University – The Top 3 Hottest Girls on my course Part 1 – ‘Sophie’

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We all remember the hottest girls in class, this is how I met mine at University 6 years ago on my photography course…

We had all been meeting new people and becoming acquainted with members of our class, going out every night for fresher’s week, so I had a pretty good idea of which girls on my course would be the top 3 on my list, one of which was a girl named Sophie. Sophie was a good laugh to go drinking with and hang around with at uni. She was fairly short with the most amazing strawberry-blonde curly hair, cute freckles on her cheeks and shoulders, and surprising large breasts for her petite size 8 frame. She never had any cleavage exposed, so it was even more intriguing to keep guessing what they would look like in all their glory. She was always up for a good time, but very intelligent and artistic at the same time, discussing what projects at uni we were looking forward to and what ideas we had so far.

On our second week, after a gruelling day recovering from the night before, a few of us from the same floor in halls reacquainted ourselves with the familiar taste of beer in the student bar. We knew it was going to be busy as Wednesday was student night in town, for a few in the closest bar possible to set us up for the rest of the nights shenanigans would be a good start. As I opened the door to the bar, then energy in there was great, everyone was in a good party mood, dressed up girls flirting all around. Happy days, I thought to myself! Finally after getting served the sweet nectar pint, I looked around for somewhere to stand to chat. Waving at me in a very merry way was Sophie, gesturing frantically at me to come on over. Happily I accepted invitation and found myself in her presence, very excited about the way she was looking. It was the first time I had seen her wearing something a little more revealing, and man did she look hot! She had on a pair of tight little shorts exposing her bare legs and totally punked this out by we Top half of her body sported a checked shirt, which was far too small for her to do up the buttons over her huge breasts that were wrapped up nicely in a bikini top. When I took a sip of my beer, every time I would have a cheeky glance down her opened shirt, and getting the angle where I could briefly glimpse at her cheeky nipple poking up from under her bikini. After an hour, I noticed Sophie was becoming more and more flirty with me as she kept topping herself up Sex hikayeleri with JD and cola, and found myself glancing down her top for two long at times that I’m sure she caught me doing it a few times.

People in our group had drifted off conversations with other people leaving Sophie and I talking on our own. Smiling up at me waving an empty glass, she tilted hear sweet head and asked me straight, ‘Shall we have another, or do you fancy a joint in my room?’
‘Nice one Sophie, a joint would be great, it’s pretty hectic in here’
‘Cool lets go, the others look content here, so let’s leave them to it, we won’t be long.

And with that we headed over the road to Sophie’s room, where she asked me to roll while she sorted out some music to chill out to. This was really pleasant I thought to myself, good company, good music and good smoke. Passing the joint back and forth we spoke about photography and what looked better, black and white or colour photography. Sophie asked me if I agreed when she said’ ‘you can take beautiful images of things, but sometimes capturing the image with your naked eye and holding onto that memory of it, can be a truly be more beautiful’

‘I agree with that’, I replied. ‘You can’t beat the real thing!’

Sophie picked up her Polaroid camera from her bedside table next to her, held it facing towards at arms length with one hand, while putting het other hand around my shoulder pulling me into the frame and took a photo.

‘Here you go’ she said handing me the Polaroid once it had developed fully ‘You can keep that’
‘Thanks Sophie’ I said while staring down at the image admiring the prominent cleavage that had been captured so well. I looked up to find Sophie stood at the end of the bed facing me with her hands on her hips, with her shirt unbuttoned down to the last two and had fully removed her bikini top, exposing her huge breasts. She pushed me down onto the bed and asked:

‘Why have a photograph when you can have the real thing’

