Weekend with Connie and Dave Ch. 06

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While we were in the shower, Connie had moved my clothes into the master bedroom. She also laid out what she expected Dave and I to wear. She wanted us in khakis pants and polo shirts. There were no pairs of underwear out, but somehow I didn’t think it was an accident.

I have no idea what Dave thought as he and I walked into the living room and saw Tess sitting with Connie, but my cock defiantly started to stir. I hadn’t seen her in 10 years, since a week after Connie and Dave’s wedding. She looked even better than she did then. Dressed in a tight tank top and green mini skirt.

I found out later that she’d put on 15 pounds in the last year since her divorce. It seemed to all settle in her boobs. They’d been big when she and I had our little fling but now they were huge. They were now a double D.

After hugs and hellos, the four of us decided to move out to the backyard. Once we were all settled in, Connie continued the conversation Dave and I had interrupted.

“Like I said, you should have been there Dave was behind me, fucking me like there was no tomorrow while I had Ricks dick in my mouth….”

I was mildly shocked to find out Connie had been talking about our threesome.

“That is so hot!” Tess exclaimed. It was starting to become a mantra that weekend.

“Here’s the deal guys,” Connie turned to us and explained. “I invited Tess over here to be a forth in this little orgy of ours. If either of you have a problem with it, say so now. Otherwise, I want you two to do anything she asks of you. The same as you’ve been doing for me.”

“You mean these two are at your beck and call?” Tess asked.

“Yours too,” Connie reminded. “Give it a shot.”

Tess’s eyes shifted, first towards me, then settled on Dave.

“Dave, since you’re the only one here that I haven’t seen naked before….” She spoke. “I want you to take off your shirt, pants and underwear.”

“I’m not wearing any,” Dave said as he stood and started taking off his pants.

“Come here,” she told him.

As he stepped over, his hard cock pointing straight up, Tess put one bare foot on a patio chair and rested the other on the glass table top, hiking her skirt up to her waist. She pulled her panties aside, exposing herself to us.”

“Dave would you like to lick my pussy?” she asked with a seductive tone.

Dave nodded and dropped to his knees in front of her.

“Start off really slow,” Connie told him as he leaned down. “She loves that.”

“Oh so you told him about you and me and our ‘Girls Nights’?”

“And weekends, shopping trips and any where else we could get off together.”

My cock was hard as a rock in the confines of my pants. Connie bakımlı gaziantep escort noticed reached down and started rubbing me through my pants.

“God it’s been so long since anyone ate my pussy,” Tess moaned as she pushed her hips into Daves face.

“Stick your tongue inside her,” Connie coached. “Fuck her with it.”

Tess started moaning.

She started running her hands over her big tits. Pinching her nipples through her bra. I got up and stepped behind her, reached down and pulled her tank top over her head. She leaned forward, just enough for me to reach behind her and hook her bra. Her tits looked fantastic. They drooped a little, due to the weight of them. Her nipples stuck out like little pink thimbles. Still standing behind her I reached down and cupped them, gently pinching her nips between my thumb and forefinger.

Connie got up and came over to us and started kissing Tess. I knelt down and took her right nipple into my mouth, while Connie kissed her way down Tess’s neck and ended up at her left one.

Together, the three of us got brought Tess off in a big way. It made me think of the term ‘earth shattering orgasm’ the way she screamed and moaned.

“This is by far the best Sunday brunch I’ve ever been to,” Tess joked when she caught her breath.

“It’s just getting started,” Connie told her. “We have all day and into the night if we need to.”

“In that case,” Tess said. “It’s been a year since I’ve had a real cock in my pussy and since I’ve already had Rick, I want Dave inside of me.”

Dave, who had sat back down after Tess came, started to rise, in more ways than one. Tess stood and led him over to one of the chaise lounges. She reached under her skirt and peeled her soaking wet panties off and tossed them aside, then laid down her legs spread. Dave knelt down between them and was just about to slide his cock in to her wet pussy when Connie stopped him.

“Watch this,” Connie told Tess. “You’re gonna love it.”

She turned and looked me at me. I knew what was coming.

“Rick, would you be so kind as to get Daves cock all nice and wet for us?”

Tess’s eyes widened when she heard that.

“You got these two to play together?”

Starting from the tip, I ran my fingers down his head then wrapped my hand around his hard shaft. I leaned forward and licked the head a few times before taking him deep into my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Connie’s hand pressed against Tess’s pussy, her middle finger deep inside.

“You like watching Rick suck on my husbands big cock?” Connie asked as she added another finger.

“Oh yes,” Tess moaned, bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan thrusting her hips.

“Do you want Rick to make him cum? Or do you want that cock inside of you?”

“Please…” Tess moaned again. “I want him to fuck me.”

