Virgin River

Beginning in 11th grade, my best friend, Sienna, and I would ride our bicycles every Saturday to the Virgin River. We’d hang out, listen to music, and laugh at stupid videos we viewed on our phones. We enjoyed watching the rippling river and wildlife. We didn’t know it then, but the river was nurturing a wildness inside each of us.

My name is Lacey. I’m 5’3″, pleasantly plump with big tits and wavy blonde hair. Sienna is a brunette with a killer body. Some say we remind them of Emily Osment and Sarah Bolger from “Kiss Me.”

I lived less than a half-mile from the river and always arrived first. I loved sitting against the guardrail while the sun beat down my sensitive nipples while thinking of Sienna.

Sienna was clueless. I only dated guys and was afraid to express my true feelings to her.

I enrolled in the local community college and moved in with my deaf grandmother. I majored in accounting and hated it. Sienna went to a hospitality school and lived in an off-campus apartment. She studied cooking and restaurant management.

I started seeing a guy, Bob. He was a musician, and I thought he was really cool. We fucked all the time, and afterward, I wanted to talk, but he always fell asleep.

Sienna and I continued meeting at the bridge. I told her about Bob.

“He thinks the mouth was only made for eating pussy. Don’t get me wrong, I love oral sex, but I’ve heard of parrots that lecture longer.” Sienna giggled.

“I wouldn’t know,” she answered, “I don’t meet any guys at chef’s school. I think they’re all gay.”

That same week, Sienna’s roommate told her she was moving out and that she better find another roommate.

“How come she’s moving out?”

“She says we don’t click as roomies.”

“But I thought you said she’s never there.”

“She’s not.”

“So, how come she’s complaining about you?”

“Believe it or not, she says I make her feel uncomfortable. She thinks I’m gay.”

“What! Why does she think you’re gay?”

“Because I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“That’s crazy.”

The next day, I called Sienna.

“You know, I’m getting tired of living with my grandma. So perhaps I’ll move in with you.”

“For real!”

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it.”

“Well, come over and have a look.”

I visited Sienna’s apartment. The place had a wonderfully freaky sexy vibe. The front room was large–with furnishings that begged one to lay down and get crazy. Pink flamingos populated the wallpaper on one wall.

“What do the bedrooms look like?”



“There’s only one bedroom. That’s why it’s so cheap.”

I poked my head into the room. It was the opposite of the front room. Two twin beds hugged opposite walls, separated by an end table with a weird-looking lamp.

“If I move in, would you be open to making some changes in that bedroom?

“Like what?”

“Anything, it looks like a dorm room for nuns.”

I watched Sienna’s face for her response. “I don’t know, but why don’t you sleep over some time and see how you like it. No commitments.”

I liked that idea and agreed to come Friday night and stay the weekend.

That night I lay in bed and thought about Sienna. She was so fine. I wondered what it would be like to watch her getting undressed every night. The thought of it made my twat tingle. I fondled my breasts as I pushed my fingers into my pajama shorts and ran them over the folds of my pussy, causing my lips to swell with arousal. I envisioned Sienna against me, her beautiful dark hair cascading across my naked body, kissing me, and squeezing my hardening nipples. Gosh, I needed her. And she knew how to talk! I pushed my fingers into my pussy. I vigorously pumped them in and out of me, gasping and groaning as I imagined they were Sienna’s fingers. I soon felt the exhilarating beginnings of an orgasm rushing through my body. As I peaked, I called out her name, unafraid that my deaf grandmother may hear me. Once satisfied, I fell asleep with a smile.

When I told my grandmother I was considering moving out, she assumed I would live with Bob.

“No gram. I’m thinking of moving in with Sienna.”

“What? Why move to Santa Clara?”

“Sienna, gram. You need a hearing aid.”

“You want to buy rollerblades?”

“Forget it.”

That Friday night, I went to Sienna’s house. She’d gotten some Thai takeout and a six-pack of beer. We shared a few laughs, and then she called an Uber so we could go clubbing.

We went to the River View Lounge, a decent singles club. We both loved to get drunk and dance. We started dancing together, but Sienna’s sexy body drew a stampede, whatsapp escort and soon we danced with two guys who bought us drinks too. But they turned out to be jerks, and we went home together. I fingered myself to sleep as I looked over at Sienna.