Mounting me slowly she, pulled open her shirt fully, her breasts giggled in from of me, ‘This is what you have wanted to see all night isn’t it?’ Before I had time to answer she leant forward and dunked her soft nipple in my open mouth. I reached up to cup her other breast with my hand, enjoying heavy weight playfully in my palm. Sophie sat upright and grabbed the top of my jeans levering me up to the edge of Sikiş hikayeleri the bed. I pulled of my t-shirt as Sophie on her knees was undoing the button of my jeans pulling them down revealing an awaiting bulge under my tight boxer shorts. Slowly she peeled these and out sprang a perfectly arced semi, curving down to her mouth. I love being well endowed, and it was always so satisfying when you tell that a girl has not a cock this big before by the look on their face at first sighting. Like a dog to a bone, she took no hesitation at opening her mouth to take the head of my growing penis inside. Slowly she took a little more of my now fully erect penis, salivating my shaft as it travelled within and sliding back out. She pulled it all the way and held it in front of her, staring at it, ‘my my, what a nice big cock.’ She stood up, kicked of her army boots, pulled off her tight shorts, she pushed me back down on the bed and mounted me in reverse, pushed her panties into my face and she enjoyed the taste of cock. As I pulled her panties to one side, I was met with this amazing clean shaved glistening pussy. Sophie was excited as I run my tongue from her clit to her opening, soaking my tongue in her tasty juices, I could feel her juices dripping out of excited pussy all over my mouth. I lapped my tongue higher, lubricating her puckered ass hole before inserting a finger slowly inside. Her tight anal muscles, relaxing now and then, welcomed me further down, right down to my knuckle. Slowing I pulled it out and heard Sophie moan out loud as it popped out only to be then be thrushed back deep inside. This made her moan louder as she licked my throbbing bell-end, like a sugar addict on a lollypop.

Sophie pulled away and squatted over my cock. Holding the shaft of my 9 inch penis, which my this point was feeling like a steel rod, she lowered her pussy and drew circle with my cock over her clit before lowering herself entirely, slowing down my thick shaft. She took it all the way, without stopping but making the 30 second journey heavenly. Sophie let out a loud moan as she shook all over, with her eyes close she moaned out ’Oohhh my, never have I cum so quickly before’ slowly she raised herself off my buried cock before lowering down again. She was facing away from me but I could clearly see her rubbing her full breasts, and riding my cock at the same time. Fucking her like this for 5 minutes, she quicked Erotik hikaye her riding pace, and it was not long before she was happily bouncing up and down, moaning all the way, which itself was getting louder and louder. Suddenly she sprang off my cock so fast and stood, knees bent, shouting at the top of her voice as her pussy squirted at high pressure across the room for what seemed an age. She collapsed to her knees and fell forward on the bed into what saw as convenient doggy style position. Sophie knew I was about to mount her so she stuck her ass high in the air, pulling her ass cheeks apart, circling her anus with index finger before pointing it inside her tight hole as some sort of gesture. I was not sure if that was how I meant to read it, but I pressed my head up against her anal opening applying a little pressure.

‘Fuck my virgin ass!!!’ Sophie screamed

Applying more pressure, I could feel her ass slowly widening and with a little more push I watched as half of me bell-end had been consumed. I pulled it back out; I pushed it back against her moistened ass hole, this time with more pressure. Sophie let out an uncomfortable moan as the rim of my head stretched out her ass muscles. Her ass was more wet than I fought it would be, but man was it tight. Her ass muscles clamped my cock, making it feel like it could explode at any moment. I let Sophie’s ass adjust to having a wide cock inside. Slowly I began thrusting a little more, working up a small fucking motion, letting more and more of cock slide that little bit more deep inside. As Sophie got more used to it, it became easier to fuck her, and soon a regular rhythm has been established. I wanted to see, like I had seen in porn, when someone fucks someone in the ass and pulls out to see the ass hole gape, this was a big turn on. With my cock now fucking Sophie’s ass with its entire length, I pulled it out as fast as I possibly could to watch the amazing of Sophie’s anus contracting and opening wide all by itself.

This was too hot, i could feel myself cuming at any time, so I thrust my cock all the way in to her ass, balls deep 5 consecutive times, Sophie screamed out as this caused her pussy to leak out, squirting all over the place as I kept burying my cock in the depths of her ass. I pulled out one final time and Sophie got up to her knees to welcome my pulsating cock coming in big bursts all over her face, taking it into her mouth. She licked my cock all over moaning how she loves the taste of cum, savouring every last drop.

‘Thank you’ she said ‘I’ll get you a beer’ as if I had gone out of way to do all that!

1 down, 2 to go.

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