Hearing that I released Dave’s cock from my lips and pressed the head against her pussy. Dave let out a moan as he sank deep inside of her. He placed each of Tess’s legs on his shoulders and started driving his cock even deeper. I stood back and watched, fisting my hard on as Connie climbed on the chaise lounge, straddled Tess’s head and slowly lowered her bald pussy onto her friends face.

“Oh yes, right there, suck on it,” she moaned, as she reached out and wrapped her hand around my rigid cock. “Yeah… like that…I’m cumming.”

Her hips ground into Tess’s face as her body shook. She quickly got up and shoved my cock into her mouth, taking me all the way to the back of her throat. Her head bobbed on my cock a few times, and then she removed it.

“I want you to fuck me,” she said, then flicked her tongue over the head of my aching cock.

Connie got up, moved to the top of the chaise lounge and leaned over Tess and started licking her own juices off the other woman’s face. She moved her self further down until each had the others boobs in their faces. I stepped behind her, aimed my cock and shoved it deep in her pussy. My hands found their way to Connie’s hips; I gripped her tightly and pulled back on them, trying to drive even deeper inside of her. As much as I wanted to go slow and make it last, once again I couldn’t help myself, I rammed her as hard and fast as I could.

Looking across Connie’s back, I could see Dave was doing the same thing to Tess. I watched his hips rise, then slam down on her, making the whole chaise lounge shake. I could feel Tess’s fingers as she reached up and rubbed Connie’s clit and my cock. Looking down, I could see that Connie was doing the same thing. Both girls started moaning.

“I’m cumming again,” Tess cried out.

“Me too,” said Connie.

Almost on cue, Dave and I both slowed down our pumping.

“Switch?” he asked looking over at me.

I nodded and eased my cock out of his wife’s dripping pussy. Remembering what Dave had said in the shower, I gently pushed Connie’s hips forward. She took the hint and was soon straddling Tess in a 69.

Dave reached out and ran his hand over my wet cock as we passed, then licked his wife’s juices off of his hand.

Connie looked took her face out of Tess’s crotch and gave my cock a few licks before I entered Tess. Judging from the moan escort gaziantep bakımlı bayan she let out when Dave pushed himself into her, he must have hit a good spot. Connie tried to keep licking Tess’s clit as I slammed my hips into her, but it proved to be too difficult. She settled on wetting the tip of her finger against my cock and rubbing her.

The look on both Dave and Connie’s faces told me that Tess was defiantly doing her best to get both of them off.

“Fuck me honey,” Connie moaned. “Fill my pussy with your cum again.”

I could feel Tess’s pussy starting to squeeze my cock; I knew from experience that she was getting close to cumming again. I increased my pace, getting closer and closer myself. Dave’s moaning, as he started to cum, set me off and I exploded inside of Tess. After the first couple of shots, Connie reached down, pulled my cock from Tess’s pussy and clamped her mouth on me. I just kept cumming and cumming in her mouth. She struggled a bit but swallowed every drop. The moment I was done shooting off, she pulled my cock from her mouth, gave the head a lick and a kiss then buried her face in Tess’s cum soaked pussy.

At the same time as I was filling Connie’s mouth with cum, Dave was shooting off, filling her pussy. With one last mighty thrust, he slammed into his wife and started cumming. Once finished, he warned Tess that his now limp cock was sliding out of Connie. Tess only moaned into Connie’s pussy deeper. Dave slowly pulled his cock out and stood by me as we watched the two women lick each other’s pussies clean. It only took a few moments until Tess’s body started to shake as she came. Connie’s body started shaking soon after as she came just as hard as her friend. Both girls, covered in sweat, separated and kissed each other. Even though Dave and I had both just cum, our cocks were semi hard and getting stiffer from watching the sexy lesbian show.

We all agreed to have a break from our little orgy and take a dip in the pool. The water felt fantastic as it cooled down our over heated bodies. Dave and Connie both joked at how pink Tess and my butts were getting. Even though we were on a break, there was still a fair amount of touching and teasing going on.

The games started again, when Tess and I were sitting on the deck with our legs hanging in the water. Dave and Connie waded our way. Connie was between my legs and Dave between Tess’s. Without saying a word, Connie grabbed my semi hard cock and took it into her mouth. While her head bobbed up and down my stiff shaft, I watched Dave go down on Tess.

“God I’m glad you guys invited me over,” Tess said as Dave gently licked her pussy. “This feels so fucking fantastic.”

Connie was sucking my cock, twisting her hand over the head on her upstrokes. I was rock hard. Tess leaned over and started kissing me. For a moment, I felt Connie pull away; looking down I watched Dave and her switch places. Dave lowered his mouth onto my shaft, licking and sucking it, his hand pumping furiously. They sucked and licked us for a few more minutes.

“Why don’t we take this party inside?” Connie asked.

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