Voluptuous Escort Ch. 02

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A few weeks later I was back in Madison, Wisconsin. On yet another of my business trips. It was the second week in July and it was hot. I was to be there for another 8 days which gave me a weekend off. Which was just fine with me, since I was looking forward to giving Angela a call. Angela is the women from the escort add I called last time I was here. After our first meeting she gave me her private number and told me to call her next time I was in town. I was so excited to be back I almost forgot to pick up my luggage from baggage claim. I checked in to my room and leaped for the phone so I could call her.

“Hello?” said her sweet sultry voice.

“Hi, um… Angela?” I said with a mixture of nervousness and lust in my voice.

“Mike? Is that you?” She asked with a lilt in her voice?

“She remembers me?” I thought.

“Yes. How are you?” I said

“Great! I’m so glad you called. Are you back in town.”

“Yep, for the next 8 days.” I said.

“So you’ll be here over the weekend?”

“Yep. But I’ll be off”

“I’m sure you will be getting off. If I have anything to do with it.” She said with a giggle.

“Sounds like a plan” I said loosening my pants that have grown uncomfortably tight with my growing erection.

“It’s been so hot here.” Said Angela. “What would you think about coming over to my place. I have a pool and a private yard, so no one would bother us.”

“That would be great.” I said eagerly thinking about her sexy body lying by the book in the hot sun; Beads of sweat sliding between her amazing breasts and pooling in her navel ready to be sipped like a shot of sweet nectar. I started stroking my hard, and for the past few weeks, painfully neglected cock.

“And,” she added, “Would you mind if a friend of mine joined us? I told her about you and she really wants to meet you.”

“Of course not! That would be great!” I said stroking faster at the idea of two beautiful women lying by the pool.

“This Saturday, at noon?”

“Perfect. I will be there.”

“Great, I can’t wait.” She said. “And one more thing…”

“Yeah” I said my breath heavy.

“Stop stroking your cock and save it for us.” She said and quickly hung up.

I was shaking with lustful energy. I looked at my cell phone. The date said Tuesday, July 10th. Three and a half days until I was in heaven. This would be the longest time of my life.


Saturday morning at 9am I woke from a restless sleep; restless with anticipation. I got up and started getting ready. I packed a small backpack with a pair of swim trunks and a change of clothes as well bayan escort as the bottle of wine I picked up the night before. The next few hours were spent meticulously grooming every part of my body. Making sure not a hair was out of place. I was just about to pick up my cell phone when the hotel phone rang. Annoyed by the interruption I picked it up.

“Mr. Borden, this is the front desk.”

“Yes.” I answered.

“Your car is here waiting for you.”

“My car?” I asked.

“Yes, sir, It was arranged by a Ms. Angela.”

“Thank you,” I said, “I will be right down.” I hung up the phone.

I rode down the elevator that Angela and I rode up to my room the last time I was in town. I was wondering about the car service at the same time I was trying to control my raging hard on. I didn’t want the entire lobby to see me in such a state. The elevator doors open and I walked through the lobby to the door. Outside was a long stretch limo with a man in a chauffer outfit holding the door open.

“Mr. Borden, I have been instructed to take you to the home of Ms. Angela.”

“Thank you.” I answered still confused as I entered the car.

“Relax and have a drink sir,” said the chauffer, “the trip will take about 25 minutes. A small door opened from the side of the limo and a well stocked bar appeared. As well as a package. I poured myself a jack on the rocks and took the package. I opened it and pulled out a very small thong bating suit and a note. The note read as follows.

Put this on in the car. We expect you to come to the door wearing nothing but this. The suit was a small thong type. The type your would see European men wearing on beaches in the south of France. I felt a bit apprehensive about this especially since I had to walk to the door with this on. But the thought of Angela’s body and the Jack Daniels helped me squeeze into it.

The car pulled up to a large house set way back off the main road. The limo pulled up to the front door and I got out. With a mixture of nervousness, horniness and anticipation I rang the bell. A few moments later the door opened and I almost fell backwards. Angela answered it wearing a very small bikini bathing suit. To say it left little to the imagination would be wrong because I started to imagine a lot of things. All of which consisted of the suit being off and thrown passionately in the corner. Her voluptuous body was just as I remembered it and just as I fantasized to it each and every night.

“Mike” she said grabbing me and pulling me towards her for a hug. Her body pressing against escort bayan mine. My cock instantly sprang to attention. She kissed me deep and said, “mmmm I’m glad you’re ready to go. You’re going to need all of it this weekend.” We walked into her beautiful house and she showed me around. Each room was more beautiful than the next. I was amazed but my curiosity was getting the best of me so I had to ask.

