What an Office Job!

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My name is Eve, I had just moved back in state after a breakup with my boyfriend. After finding a great apartment, I began looking for a part time office job. I had interviewed with several companies, although nothing was available, seemed right for me. Then, over cocktails with my girlfriend, Cher told me about a job with a friend of hers at a mortgage broker company, doing book keeping.

She called him and told him she had the perfect person to hire. Cher handed me the cell phone and he asked if I could come right over for an interview. I was dressed in a much shorter skirt than I would have worn to in interview, but, timing is everything, I was there in a few minutes.

My girlfriend came along and after hugs and kisses with her friend, she introduced me to him. Robert seemed like a great guy, charming and very funny. The two of us hit it off right away. After a very short interview, we rejoined Cher. He thanked Cher for finding me and asked if I could start Monday.

Monday came quickly and Robert showed me around the office and explained my duties. I was to work mainly upstairs where his private office is and the records room. The main level was mostly for brokers and appointments with their clients.

Robert and I became friendly, as he was practically the only person with business on this level. Robert had said he was hoping I would wear that gabardine skirt again, which caught me off guard. He went on to say the skirt fit so perfectly and showed my shapely legs. He had quickly said he hoped it didn’t sound as creepy as it did to him. I was a little attracted to him, otherwise, I may have taken more offence. I smiled and blushed a little, saying I was glad he liked it. I told him, I had wore it to meet Cher for cocktails and I was trying to show off a bit. He had said he hoped I would do show off more often. I was becoming very attractive to him.

Robert asked me if I would have lunch with him the next day, and maybe I would wear something suitable for cocktails.

We had a late afternoon lunch and we both had a little too much to drink. We never returned back to the office that day. We had a wonderful time, getting to know each other. As he requested, I had worn a sexier skirt with my high heels. I was flirting and he was too. After lunch, he kissed me in the parking lot, and his hands began to roam down my backside, I pulled away and thanked him for lunch, and got into my car. I attributed his grabby behavior to too many cocktails. He leaned in my car window, and we had made plans to go to his house for diner later that night.

When I got home, I had a message from one of the interviews, the one that was a much better paying job. They had decided to hire me after all and I was asked to start in two weeks. I knew I had to tell Robert about it soon. Truth was, I didn’t feel comfortable about fooling around with the boss. But I wasn’t going to tell him about the new job at diner tonight.

I drove to his house and we had a great diner. I had no plans of sleeping with him, but in light of my new job, I didn’t have to worry about me being my boss’s plaything, even if he didn’t know it yet. As things turned out, he managed to talk me into staying the night. We had wonderful sex. I left very early to go home and get ready for work.

The next day, knowing I should tell him I was giving my notice, I decided to were an other sexy outfit and not to be so uptight about what others in the office might think.

When Robert arrived upstairs, it was almost the end of the day. We were alone, he smiled when he saw what I was wearing. He immediately asked me stand and turn around for him. Shyly, I stood, and slowly turned for him, then he embraced and kissed me.

I kissed him back with more feeling this time. Thinking I was really glad I had the other job and not wanting to become, what others would think, his office slut. Though, I liked being kissed by this handsome man, I knew this office romance would have been a really bad idea. I stepped back, swallowed hard, and told him of the other job offer and I had decided I had to take it. He was upset, but said he understood. He said we should celebrate. He went downstairs and returned in a few minutes with a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

He held me tight, as he kissed me, feeling encouraged by my return kiss, his hands drifted down to my backside and lifted me by my ass cheeks, sitting me on the conference table. Quickly moving himself between my legs, I was excited, even though this was happening in the wrong place. His hands roamed my legs as he kissed my neck, now pushing me backwards, as he raised my already spread legs up by the back of my knees, causing my skirt to bunch at my waist with me flat on my back and legs as wide as they would go. I was shocked, as he slowly rubbed himself against my exposed panties and saw that my outfit included garters and thigh high nylons. Off balance, with my legs spread, showing myself completely to this aggressive handsome man cimcif gaziantep escort in his office. I didn’t want to have sex in his office with others a floor below, but, I wasn’t ready to say stop yet either.

His hands went to my blouse, feeling my breasts as her was unbuttoning it, and exposing my lacy bra. Next, his mouth was on my nipples.

He pinned my legs back, kissing my stomach, then lower and lower until he was mouthing the exposed gusset of my panties. Quickly moving them aside, he began to put his tongue into me, licking, biting, and soon replace his tongue with a finger, then another. I hadn’t had sex before him in months, and now twice in as many days. My orgasm was building, and when he stuck his fat finger in my anus, I exploded. It was too late to protest, this rapidly escalating advance. As he stood, I closed my legs and sat upright.

You are gorgeous, he said to me. I blushed. He asked me to remove my blouse and skirt and lay across the arm of casting couch in his office, with a high sidearm and a back rest. He positioned me kneeing, lowering myself so my chest was resting against the arm, doing so, my butt rose in the air. Reluctantly I went along, because he had just made me climax and now expected me to do the same for him.

He locked the office door and returned with a heavy blindfold. He said to trust him, wearing this will make it more exotic, also handed me ear buds saying you are going love this music. I put the ear buds in my ears and instantly could only hear classical music in my darkness. The drink went right to my head, perhaps because I hadn’t had lunch. He spoke loud enough, close to my ear, so I could hear him asking me if I was ok. I nodded, but not really I thought. Feeling like a captive was as frightening as it was naughty.

