Water Dance


Oh, my sweet insatiable one.. it is not enough that you have worn me out in
your home office this morning. It is not enough that you have coaxed and
teased me to several very intense orgasms. You decide we need a shower –
together. I giggle, and allow you to pull me to my feet, and guide me to the
bathroom. You seat me on the tiled bench inside the shower, and adjust the
temperature on the water. When it is just right, you grab the hand-held
shower, and aim it at my cum-dripping pussy.

The almost-hot water feels so good hitting my swollen clit and pussy lips. I
lie back on the bench as you gently part my lips and tenderly wash away all
the traces of your cum. I smile at you, and reach for your still-sticky cock.
Licking my lips, I guide your cock to my mouth and begin to tongue-wash that
gorgeous member. Holding it gently with one hand, I lap all over with my
tongue, making sure I get all of our juices off. We taste delicious! You
pause for a moment, and pull yourself away from me. Shutting off the hand
held shower, you step away for just a moment, and start filling the large
Roman tub. When you return, you turn the full shower on, and pick up the
soap and a washcloth, and begin to lather my body as I recline on the tile
bench after making sure I am nice and wet all over.

Slowly and seductively, you work the soapy washcloth all around my tits,
pulling my nipples and scrubbing all around them. Then you massage them
around and around, pinching a nipple between your thumb and forefinger as
you rub the rough cloth across my tits. I moan deeply as I begin to feel
the juices start to form deep in my pussy again. You move down my belly,
caressing and rubbing as you go. I hold my breath as you move down to my
mound, sensing the minute attention my sweet pussy is about to receive. I
part my legs for you.

You start by guiding the warm, soapy cloth all over the outside of my mound –
those areas that are hard to reach deep between my legs, the insides of my
thighs, everywhere except where I am now craving you the most. You can now
see how much I want you, and you shift your attention to my legs and feet,
working your way leisurely down to my toes. You can feel my tension rise as
you move away from my center, and you smile down at me. Finally, you come
back to my hot cunt, tenderly holding the lips apart and caressing my
delicate tissues slowly. Wrapping the cloth around one of your fingers, you
slowly insert it, wiggling it all around. Shifting one of your fingers to
the edge of the cloth, you begin to tease my clit by rubbing it gently. You
smile Sex hikayeleri again as you see I am becoming very aroused. You increase the pressure
on my clit slightly as you begin to stroke your wash-cloth covered finger
in and out slowly. With my over-excited state, it takes almost no time for
my orgasm to build. You take one of my nipples between your fingers and pull
on it, twisting it slightly as my orgasm continues to build.

“Cum, my little slut… Cum!” Your command is deep and throaty. You pull
harder on my tit, and the waves of an orgasm begin to crest and flow all
over my body. Still stroking and teasing my clit, you smile as I quiver on
the bench in front of you, helplessly moaning. You continue your assault on
me until you are satisfied my orgasm is over. Smacking me playfully on the
ass, you help me up off the bench, and have me stand in the hot, steamy
spray, rinsing all the soap off my frontside. Quickly stepping away, you
turn the tap off on the tub, and get back into the shower without missing
a beat.

After rinsing most of the soap off, you have me lean on the bench with my
arms, bent from the waist and my legs far apart. In this position, you begin
to scrub my back, massaging it at the same time with that rough washcloth,
working the soap into my skin, washing every inch of it. I feel you part my
cheeks, and begin to clean my tender rosebud. You work the cloth down my
slit to my clit, and tease it again. I soon feel your fingers back at my
ass, caressing and working itself in. Your smooth fingers are replaced by
the roughness of the washcloth, darting in and out. You can tell how much I
am enjoying the attention, and you decide it is time for me to wash you. You
pick up the hand-held showerhead once again, and carefully rinse off my
genital area, making sure you have gotten all the soap off. Turning it off,
you sit on the bench, and hand me a clean washcloth.