Saturday, we decided to bike to “our spot” on the bridge over the Virgin River. I loved riding behind Sienna. Her long dark hair blew in the breeze, and I stared at her fantastic ass.

As we approached the bridge crossing, we were disappointed that a couple had gotten their first and were busy kissing. Then, shockingly, we realized it wasn’t a boy and a girl. Instead, it was two girls, and they were going at it hot and heavy.

We continued past the couple and stopped at another bench.

“I can’t believe it,” said Sienna, looking very pink in the cheeks. I could barely breathe. “I thought it was kind of sexy. Did you ever think about trying it?” I asked her.


“C’mon, not even once?”

“Let’s change the subject. What do you think of the apartment?”

“I’m still not sure.”

“What are you unsure of, exactly?”

“I don’t know. It’s complicated because there’s only one bedroom. So if I meet a guy, I’d have to go to his apartment, which creeps me out.”

“Or, you could bring him home, and we both could do him,” Sienna smiled lasciviously.

“Oh yeah, sure.”

Sienna wanted to make dinner for us. She suggested we go home. While she cooked, I did her laundry.

“You see how much fun we could have rooming together.”

Yeah, I mused. I loved watching Sienna move around the kitchen in tight shorts, her braless tits bouncing beneath a tee shirt. Maybe I should move in, I wondered?

As Sienna was taking a shower, I thought about the two hot lesbians we’d seen kissing on the river. I was standing in the bedroom, looking at her clean laundry dumped all over her bed. She had the cutest bras and thongs, and I couldn’t resist. So I picked up a thong, held it to my nose, and inhaled her sweet scent. It was all I could do to restrain myself from frigging off, but I heard her turn off the shower, and I dropped the panties.

When she came out of the bathroom, she asked me, “where are we going tonight?”

“Let’s go to the Spotted Pony.”

“That’s a lesbo bar.”

“C’mon, let’s try it. Just for the fun of it.”

“You’re crazy.”

“It’s the same as any other bar, and there won’t be any lame guys trying to hit on us.”

“Okay, you win.”

We had no idea what to expect as we approached the club. The music was so loud we could’ve danced to it from across the street. Gorgeous women of all ages streamed in and out the door. Some of them were holding hands.

Inside, the dance floor throbbed as dozens of beautiful women danced and swayed beneath the multi-colored lights flashing over their heads. There was more estrogen on the dance floor than booze behind the bar. I watched in wide-eyed wonder as two women embraced and tongue kissed. Girls on the dance floor openly caressed their partner’s body.

It was a catharsis. I felt at home being in a room with women only. Sienna liked it too. We stayed all night dancing, drinking, and watching the women brazenly fondle their partners at the bar and on the dance floor. Finally, we went into the loo to pee, and I swear there was a couple in the next stall getting it on.

It made me so fucking horny. When we got home, I went into the bathroom and told Sienna I was going to take a shower. I ran the water while I sat on the toilet, running my vibrator up and down my gushing gash. Oh, how I wished it was Sienna’s tongue.

The next day I caught Sienna gazing at me when she thought I wasn’t looking.

“Last night was fun,” she said. “I liked it. Do you want to go back next week?”

I gave her a sultry look and nodded yes.

That week was the longest one of my life. I spent it back at gram’s, and it







maple syrup.

Friday, I was back at Sienna’s.

“Look what I bought.” I pulled out a pink-tinted bulb I had picked up and held it out for her to see.


“You like it?”

“Yes, it goes with the pink flamingos.”

“Exactly, now what do you say we put this bulb in the lamp in the bedroom?”

Sienna liked the idea, and I moved the lamp to a corner on the floor. I switched it on, and its light cast a seductive pink glow against the walls.

“Hmm, sexy.”

That pink light set the tone for the evening. Sienna donned a tight-fitting black crop top without a bra and an equally tight istanbul escort bayan gray mini skirt. She looked fuckin’ fetchin. I wore ripped, faded jeans and a tight top that displayed my incredible cleavage.