“Angela, this house must have cost a fortune, how… I mean…”

“How did I afford it?”

“Well… yes.”

“Well I had to do a lot of escorting…” She paused and looked at me then started to laugh. “No seriously I was once a successful stock trader, now I’m a successful retired stock trader.”

“And the escorting?” I asked. She started laughing.

“You’re not going to believe me if I told you.”

“Try me.”

“Well it was a dare.”

“Explain.” I asked more and more interested.

“I was lonely and I kept meeting guys who wanted me for my money and not for me. I put up a one time add to see what kind of guy would pay for me. And,” she looked me up and down, “I think I found one.” She said patting my growing cock. Come on outside I want you to meet someone.

I followed behind her focused on her large and beautiful ass the entire time. I wanted to kiss and caress every inch of it. I followed her out through French doors and onto a patio complete with a large pool, Jacuzzi, and multiple water features. I looked around the pool floored at the opulence when my eyes landed on an equally beautiful sight. Laying on a chaise-lounge was another woman equally as beautiful as Angela.

“I see you have noticed Gina.” Angela whispered in my ear. ‘How could I not have’, I thought to myself. “Let’s go introduce you, I’ve told her all about that talented tongue of yours.”

“Gina,” said Angela, as we stood to the side of her chaise-lounge, “This is Mike.” Honestly the first thing I noticed about Gina was she was nude. The next thing I noticed was she was amazingly beautiful. Long curly hair framed her beautiful olive skinned face. Full lips parted to show a sensuous smile. Gina was a little larger than Angela but each extra pound was just more perfection. As she sat up to greet me her beautiful tits, which had to be at least 40DD, fell gently down and rested on the curve of her sexy belly. I thought it was impossible for my cock to get any harder but it did. Twitching to make more room in my already tight bathing suit.

“Pleasure to meet you Mike.” She said holding her hand out in a greeting. I gently shook her had and said;

“It’s escort bayanlar nice to meet you too.”

“I can tell it is.” She said looking at my straining cock that had popped out of the top of my suit. I looked down and embarrassingly moved to fix it but Angela moved my hand away.

“Since it’s already out; it might as well stay out.” Angela said and quickly tugged down my suit exposing me completely.

“Mmmmm looks nice.” Gina said, her tongue licking her full lips.

“Mike you must be all tense after your trip.” Angela said joining Gina and myself in a state of undress. “Perhaps we can make you feel a little more at ease.” She looked at Gina and winked. Gina’s hand slowly and sensuously stroked the length of my shaft.

“Hmmm I can think of something that needs some release.” Gina said getting up and gently directly me down on the chaise-lounge. Within moments both women had their hands on my caressing my body. There I was with two beautiful, voluptuous women caressing every part of my body. If this wasn’t heaven, it’s the closest thing on earth. Both Gina and Angela joined hands around my cock and started stroking together.

“Mmmmm you like the two of us?” Angela asked

“Oh yeah,” I moaned.

“What could we do to make this more interesting?” Gina asked Angela.

“Well I don’t know” Angela said slyly and they both moved in close to each other and started deeply kissing over my cock. Small moans made my cock twitch.

“This is kind of rude.” Angela said. “We’re leaving someone out.”

“You’re right.” Said Gina. They leaned over further and resumed their deep kiss but this time my cock was between their lips. I was about to pass out from pleasure. I watched as these two women removed their linked hands off my cock and started stroking me with their lips. Surrounding my cock with their lips and started pumping up and down the sides. Up and down faster and faster. Both of them humming and moaning in pleasure as they stroked my cock with their mouths. I wasn’t going to last for long and the two of them knew it.

“Come on baby.” Gina whispered, her lips not leaving my cock.

“Cum for us” Angela said, her hot breath heavy on my now straining shaft.

That was all I needed to hear. I started pumping out jet after jet of hot cum all over their faces. They just kept on stroking me with their mouths until I was spent. They each pulled back. Both of their faces soaked with my cum. They moved back in and started cleaning each other off. I had never seen a scene hotter. They looked at me and started giggling.

“You relax stud.” Angela said. “we’re going to make some dinner.”

“And then afterwards you can have us for dessert.” Gina added. I watched both of them walk away. Both their asses bouncing beautifully making my cock stir again. I lay back with a sense of complete relaxation and anticipation of the fun to come.

More later…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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