Wanted: A Real Man!

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When I awake, I remember every detail of last night’s dream, where I was not sleeping but making love. I shudder as my emotions overwhelm me and tears stream down my face. It seems like an eternity since I felt a man’s touch, the kind of caress that awakens every part of me. Oh, God, to feel that thrill once more, after all these years, would be heaven. How long must I wait before I find that special someone, a man who will not only capture my heart, but fill every aspect of my life?

I search online, joining many date sights, and wonder, are they any good, or is the internet version of “the bar scene”?

At first I get many replies; most want a no strings attached relationship. Sure, they are fun and I have had a few along the way, but I want more.

One day, unexpectedly, I receive an email from a man I will call James. He did not start the letter by boasting of his big, long, and hard cock, or details of how good he can fuck. The letter said, “I like your profile, please read mine and write me if you’re interested in just meeting me for dinner.”

I open your profile just to see what it says, wondering in the back of my mind if the opening line of his email is misleading. As I read, it tells me the usual stuff about his age and status. After that all it mentions is you are lonely, just looking for a female friend. Someone to take to dinner at first, and then to see if there is chemistry between them that can lead to more. It sounds innocent enough. I’m lonesome too and my mind is shouting, “Should I, could I, oh hell, why not!”

I email you and tell you to call me Amanda. We converse through email, and by phone, many times. Your voice and mannerisms are captivating, you don’t sound like the men I have dated in the past, which turned out to be horny, hungry, pussy-hounds. Although my mind is still a little hesitant, my body is excited about the possibility of a new relationship. Monday, around ten a.m., I email you and agree to meet you for dinner at a local restaurant. Afterwards a million thoughts start going through my head; will you like me, will I like him, so on, and so forth.

This evening you call me. “Amanda, thanks for agreeing to meet me for dinner. I was worried you’d not follow through with it. I’m sure glad you did.”

“You’re welcome James. To be honest, I thought about it, and figured that I’m not going to find anyone sitting here at home, having a pity party.”

You pause, snicker, and ask, “I was just wondering something. Now, don’t feel offended about my next question. Baby, if we find out we are compatible during dinner, can I have you for dessert?”

I’m glad that we are talking on the phone, because at this moment I was blushing from head to toe. I ponder the thought, “What if there is chemistry?” The woman in me wants to scream, “I need to have a man, show me that I’m a woman again.” Then I give myself a little pet talk, saying, “Go slow, and don’t be too darn provocative.”

I sighed, rolled my eyes, and giggled. “Ah, let’s just have dinner and see what happens, I’m not promising anything yet.”

“Okay, see you Saturday. I’ll pick you up around six thirty p.m., if that’s alright with you.”

“I’d like that, because I’m still new to this area. I don’t know my way around town very well, and can get lost going around the corner.”

You laugh and say, “I don’t get lost sweetheart, I’ve been bewildered a time or two. It’s time for me to get ready for bed. Love yahs doll.”

I look at my watch and realize we’ve been talking for a half hour. I yawn, stretch, and bid you goodbye. I then get ready for bed.

As I lay there, my thoughts wander. It feels like it’s been ages since a man touched my warm, smooth skin, smelled my scent, and tasted my flesh. I quiver when I remember the last time a man spent the night with me. He took his time memorizing every inch of me, and set me ablaze with passion. Would you take time to get to know me, and when the time is right, go further?

I fall asleep dreaming of the many rendezvous’ with you. The long walks in the park, going to the theater, candlelight dinners, and several sexual delights.

It seems like the days pass by slower than molasses. When Saturday comes, I’m more nervous than a teenager on her first date. I wonder if you are just as jittery. In the back of my mind I still wonder if you’re a phony, just looking for a one-night stand.

Around three I search for that one perfect outfit that shows I have class, am a vivacious woman, but not too provocative. I choose my sexiest lingerie, a mint green pantsuit, along with a floral blouse and matching heels. I then coordinate it with my jewelry and perfume. Seeing that everything is to my liking, I head for the bathroom and a luxurious bath.

I pamper myself for an hour, then get out of the tub and dry myself off. I then go into the bedroom to put on my lingerie. With trembling hands I put on my undergarments and make-up. After all I want to be alluring and bewitching.