The “Pony” was more crowded than the prior week. How many lesbians live in this town!? So we drank, danced, sweated, and swayed on that packed floor. All the while bumping into each other as Sienna stole looks at my cleavage; I pinched her ass.

After forty minutes of hot dancing, we withdrew to a table and shared a Long Island Iced Tea, then a second one. Sienna put her arm around me. We sat so close she could look down at my stiffening nipples. My hand crept down the small of her back to squeeze her firm, shapely ass. I leaned over and whispered into Sienna’s ear.

“Sienna, you are my best friend. But secretly, I’ve always wanted you to be so much more. I want you, Sienna. I want you so bad. I have to have you tonight.”

“Lacey, you are so fucken hot,” she breathed into my ear. “I’ve always wanted you, too, but I couldn’t admit it.”

We came home horny as hell. I slammed the door behind us. We shared private thoughts and jokes for two years, and now, we would share our bodies. I placed my hands on her hips. I looked into her seductive dark eyes and her sexy mouth, her lips begging for attention. She bent her head towards me, and we kissed. Her mouth was wet and inviting. Mmmm, she tasted so damned good. I placed my hand on the back of her head to pull her closer and stuck my tongue into Sienna’s mouth. She moaned into my mouth as our hands explored each other’s bodies for the first time. Finally, she broke the kiss, took my hand, and led me to the bedroom.

We stood in the pink light, and without exchanging words, we pushed the beds together. Sienna stared boldly at me from her side of the bed and pulled off her top, revealing her small but gorgeous titties, her nipples protruding like pencil erasers. She did a half turnaround, slowly unzipped her skirt, and let it drop to the floor. She turned back around and gave me a sultry look that made me weak. I quickly shed my clothes except for my panties.

We crept across the beds and met in the middle. Sienna wrapped her arms around me, and I slipped my hand inside Sienna’s thong to grip a fantastic ass cheek. She quivered and sighed. It was so empowering that I could make a beautiful woman sigh that way. She moaned when I ran my other hand up and down her back. She was so warm, and her heat spread to my body.

“Ohh, Lacey, suck my tits, gorgeous.” I ran my hands over her mounds, which were so deliciously firm. I then licked my lips before covering a taut nipple with my mouth.

Ohhh, she whimpered. It felt so damned good. I began sucking and pulling on that tit, making her squeal.

I scooted closer, so my crotch rode up and down her smooth tanned thigh. I reached down and covered her pussy with my free hand. She was leaking like a cauldron.

“Ohhh, Lacey, please take me.” She moaned.

I pushed her down on the bed; she only wore her pretty black thong. The one I had dreamily sniffed in the laundry room. I was so damn anxious to taste her pussy. I took off my panties and savagely pulled off Sienna’s, soaked with her pre-cum. She spread her legs wide and smiled at me. The pink light perfectly illuminated her swollen hood. I had never been so close to another woman. The sweet scent of her sex drove me out of my mind.

“Ohhh, Lacey,” she whimpered. “Please put your fingers inside of me and make me cum.”

Something native took hold of me. I stuck two fingers inside Sienna. It was one of the softest things I’d ever experienced. I massaged her clit and vagina, and she started breathing hard, and I kept massaging her beautiful juicy vagina. Finally, her breath grew ragged, and her pussy gripped my digits. My bush was a bonfire, and I squeezed my legs together, but I wanted her to come first and had to restrain myself. I curled my fingers inside Sienna and whimpered: “Come for me, lover, please come.”

“Ohh, Ohh, yesss, yes!” By now, her head hung halfway off the edge of the bed; she looked like an angel, bathed in pink light, eyes squeezed shut, her amorous mouth open, and lips glistening. Her ribs were straining against her skin. The picture of exquisite bliss, something savage craved to leap from her body. Finally, she sharply pushed her pussy up to meet my demanding hand.

I thrust in and out of her with greater intensity, and soon her hips bucked hard against my hand, the walls of her pussy clenching even harder around my fingers.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming, I’m coming, Lacey, özbek escort AAAGGGHH! She cried out as my hand drove relentlessly in and out of her sex and drew out her climax.

Omigosh. I came too.

I crawled up her body to meet her mouth, and our hot lips melted upon impact. I wasn’t through. Sitting up on my knees, I pulled back my hair.

