Virgin on a Train

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Maria approached the train slowly, still not sure if she was ready to make this trip. Not that it mattered, her life had been predetermined for her and so she stepped on to the first step.

Her hips swayed provocatively as she walked down the narrow isle to her seat. Her dark hair fell low on her back teasing the top of her firm buttocks. It shined so that it almost appeared almost fake in it’s beauty. Her legs were long and sculptured like a prize mare. Finally she found her seat and was very happy to see there was no one else in her row. She bent over to place her bag on the floor not realizing how high her skirt was riding up on her thighs but the gentlemen across the isle were provided a very appealing view of her upper thighs.

She plopped down in her seat and flipped her hair back with her hand. As her hair flew over her shoulder her bright green eyes locked with one of the men’s. She could almost hear the naught thoughts playing in his mind as he stared gaziantep vip escort at her with wanton desire. Maria could feel her cheeks flush and the heat moved down over her chest and straight to her vulva. I’m

The heat turned to a tingling and she felt herself get moist. She looked away in embarrassment. She crossed her legs and allowed the friction to put pressure on her swollen clit. She squirmed slightly, I enjoying the pleasure it gave her, she closed her eyes and let her head loll back against the head rest.

Her thoughts went to Javier. Javier was the reason she was being sent away to an all girls college. Her father had walked in and found Javier pleasuring her with his tongue. Maria let the tiniest of moans slip from her lips as she recalled the burst of excruciating pleasure his tongue had released from her just as the living room door opened.

The motion of the train was adding gaziantep yabancı escort to her enjoyment with every thump of the steel wheels on the tracks her clit throbbed more. She wanted to push her shirt up and rub her moist, hot nub vigorously as she had been doing every night since Javier had suckled it that day.

Maria opened her eyes and peeked at the three men across the isle. It had gotten dark outside and the train car was only dimly lit now. Two of the men were asleep but the one who had caught her eye was still watching her. To Maria he was like the devil himself waiting to pounce on her and take her soul straight to hell!

She allowed herself to wantingly look that devil over. He was young, mid twenties, tall, and muscular, without being too muscular. His hair was clipped short and she now noticed he was in a military uniform as well as were the other two. She also noticed the gaziantep yaşlı escort budge in his slacks and knew that he was as needy as she was.

Maria moistened her lips as she looked into his eyes. She turned toward him in her seat and placed her right foot in the seat bending her leg and jacking her flowing skirt up around her waist. Her innocent white panties exposed to him, she trailed her fingertips up her thigh to the soft material. As they brushed against her swollen, aching clit her entire body shook and she gasped loudly. Her nipples hardening instantly like pebbles against the thin material of her top. She shrugged her shoulder and the top fell off her shoulder allowing her left breast to be exposed to him.

He pressed his hard cock with his right hand as he watched her left hand cup her breast and pinch her hard nipple. She pushed her bare heel into her crotch, grinding it into herself as she roughly rubbed her clit with her fingertips.

Maria was there… Ready to explode for this handsome stranger. She bit her own shoulder and grasped her panties in her hand pulling at them causing her pussy to engulf them into it’s creases. She thrusted against them hard, humping them until she burst, squirting her hot juices all over the seat, her panties and her foot as the train pulled into the station.

Hope you enjoy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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