You lie back on the bench and smile softly. I get the washcloth nice and wet
with the hot water, and lather it up generously. Setting the soap down, I
decide to begin with your furry chest, and pick up the handheld shower to
get you nice and wet. Protecting your face from accidental overspray, I
carefully soak your chesthair. While I am close to your face, I decide to
wash your beard at the same time, and move the spray up your neck. When I
decide you are wet enough, I turn the spray off, and begin to lather you up,
starting with your beard. You lay quietly as I work the soap in with my
fingers, using it as a good excuse to caress your face lovingly. I move Sikiş hikayeleri down
your throat, tenderly, and begin to scrub your chest hair. Your hard belly
contracts as I get close, and I smile at your taut muscles. I decide I am
going to rinse you well before I attack your legs, and pick up the shower
again, starting with your beard, and carefully moving it down your strong
chest to your belly. I rinse you several times to be sure you are nice and

Taking up the washcloth once again, I ignore your semi-hard cock, and go to
work on your well-muscled legs. Massaging and scrubbing, I work down to your
toes, taking my time to be sure you are completely clean. I work my way back
up the other leg, and rinse you off again, making sure this time to get your
pubic hair nice and wet. When you feel the hot water hit your cock, you part
your legs for me. I sit down on the bench between your legs, and tenderly
take your cock in my left hand. With the cloth wrapped around my right hand,
I lather up the hair above your cock, taking my time caressing you. I smile
when I see your cock becoming more rigid in my hands, growing with the
attention. Guiding it out of the way with the one hand, I work my soapy
cloth down between your legs on one side, then back up the other side.
Letting your cock go, I gently lift your balls, and place them on the warm
cloth, and cup them with one hand. Gently, I wash them all over. I hear your
deep breathing, and know you are trying to control yourself. Turning my
attention back to your cock, I re-lather my cloth, and begin to soap your
cock from the base up, taking my time teasing the delicate head, and then
working back down again. I can tell by how engorged you have become that you
are now quite excited. Time to rinse you off, and wash your back!

I rinse you well, and get you to stand in the hot water for a few moments.
You are so much taller than I am, you take the same position I did on the
bench so that I can reach all of you. Scrubbing your back slowly, working
the soap all around your beautifully toned muscles, working my way down to
your ass. I spend several long moments kneading the muscles in your ass,
knowing how you love this. Eventually, I work my soapy cloth between your
cheeks, and carefully all around your rosebud of an asshole. Paying it only
slight attention, I reach down and follow your crack down to your balls,
lathering you up well before returning to your asshole. I take my time with
your ass, reveling in the feeling of the muscles below my fingers. Finally,
it is time to rinse you Erotik hikaye off. Taking the handheld shower once again, I
concentrate the spray on your genital area, making sure there are no traces
of soap left behind, then I rinse your back. As I finish rinsing your back,
you stand and smile. You reach back and turn off the water, then guide me
by the shoulders to the tub of steaming hot water.

“After a job like that, you deserve a soak, my love.” You ease me in, then
turn on the jets before joining me. Hot, bubbling water caresses me, working
away any tensions that might linger. As you sit down, you place one leg
behind me, and pull me close. I lean back against your wet, furry chest, and
reach up with my arms, clasping my hands behind your neck. Your hands cup
my tits, and begin to play with my nipples. One sneaky one works its way down
to my pussy and begins to tease my clit. I shiver as you part my lips and the
hot, bubbling water hits my pussy lips. You continue your assault on my
clit and nipple while holding me close. Your growing cock is moving up my
back. Standing up, you lean me back against the cool surround, and straddle
my chest. Seizing the opportunity, I guide your cock to my mouth, and begin
to lick and suck eagerly. I pull your body close to mine as I take you deep,
teasing your cock with my tongue as I stroke you in and out. You reach down
and take my nipples between your fingers, pulling and twisting as I gobble
your cock. You are so hard! Finally, you pull away from me, and sit down on
the seat near me.

Pulling me in front of you, you reach down and take me by the cunt. Spreading
my legs, you guide me to your rigid cock, and impale me on it. Holding me
firmly, you thrust hard upwards while you suck on my tit. Rocking together
this way for several very long minutes, I smile when your thrusts become
even harder and more urgent, then your shudders begin. You stay deep inside
me for several moments after you cum, until you slide out on your own. You
turn back to the side again, and pull me to you, snuggling quietly for about
5 minutes. As our skin begins to pucker and wrinkle from the water, and our
tub cools, it is time for us to get out. You help me from the tub, and wrap
me in a large fluffy towel, drying me gently. Drying yourself off, you turn
around so that I can dry your back. When you are happy that we are both nice
and dry, you take the towel from me, and guide me through the still house.

“Now, I really must finish my work, sweet slut. Naptime for you,” you murmur
as you tuck me into our large bed. I am too comfortable to complain as you
tuck me in, kiss me on the forehead, and return to your computer. I drift
off to a lovely dream about my sweet lover, and all his surprizes, with a
soft smile on my face.

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