I put on everything, step tecavüz porno into my heels, then walk over to my full-length mirror to check myself out. I examine myself, whistle, and purr. “Wow, Amanda, you are a knockout, guaranteed to make any man drool.”

I walk into the living room and sit down. I need to do something to keep myself cool, calm, and collected. I try watching television, this doesn’t work, so I pick up the newspaper. With shaky hands I begin reading the front page.

I am in the middle of reading when I hear a car pull into the driveway. I look at my watch, gulp, and take a deep breath. “Well babe, it’s now or never.”

James’s knocks on the door. I swear my heart is beating so loud my neighbor can hear it. I walk over, open the door and there you stand. Your six-foot frame is overpowering to my five-foot four. You have a smile and twinkling blue eyes that made me weak in the knees and I shudder with desire. I reach out my hand to greet you, uttering a breathless hello, and then nearly pass out.

You pull me into his arms and kiss my cheek. “Hello Amanda. You’re beautiful.”

I thank you hoping not to sound too excited. However, my mind shouts, “Is he for real, if so pinch me please!”

You escort me to the car and we drive off in the direction of the restaurant.

Once there, you escort me into the restaurant. You then tell me that you are going to choose a table away from the main dining area, so we can talk openly and privately. You are a perfect gentleman, and help me to my seat.

We then look over the menu, I choose what I want, and then you tell the waiter his request. You pause and suggest, “Shall I order some wine, Amanda?”

“Sure, why not, we are celebrating the start of something new.”

After toasting to “new beginnings” we proceed to enjoy dinner. The meal is superb and the conversation enjoyable. I don’t know why, but I feel like we are long time friends taking it to the next level.

I can’t keep my eyes off you. I wonder if you have any idea what you’re doing to me. When you speak, my heart skips a beat. Every movement of your body sends a thrill of desire through me, and I get this overwhelming desire to make love to you.

I jump when you clear your throat and ask, “What’s wrong, do I have a piece of food caught in my teeth?”

“No, I was just daydreaming.”

“Aha, let me ask you this. Is it an ordinary one, or sultry one which involves me and you?”

I smile, blush, and answer, “How’s about having me for dessert?”

For a moment I think you are going to pass out. I reach for your hand and ask, “Are you okay, you look like you’re going to faint? If you do, I am a nurse and can bring you too, with a little mouth to mouth.”

“Honey, are you serious? Please tell me you’re not kidding around with me.”

“I assure you, I don’t kid around like that. By the way, I find you very attractive, and to be honest, I’m dying to see you without those clothes!”

You reach out for my hand and whisper, “Your place or mine doll?”

“Yours, my old grumpy landlord who occupies the other half of the duplex might not appreciate me having gentlemen callers.”

By the way, we skip dessert at the restaurant and drive directly to your house. You unlock the door, let me walk through the door first, and then pull me inside into your arms.

As your big arms encircle me, and our lips meet. A shudder goes through me clear to the center of my womanhood. I love the smell of a man, the heat of his skin, and its texture. I’m very affectionate, I also caress, kiss, lick, suck, and taste ever inch of a man.

You look into my eyes and ask, “Oh God honey, where do I start?”

I giggle and purr, “First off let’s go to your bedroom, where we can get comfy.”

Anxious, with a million thoughts rushing through my head you lead me there. Once there, I suggest that you sit on the bed and watch me. After all, in my opinion nothing revs up a man’s motor than a striptease.

With trembling fingers I take things off piece-by-piece so you can see each limb, rise, swell, dip, and valley of my body. I stand there nude for a few moments, open to your lusty gaze. Following this I move onto the bed, lying atop the covers, allowing nothing to come between us. I wink and lick my lips, knowing what is going to happen next.

“Baby, I don’t want you to take off your clothing yet. Instead, stand at the foot of the bed with your hands behind your head. Keep them there, no matter what I do, or how badly you want to move them, don’t. I want to discover and explore every inch of you without any interruptions.”

I move to the end of the bed and slowly begin to take off your clothing, watching your hungry stare take in my naked flesh. Once you are nude I just sit there for a moment, not touching you, letting my lustful eyes roam over you.

Just when I know the suspense is going to make you pass out, I suggest, “Baby climb onto the bed and lay on your back, with your travesti porno hands still behind your head.”

