

“Iam going to fuck you so much now i know i can and i have some friends who have asked have i been now i can tell them yes

and now i will be able to bring them over and you can fuck Erotik hikaye them too.”..He said with a grin..

Katie grinned back..”I will only do that if i choose too just because your fucking me does not mean i will fuck whoever

you please this does not work this way..your friends want to gang bang me then book me though Vincent..and as for you and Troy

Yes we will fuck again but iam not at your beck and call if you cant live with that Dad i will move out and you will fucking get nothing

and this will be the last time you will ever fuck me.”..She said..

Her father looked down at her for the longest moment and realised Katie had now turned the tables on him..

“You little bitch…you are using your cunt to control me.”..He growled and rammed into Katie,s pussy.

Katie grinned…”Exactly amazing what a cunt can make a man do now shut the fuck up and fuck me daddy.”..She purred..

On Saturday at about 2pm Katie got a text message a room number and the name of the motel and to be there at 5pm.

Katie raised a eyebrow and shrugged her shoulders she was not booked for that night so she decided to go..

Arriving five minutes early Katie knocked on the door and smiled when Mark opened the door..”Welcome to heaven”..He

said and pulled her inside..

Katie spent the most amazing night with Mark and finally at 3am he let her finally get some sleep..Katie woke

around 10am Mark was up and walking around the motel room naked..Katie smiled it was indeed a beautiful sight.

Mark smiled..”morning sleepy head come and join me in the shower.”..he said and walked to the bathroom.

Once in the shower Mark kissed Katie deeply then looked into her eyes for the longest moment..

“I have fallen for you Katie.”..he said softly Katie stiffen and pulled out of his arms and stepped from the shower

and grabbed a towel and walked back into room grabbed her clothes and started to dress tears were streaming down her


Mark came out of the bathroom still dripping wet..”Katie didnt you hear what i said.?’..He asked..Katie looked at him..

“Yeah i heard”..She said grabbed her bag and ran from the room..her phone started to ring Katie didnt answer and ran to her car

and left the phone rang non stop or text messages were arriving Katie picked her phone up and switched it off..

For the next three days Katie stayed in her room she didnt turn her phone back on she would not talk to anyone on the home phone

and would not unlock her door she came out once a day and that was very early morning while her parents and brother were asleep

and get some food and return to her room..

On the afternoon of the third day someone started banging on her bedroom door..”Just leave me alone will you.”..She called out

“OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR KATIE OR I SWEAR I WILL BREAK IT DOWN.”..Katie sat heavily on her bed and stared at the door it was mark

how did he find her..

“KATIE YOU HAVE TILL I COUNT TO THREE…ONE….TWO..”..He called Katie slowly opened the door..

Mark grabbed Katie by the arms..”Why did you run for Katie i have been worried sick about you it took me till about

thirty minutes ago to get your address.”..he said.

Katie looked up at Mark..”Just leave dont fall in love with me..Mark you know what i do iam a paid whore fuck thats how

you meet me while i was getting fucked by eight guys..I love doing it Mark iam not going to lie to you no guy is going to

handle his woman going off to a party and getting fucked by god knows how many men…and since you think you have feeling for me

this should get rid off them..you know what i did Wednesday night Mark i spent four hours in a motel room fucking my father

and brother and going down on my mother and i enjoyed every fucking minute off it..they paid to fuck me not knowing it was me

until i revealed myself…

Mark stared at Katie then turned and stormed from the room a few seconds later Katie heard the front door slam with so much force..

Katie stayed in her room for awhile longer before heading downstairs and seen her father sitting on the couch Katie walked over

to him stood in front of him and took her panties off..”I need to be fucked by my daddy.”..She said her father was on his feet and

dropping his pants Katie turned around and lent over her hands on the coffee table..

“Hmmm been hanging for this.”..he said and entered his daughter pussy..

“Harder dad fuck me harder.”..Katie said as tears roll down her cheeks the thing was Katie was in love with Mark and she hated

hurting him but it was for the best..

Two days had passed…Katie was sitting at the dining room table having dinner with her family when there was knock at the

door Troy stood and went and answered it Katie looked up to see Mark taking long strides across the lounge room towards her..

mark pulled her up from her seat and kissed her deeply..”I love you Katie.”..he said then looked around the table and grinned..

“Now iam going to stake my claim in front of you three.”..he said and reached under Katie,s skirt and all but ripped her panties

off her then pushed Katie over the table and released his 10 inch cock from his pants and drove it in Katie,s pussy Katie

screamed out at the force..

“Now listen Katie….i know you love to fuck and you get paid to do it…as i see it they are buying your body they dont have your heart

i want that.. Katie let me have that..iam not going to stop you from doing your job as long as its me you come home too and i have asked Vincent

can i work for him as well so this cock will be getting hired out…now Katie do i have your heart.”..he asked as he rammed her pussy again..

“Yes you have it.”..She said and came in such a shutter…

Mark looked at Katie,s father and grinned…”Pull your cock out that trying to tear it way out.”..Mark said and pulled out of Katie and started

fingering her ass Mark stopped and turned Katie around and put her ass over her father,s cock and pushed her down Katie squealed as her father

started moving her up and down on his cock..

Mark grinned and walked around the table to Katie,s mother and stood her up and reached under her dress and ripped her panties off then bent

her over the table…”your mother is dripping wet.”..He said and started to push his 10 inch cock inside her..Ann screamed and grabbed the table..

“Ohhh shit..take it out its to big..ohh Christ your tearing me apart.”..as she started to cry with the pain Mark pulled out and walked back to Katie

and pulled her off her father,s cock and bent her over the table and rammed his cock inside Katie screamed..

“Go fuck your wife.”..Mark said then lent down to Katie..

“I love you and your moving out of here tomorrow and moving in with me..and once i have filled your cunt with my load we are going out my two brothers

want to meet you and get to know you alot better..He said with a laugh..

The End…

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