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I knew what my husband wanted. It wasn’t a big secret. He had come right out and said it. “I want to watch you make yourself cum!”

But knowing what he wanted and giving it to him are two entirely different things. I had seen how excited he got when my fingers slid over my throbbing clit while his slid deeply into my pussy. As my orgasms ripped through me, he would fuck me harder and faster. My fingers knew exactly how to pull another knee-trembler from my engorged clit. I knew he could feel those fingers strumming away at my juicy slit, feeling his hard shaft filling my juicy hole and caressing his balls as he pounded away. Those sessions were always the best, producing the strongest orgasms and the leaving me gasping and close to passing out in ecstasy.

But a solo performance was another matter entirely. Unlike most women (or so I have read), masturbation never has been easy for me. Once or twice a year in over ten years of a highly satisfying sex life was all that I had needed. But my husband deserved this little diversion and I wanted to give it to him.

I picked my night carefully. I wanted to surprise him so I dropped some hints about being tired which was our own little code that signaled a nonsexual evening. I took a hot shower, and headed off to bed early leaving my husband in front of the TV.

When he came to bed, I was ready and I can only imagine what he thought when he came into the room. There I was, naked in the middle of the bed with my legs spread wide for him. The room was lit by candles but I had positioned a desk lamp to provide a pool of light that illuminated the area between my thighs. He stopped dead in his tracks and I had to laugh as his cock immediately responded to the sight and jutted out of his robe.

I had the undivided attention gaziantep yavuzeli escort of my audience. I took a deep breath and started the show…

Despite my nervousness, I was ready for this. I hoped that the wetness that I felt between my legs was glistening in the light. My hands slid over my breasts, lightly grazing my nipples which were already hard and providing a pleasant aching sensation. I spread my legs as far as I could and brought my hands down my sides to cup my ass cheeks and to slowly and enticingly spread myself so that my audience could see my tight puckered asshole (a big crowd favorite) and my pink tunnel of love. My fingers lightly traced my labia and I heard my husband’s intake of breath as I spread the moisture down toward my welcoming holes.

Normally I would have to work very hard with my imagination to drive myself toward orgasm but just the act itself was now more than enough. I gasped myself as I felt droplets of moisture ooze from my wide-spread pussy and settle on my anus.

Now my fingers were tracing my lips, dipping into my pussy to sample the excitement there. I could feel my clit throbbing in anticipation but I wanted to make this last as long as possible so I kept my hands away from that hot button. I could feel my husband’s eyes boring into me watching my every move. He took a step closer to the bed and I watched with amazed eyes as a huge drop of pre-cum pulsed out of the head of his cock and fell in long strand towards the floor.

My pussy responded with a throb of its own and more hot love juice, coating my fingers and they roamed up and down my slit. A moan escaped my lips. This was far easier and more exciting than I had ever imagined. I could feel my nipples getting even gaziantep yeni escort harder and the ache they produced spread downward toward my pleasure holes.

I knew how much my husband liked anal play and so I took this opportunity to do my own experimentation. Anal was not part of my own solo efforts but tonight it was going to be headliner. My slippery fingers slid over my pucker and prodded gently at my tightness. I closed my eyes so that I could concentrate on the feelings without any interruption. I relaxed and slowly inserted the tip of my finger into my ass. My other hand continued a languid movement over my labia. My whole world compressed down to those two throbbing holes.

Time ceased to exist. When I opened my eyes when I realized that my finger was buried completely in my upturned ass and that I was actually trying to get even more inside me. My husband’s cock was red and visibly throbbing. Droplets of cum were falling in a steady stream onto the bed. He had moved even closer while I was lost in the sensations. Even more cum oozed out as I began to saw my finger in and out of my tight anus. This was a new feeling for me. I had never fingered my own ass. My husband did it for me and I had even allowed him to fill it with his cock on several rare occasions. The orgasms I got from those times were amazing. I wanted more but everything had to be perfect for an anal fuck so it was always a special treat, not a common occurrence. Now, with my own finger moving in and out, I couldn’t even imagine how he got his cock into this hot, tight hole. My own finger felt enormous.

The aching sensation swept over my clit which peeked out from its hood and begged for attention. But the time was not yet right. I pushed gaziantep zayıf escort two fingers into my pussy which was literally swimming in my juices. I continued to finger-fuck my ass and I immersed myself in the feeling of a double penetration. I loved it when my pussy was filled with cock while my husband’s finger buried itself in my ass. And now that feeling came over me again as I lay there under my lover’s eyes, filling both my holes with my own fingers.

My orgasm was approaching. I hadn’t even touched my clit and the tightening of my stomach muscles that signaled the oncoming explosion was taking over my senses. I brought my thumb up to touch my throbbing button which I continued my own penetrations. A flash of light arced across my vision. I couldn’t stop now, if I had wanted to.

Why didn’t I do this more often? I stared at my husband, forcing his gaze from my glistening pussy and as our eyes locked I reached the climax that I had been reaching for.

I had to force myself to keep my legs open as my orgasm overtook me. My stomach muscles tightened and I arched off of the bed. Sexual heat poured from between my thighs as I pushed my fingers as deeply as I could into my throbbing holes and flicked my engorged clit. The flashes of light became bolts of lightning. I bounced wildly on the bed as the sensations overwhelmed me. My orgasm climbed to a peak, detonated and then climbed again pulling a scream of joy from my mouth. The orgasms kept coming in little machine-gun like pulses. I could feel my holes clamped down on my fingers and trying to suck them even deeper into my body. It felt endless.

I tried to keep my eyes locked on my lover but the continual firing of nerve impulses kept pulling them closed. It was like trying to sneeze without closing your eyes. I couldn’t do it. My eyes flew open though when I felt drops of hot liquid shower my upturned legs. My lover’s cock which I had never seen him touch was pouring out spurt after spurt of hot cum. The creamy ropes gushed out and spattered my quivering thighs.

It certainly appears that he liked the show. I think I’ll make sure that he gets some more chances to watch me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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