I then move up next to your head, and pause briefly before rising up and softly pressing my lips to your brow. Kissing you so gently, I can feel your skin trembling with anticipation. Slowly, with wet tantalizing kisses, I move downward to your eyes, the curve of each cheek, the jaw line, cleft of your chin, and your sweet, kissable lips.

I pause, gasp, and tremble hungrily clear down to the center of my womanhood. I place my tongue against your lips, tracing the shape of them before teasingly dipping it between your lips. I then stop for a moment and look up into your passionate eyes before placing my lips upon yours.

I then let go of all my inhibitions, kissing you deeply, conveying all my wants, needs, and lusty desires.

You respond by sliding your tongue between my lips, entangling it with mine as we do the dance of lovers. I feel your arms move as to encircle my body and pull me into your embrace.

I stop kissing you for a moment and whisper, “Uh-uh, not yet love.”

Once you put your hands behind your head again, I lean over and kiss you again. Following this I leave a wet trail with my tongue along your jaw line to your right ear lobe. I gently nibble it with my teeth before sliding my lips down your throat.

My tongue begins flicking a path from there to your left shoulder. I kiss the area as I plac my hand against your right nipple. I then stop temporarily, before continuing, because I want to watch your reaction. I look up into your eyes and bite you gently.

You gasped breathlessly, and I feel your nipple hardened, as your skin quivers under my lips. I then lick my way to that little dip at your clavicle. There, I kiss the skin and then suck it into my mouth, again marking you.

At this point I remind you not to move your arms. I reposition myself near your hips and instruct you to spread your legs. I then place one arm on either side of your chest and pull myself up over you. Breathing heavily as I my breast presses against your chest, the hardened nipples graze yours.

Raising my body up I sit back on my knees and continue exploring your body. I start by kissing and flicking my tongue across your flesh. I encircle your right nipple with my tongue, arousing it more. I then take it between my teeth, biting it gently, and then rolling it between my lips. I then move to the other nipple, giving it the same attention.

I move down your body, kissing my way across your stomach and abdomen. I feel your hard cock wedging itself between my breasts. I ignore it for the moment as I tantalize the flesh around your navel with my tongue. You arch your hips and flex your cock as my breasts knead it.

By this time I want more than just to taste you, I want to feel your cock buried deep inside my pussy. I pull away from you and purr, “Slow down baby, I don’t want you cumming on my tits.”

I move so I am lying between your legs with your cock only inches from my face. I love the way your pre-cum is making the head shiny and wet. I carefully run the fingers of one hand across the hard shaft and feel the vein pulsating against my skin. I then lift your heavy, cum filled sac, squeezing, slowly massaging them, and rolling them through my fingers.

I stopped but only long enough to breathlessly utter, “Take your hands off your head darling, it’s been too long since a man had made love to me. I need your cock inside me, now!”

Your hands move and grasp my shoulders as your lips tell me to spread my beautiful legs and straddle your hips. I straddle you, wrapping my hand around the base of your cock to guide it inside me.

You grasp my hips and slowly slide me down on your pulsating member. I see your nostrils flaring as they inhale my scent, and feel the heat of your body against mine.

I close my eyes and rock back and forth on your cock as my fingertips twist and roll each nipple. I love the feeling of the shaft stretching the walls of my vagina, filling me deeply. The head brushes against my cervix and I quiver from head to toe. All the action is bringing me closer to climax.

I squeal in delight. “Ooooh, fuck me baby, harder, deeper, mmm, yeah, just like that! Oh my god, I’m going to cover your cock with my sweet cum!”

Your eyes watch me riding you as cum churns in your balls begging for release. Your fingers toy with my pulsating clit, and you know by my actions I will cum soon.

“Oh fuck, your pussy feels so damn good on my dick. I want you to cum for me baby. That’s it, ride me hard baby, and put me away wet.”

The sucking sounds and movement quicken as my excitement grows. The walls of my vagina grip it like a vice milking it continuously. All of a sudden I feel an orgasm surge through my body. I arch my back and ram myself hard down onto your cock and flood your cock, groin and balls with my cum.

You hold me by the hips as I ride out my climax. xhamster porno You gasp breathlessly and go rigid, because my actions have triggered your own. Your climax explodes, filling every crevice within my vaginal orifice.

