Waiting for You


Lying here waiting… the kids are safely tucked in bed. And I lie here and wait. Naked under the covers, the cool sheet against my skin. My nipples hardening against the sheet. Thoughts of you languidly moving through my mind. I know I have much time to lie…and wait.

Thinking of our passionate encounters, and the ones to come, my body becomes heated. Feeling a tingling starting between my legs, I toss and turn a little, anticipating your coming home. Every movement, a sensual stimulation as my thoughts go to you. Working so hard, taking care of things. Knowing how much I want you to relax, and take it easy at the end of the day. Thinking of the ways I could relax you, the tingling continues… making me squirm.

As I close my eyes, thoughts of laying you down next to me go through my mind. Of undressing you, running my soft hands over your body. The heat between my legs becoming intense. I try to resist, wanting to wait for you, but…the hours grow long. The longer I wait…the more ideas come to mind.

Taking my soft lips…starting at your feet…and kissing you Everywhere. Relaxing your tired pornhub muscles with my mouth. My hot breath blowing on your hated skin, tantalizing you. As you know that my hot wet mouth is to follow. Wet tongue sliding across the heated skin. A hard tongue ring, making the trail to your ultimate satisfaction.

My fingers moving across my hard nipples, unable to resist the thought of nurturing you with them. Your large mouth suckling on them as I hold you. My fingers unable to stop. Squeezing them, rubbing them, sliding them between my soft fingers, the way they will be between your lips. The thoughts of you so intense now… as I lie here and wait.

My pussy starting to throb, as I almost feel your hands, reaching out to stroke. Knowing you love the feel of my wetness. Thinking of your hard dick, in my wet mouth, my lips wrapped tight around you. Knowing I want to bring you almost to the point of coming there. Sucking wetly on you, my mouth sliding, slowly and deeply. Taking all of you into my hot mouth. Then faster, feeling your dick throb so deep in my throat. Imagining your large hand on porno 92 my wet pussy, stroking.

As I lie here and wait, I feel the juices, starting to leak. My pussy so wet, at the thought of pleasing you, at the end of a long day. I cannot stop my hand from sliding down. Touching my heat, feeling the passion brought to me by thoughts of you. Thinking of you lying here next to me, I start to stroke. Imagining my soft hands stroking you. Sliding over your hardness, and bringing your sweet pre cum. My fingers stroke my hot pussy, sliding up and down.

Thinking of my first taste of your pre cum , one finger slides inside my wet hole. Immediately, my pussy tightens around it, making me moan. Oh, the feel of my finger there, the thoughts of how your hard dick will feel there, the images of fucking you, the heat of my pussy, almost driving me over the edge. Tossing the sheet aside, spreading my legs… I think of you here fucking me so good. My head tossing from side to side, I can feel you here with me.

I can taste the hot passionate kiss, as I lean over you sliding your hard dick so deep qiqitv porno inside me. Sliding down hard on top of you, as I grind my hips. At the thought of this my finger starts flicking wildly over my clit. My juices flowing like a fountain now, unable, unwilling to stop. In my mind I see you beneath me, the glaze of passion in your eyes. I feel your hard body, so ready for my explosion of passion.

Arching my hips, my legs spread wide open, my pussy drenched in love juices, I slide another finger deeper into me. Feeling your hard dick where my fingers are, and feeling your hot, sweet mouth on my breasts where my other hand is squeezing and pinching, I start to come. An intense, hot explosion, an expression of our love. My juices gushing, as my fingers furiously move in and out. My mouth going dry, and tears coming to my eyes. Panting your name over and over in the heat of my explosion.

As my orgasm finally eases, I slowly become aware of my surroundings again, the soft sheet beneath me, the cool air around me. Wiping the tears from my eyes, pulling the blanket up to ward off the chill, I roll over. My eyes fall on the sight of you, standing there in the doorway, a look of amazement on your face. Seeing the love, and awe in your gaze, I open my arms to you. Saying to you ” welcome home, my love ” and in a huskier voice… ” I have been waiting for you “

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