Wanted One but Got Another Pt. 01

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Rachelle was a family friend and at all family parties. We grew up together. The sexual teasing and want was always there since we hit our teens. She went to college across the state but we always stayed in touch.

She text me with a few weeks left in the semester about coming out to see her during finals week. Of course I agreed. Rachelle has a perfect smile long Blondie hair and nice ass and DD tits. I’ve never been to a bigger college. I started home and did a local college so it was def something new for me.

I pulled into the parking lot called her to let her know I was there. She said she’s send someone for me to just wait. Sitting at my car watching all the girls walking by thinking i should have gone off to school and my phone rings.

I answer it to hear a woman say hey I’m Rachelle’s friend where are you at I’m walking towards the parking lot. I stood up and put my hand in the air. Ok I see you be there in a min and she hung up the phone.

Mind you girls are all over the place so I had no clue who I spoke to. I see this girl wearing a short skirt and button blouse walking down the steps. DAMN I hope that’s her friend I’m saying to myself. She gets closer and closer then I hear. Well are you coming or you going to make me walk all the way across the lot.

I smile and start walking towards her. As soon as I get close enough she grabs me and hugs me. I’ve heard so much about you she says as she grabs my Hand and leads the way.

We go find Rachelle and head off for a bite to eat. After we go back to Jules room and the 3 of us are just hanging out watching tv. The two of them are making plans for the night and then Rachelle says she has some studying to do before hand and leaves for her dorm.

As soon as she leaves the room Jules locks the door hd porno walks back over and kisses me softly. Almost as if she is scared to do so. She kisses me again this time a little hard and longer.

Jules become more aggressive the more comfortable she gets. After a few mins of making out she has her hand in my shorts stroking my cock. She takes a step back tells me I’m much bigger than her ex and that she is excited to have a real cock.

As she talking she is pulling my shorts down. My hard cock springs free and she just stares for a second before grabbing it and lowering her mouth to my cock. At this point in my life I haven’t had many good blow jobs.

Some of that is from dating the same girl for years and years and some of that is girls just didn’t do it. Jules struggled at first to get my cock into her mouth. Once she figured out how to fit me in her mouth without hurting me or herself she got in a nice rhythm.

Bobbing up and down on my cock drooling all over my shaft as she fondles my balls. Jules adds her other hand to my cock and is stroking my dick as she sucks on the head swirling her tongue around and round. I let her know I’m going to cum. She stops moving her head and strokes my cock even faster. I cum with grunt. Unloading blast after blast of cum into her mouth. She swallows every drop grabs a towle and wipes me off. Sorry never had a dick that big before in my mouth. Never swallowed before either she tells me. So far my trip is great.

Mind you Rachelle is still my goal. Jules and I walk over to Rachelle’s dorm. While walking over Jules tells me we are suppose to go to foam party. We get to Rachelle’s dorm knock in the door and she answers it quickly. She is hammered.

She Grabs me kisses my cheek hugs me hard and asks japon porno when i got there. I reminded her I’ve been there for a few hours. It was clear I wasn’t getting her tonight.

I grab my bag and we go back to Jules room. We get back to her room and her roommate left her a note saying she wasn’t going to be back tonight. We walk in I put my bad down and head to the bathroom.

I came back in the room to find Jules wearing an oversized t-shirt. She walks over to me grabs me by the front of my shorts and pulls me towards her bed. Her legs hit the bed stopping her movement. I reach down grabbing my shirt and pull it off. I drop my shirt in the floor and grab the bottom of her shirt. Pulling it over her head and tossing it to the floor.

Jules didn’t have much in the tit department being a B cup. Her pussy was shaved clean. She sat on the bed and grabbed my shorts pulling them down as I kicked off my shoes. Again she puts my cock in her mouth. This time with much more ease and confidences being she blew me earlier today. She sucks my cock for a few moments then let’s my cock slip from her mouth with a pop.

I bend over to take my socks off and she leans to her side. As I stand back up she holds a condom in her hand. I reach out to grab it but she says no that she wants to put it on me. She pushes the condom down over the head and shaft if my cock.

Once she has the condom on she lays back in the bed. I join her getting between her legs and kissing her. I start with her lips then more to neck ear lobe back to her neck down to her tits. Kissing both nipples before flicking my tongue over one and squeezing her other tit. I let go of her tit and grab my hard cock Guiding it to her waiting pussy. I push the tip of my cock against her pushing lezbiyen porno past her lips.

She wiggles her hips slightly lining herself up with my cock. With just a slight push forward My cock slowly starts entering her wet waiting pussy. I push further and further into her. She moans with pleasure as my cock hits new depths of her pussy. I pull out far enough that just the tip of my cock reminds inside her and push slowly back into her. Each time she takes more and more if my cock until finally I’m completely inside of her pussy.

She is almost frozen in place with pleasure being filled like she never has been before. I start fucking her slowly letting her enjoy and adjust to the size of my cock. As I begin to pick up more speed in my movements my balls smacking off her ass you can smell the sex in her tiny college dorm.

Faster and faster I start fucking her. The bed brings to squeak from our fucking. She tries to focus as she gets close to cumming. She manages to fight off the sounds and cums on my cock. I keep pounding into her pussy trying to get myself off. She tells me to stop she can’t handle the squeak anymore and throws her blanket on the floor and gets in her hands and knees.

I don’t need to be told what to do as I slide quickly behind her and with one hard push shove my whole cock back inside her soaking wet pussy. I grab hold of her hips and pull her back into my cock as hard as I can as I fuck her from behind.

My balls swing back and forth hitting her pussy as I hammer away at her tightness. She comes again and I fuck her as hard and deep as i can. Smashing into her from behind has her body shivers and her pussy clamps down even harder in my cock. I can’t handle any more pressure as I unload. Pump after pump I release into the condom. My cock still buried inside her pussy. Finally we both stop coming. She leans forward allowing my cock to slip from her pussy. We clean up and dress for bed. We climb into her bed and we pass out. Next morning i wake up wondering what’s in store for my today.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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