I press my lips against yours and we kiss, deeply. I can feel your passion intertwining with mine as your body slowly gentles from its mind-blowing release. We lay there together reveling in the moment, not wanting it to end.

I then lay next to you, breathing heavily, as I recover my strength. Your hand brushes back my hair from my brow. You move the tips of your fingers down across my eyebrows, down my nose, to my lips. You trace their outline, before sliding one finger into my mouth.

You move your finger in and out as I suck on it, coating it with saliva. You whisper, “I love your soft lips and how they look sucking my finger. I bet they’d be great wrapped around my dick.”

I stop sucking your finger; wriggle my nose and wink. “Well baby, this is your lucky day, because I love to suck cock, before and after I fuck.”

You lay back on the bed and say, “Looks like my dick could use a little cleaning baby, have at it.”

I sit up, move down, take your cock in hand, run it across my lips, and flick it with my tongue. “MMM, tasty,” I purr.

I wrap my lips around the head of your cock and suck in slowly, cleaning every drop of our mixture from it. I then proceed to clean your balls.

“Oh, careful with the family jewels baby.”

I can feel my body responding once more as I clean your member. When finished, I sit up and lick my lips. “I love the way you make me feel honey.”

“I’m glad because I thought you might be like many woman who I meet online. A woman of pure fantasy, which usually means, meets me, spend the night with me, and be gone by sunrise.”

“Oooh, I hate wham bam thank you man sex! I will admit you surprised me, and I have a hunch we’ll be friend and lovers for a long time.”

“Honey, you have to quit reading my mind, am I that apparent?”

“No, I think we both have been so lonely for too damn long. We decided to take a chance just one more time, and this time, we are both winners.”

You push me back on the bed and utter, “I agree, for now stop talking will you baby. I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to go to sleep.”

“Me neither, in fact, I’m ready for round two.”

“Baby, lie on your back, it’s my turn to pleasure you.”

Before I can say a word, you grasp my right breast and begin kneading it. You wrap your lips around the nipple and draw it deep into your mouth. You lick and suck on it, while your other hand pulls and tugs on the other one. Then you begin rubbing your tongue across the head and without warning bite it gently.

The feeling is euphoric; I close my eyes and purr, “I love a titty-man!”

My whole body responds and I clutch your shoulder as the thrill surges through me to my core. You then move your mouth to my other breast, giving it the same treatment. A fire begins to brew within my pussy, it is on fire, flooding with my juices as you continue tantalizing my nipples. I arch my back from the intense pleasure-pain mingled within. Your left hand trails down to my pussy and I spread my legs wide so you can gain better access. You slide two fingers through my wetness, in search of my sensitive bud. Once you find it, you begin rubbing it in circular motions for a few moments. Then you caress me from there to my vagina. You slide one finger in slowly, and then look up at me.

“Mmm, I can see that my baby likes what I am doing. Now, tell me what you want me to do doll!”

“I love what you’re doing baby. Please finger-fuck me, turn me on, make me yours!”

You shove your finger deeper, harder, and upward toward my pubic bone, in search of my g-spot. You know you have come in contact with it, because my breathing hastens.

I shove my pussy onto your fingers, feeling my second climax building like a freight train out of control. All of a sudden you pull back. I start to say something when I see you move between my legs. I tremble when I realize what you’re going to do.

Your mouth is an inch from my pussy, and your nostrils flare as they inhale deeply. My aroma intoxicates every inch of you. You kiss my clit, and then flick it with your tongue. Next, you suck my clit into your mouth, and suck it feverously as you increase the action of your fingers

I grab the sheet, turn my head from side to side, and squeal, “Eat me baby!”

My own body takes over and I cum harder than I have in a very long time. You stay between my legs until you have swallowed every sweet drop.

Next you move up to my head and take your cock in hand and show it to me. I can see your cock is hard as steel and I lick my lips hungrily. You take the head of it and trace my lips, smearing them with pre-cum.

“Baby, suck my dick!”

I open my mouth and take your member into my mouth. As I begin sucking, I can feel the blood pulsing through the shaft as it throbs and twitches. It feels so good to have my mouth fucked. My hands guide your cock as I engulf it until my lips touched your pubic hair. You place one hand on the back of my head, as the other reaches for my pussy again. You begin fucking my mouth while rubbing my clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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