“Are you ready to cum again, lover?”

“Uhuh,” was all she could say between ragged breaths. I kissed my way up her thighs before sticking out my tongue to lick that hot pussy. She was on fire. Ohh, she made these cute little girlie noises that escaped involuntarily from her wet mouth. I grabbed a firm ass cheek in each hand and lifted her luscious ass off the mattress, so her pussy was up against my face. Her legs wrapped around my neck like a vice.

“Oh gosh, so good, so good,” she moaned.

I alternated licking her pussy and sucking her clit. She writhed and groaned. Geez, she was so fucking hot.

“Oh,” she cried, “stick your tongue inside me, Lacey.”

I know how to follow instructions. I stuck my tongue about halfway into her pussy.

“AAAGGGGHHHH!” she bucked against my mouth and came. It was the sweetest thing I’d ever tasted, and I sucked up and swallowed everything.

I climbed up her body, and she sucked my aching nipples. My hot box was ablaze. Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed to feel her, so I slid up to straddle her face, and she pulled my sex down to her luscious mouth and sucked my clit while her two fingers moved in and out of my pulsing pussy.

“Oh geez, Sienna,” I gasped. I had never experienced sensuality like this with any guy. I lost all sense of my surroundings. “Oh Sienna, Sienna, make me come, girl.” I cried.

She relentlessly stroked and licked my cunt and clit until I felt wave upon wave of pleasure spread from my pussy to my extremities. Then, “AAAHHHH, FUCK!” I showered her with my oyster cream.

I came so hard I fell off her mouth and lay panting on the now soaking wet bed sheet. Finally, Sienna went into the bathroom to clean herself off. When she returned, she presented me with my vibrator.

“I discovered your secret toy.” She grinned with lust in her eyes.

She sat down with her back against the headboard, and I snuggled between her legs. She switched on the vibrator and ran it back and forth over my silky slit. She nibbled my ear and, with her free hand, squeezed a nipple.

My vibrator had seven speeds, one for each day of the week I would tease. Sienna expertly moved the vibrator from mode to mode, watching my face and body respond to the action and knowing what I needed to get me off again.

“Come for me, baby. Come for me,” she whispered in my ear as she turned up the pressure.

“Ugh, ahh, ahh. Don’t stop, Sienna, don’t stop,” I cried out.

She smiled and turned the vibrator higher and higher until my pussy exploded. What bliss!

I limply collapsed to lay next to Sienna. She reached out to my pussy and spread my cum over my lips and hers. We kissed. My brain sang a love tune without words.

When I recovered, she lifted herself so that her pussy was over my face, and then she lowered that hot twat so my tongue could lap her lips. I tongue fucked her until she cried out in delight. Then, I got on all fours. I moaned with pleasure as she thumbed my tight ass and diddled my clit simultaneously.

We fucked, sucked, tribbed, and brought each other off countless times before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day we rode our bikes to the bridge. But first, we stopped at my grandma’s. I broke the news that I was moving out of her apartment. I sat on the couch next to Sienna.

“How is Bob?”

“Gram, I’m gay. Sienna and I share a bed.”

“Yes, it is a nice day. You two are well-fed. You’re a cook, Sienna, yes?”

“Yes, but that’s not what Lacey said.”

“I’m sorry?”

“That’s not what Lacey said. We’re lovers. She enjoys sucking my tits.”

“I can’t hear so well, darling. You said something about enjoying a dish?”

“No, grandma. Last night, I yanked off Sienna’s pants and licked her honey drip. There!”

“You two are going to France and need money for the trip? I can lend you some money.”

“Forget about it, grandma. Never mind.”

We left and rode to our favorite spot on the bridge. Thankfully, it was empty. We enjoyed the wildlife, gazed into each other’s eyes, and kissed. I loved kissing Sienna. I couldn’t get enough of her.

We weren’t aware of it, but a lovely young girl walked across the bridge while we were kissing. She was depressed because she wanted to date her volleyball team captain. They’d looked at each other in the gym locker room while standing naked in the shower, but she was afraid to ask her out. So she passed by, saw us kissing, pulled out her phone, and made a call.

“Hello Carly, it’s me, London. There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you…”

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