In a few moments, he began to touch my shoulders, lifted my chin and held his penis against my lips. I opened my mouth and reached with both hands to stroke him and hold his balls, as he pushed in and out in very slow strokes. I was amazed how fat his cock was in my mouth, bigger than I was used to. He grew harder and held the sides of my head as he took slower, longer strokes. There I was, sucking my boss’s cock, he must think I am a office tramp for real. But, that is not who I am!

Deprived of sight, my dark fantasy of being used as a willing slut seemed too real. As if, sucking his cock was part of my job, displaying my body for his taking. Maybe I am a easy women, someone who an aggressive guy can force to do what pleases him without regard for my dignity.

Robert was also stroking his cock while in my mouth, then, I felt him step back. My hands were held, then velcro to a strap I hadn’t noticed before. Then I felt a one strong hand grab me by the waistband of my garter belt, controlling my hips like a harness. His other hand roamed anywhere he pleased, from my heels and up my legs. He pulled off my panties, then encouraged my legs further apart, and pulling me by my garter belt, higher up on the sidearm, ready for his next pleasure. He fingered my pussy, then he shocked me by putting something into my anus. It felt tapered, shaped like a bottle or a dildo of some kind. I arched my back to be better positioned for the pain caused by the increased stretching. He worked it into to my widest width possible.

The object was pulled back slightly as he applied more lubricant, then reinserted even deeper, stretching me even wider. Being opened so widely was shocking enough, then I felt his cock at that entrance. Oh my god, I thought, he was stretching me to such an extreme, so that, he could put that big cock of his inside of me there! Panicking, I said no, don’t do that, as I struggled to free my hands.

Slowly at first, he began to work his cock inside my asshole, despite my protests, but soon, he was able to go deeper. I remember thinking, I must be a real slut, allowing someone to stretch my asshole just so he has another place to put his dick into me. It was painful at first, then it began to feel kind of a good, painful. I was so embarrassed I was thinking like, I was justifying to myself, that it’s ok to fuck me like that without my consent. And I hated the fact, that I was about to climax from this perverse act.

I remember telling him repeatedly to wait, wait, please stop, slowdown, I was frightened, ashamed of acting like a whore. I couldn’t think straight, like being delirious with a high fever. I heard a muffled voice say slow down, slow down, no more. Did I hear that? He then pulled out of me and put it into my pussy. As he continued to fuck me, his hands felt my body, spreading my ass cheeks apart, treating me roughly like I didn’t matter. Just an office whore.

His pace picked up and abruptly withdrew. After a few moments, my hands were released, I removed the blindfold and ear buds. He had wanted to know I was alright and helped me to my feet.

I received a text message the cimcif gaziantep escort bayan next day from him asking if I wanted to get together with Cher and another couple Friday night at his house. I was angry at him, but when I called Cher, she told me Robert really liked me and hoped I would date him. Cher said she had dated Robert for a few months last year, she went on about all the nice places he brought her, although he was on the kinky side, which was fun, he was a good date. To me, Cher was on the wild side too, hearing some of her tamer stories from her past made me feel like a schoolgirl. With Cher there, I decided to go.

Cher didn’t bring a date with her, Mike and Bunny, who I didn’t know were there when I arrived. Mike was and about 10 years younger than the rest of us and Bunny was a blonde with a killer body and very bright.

We were drinking, listening to music and talking about all sorts of things when the topic changed to sexual situations. Mike was telling a story of how he met Bunny. Seems she was Playboy Bunny. Things were starting to make sense to me about this girl, she was acting sexy, with a gorgeous body you just couldn’t help starring at, and her flirtatious nature.

Bunny was saying how they would play adult games at the Mansion to entertain the rich guests that were invited. Robert was interested in hearing those as we all were and asked her to tell us. Bunny was only too happy to share them. Knowing her for only 45 minutes, I knew she wouldn’t hold back anything juicy.

She went on telling a few stories that was exciting to hear, when she suddenly exclaimed, want to play a little harmless game. Ok?

Everyone squirmed in their seats. What did this wild child have in mind everyone was thinking. She grabbed a book of post it notes and started to write. Robert refilled our drinks. Bunny announced, all set! Putting the notes in a bowl, she said the winner and the loser of the dice tosses have to do what the notes say.

Cher said sounds exciting, but she reserves the right to stop at anytime. Ok, Bunny told us, we all can stop anytime if you must. Just try it, it might be a lot of fun. Everyone took turns and rolled the dice. Mike was high roller and Cher was the low roller.

Bunny reached into the bowl and read that her boyfriend, Mike, had to remove Cher’s blouse. Cher had said she didn’t think this was a game stopper, right everyone? And told Mike it was ok to remove her blouse.

I knew Cher was proud of her ample breasts and wore a very sexy bra to display them in. Bunny had said “wow Cher”, you got great tits, everyone laughed.

Next, Mike won again, and this time it was me that lost. Bunny, being self elected to be in charge of the bowl, reached in and read that Mike was to remove my skirt. By the horrified look on my face, everyone began to encourage me to keep playing. With deep reservation, I allowed Mike to unbuttoned my skirt. He reached around back for the zipper and lowered it, until my skirt was on the floor. I was wearing garters as a surprise, for the after party. I thought at the time only he would be seeing me in them. Everyone started to whistle, Cher said oh my! I had on lacy panties too. My long blouse would cover most of my panties. I received more clamor than Cher’s bra, but embarrassed about wearing sexy garters, nylons and heels. I was blushing when I sat down, covering myself the best I could.

The dice rolled again and Robert rolled high and Bunny rolled low. Bunny read the note and giggled saying Robert has to take off my blouse real slow, and from behind too . Robert looked happy about that, but Bunny’s boyfriend, Mike, wasn’t quite so thrilled. Bunny wiggled her bum up against Robert and was squealing with excitement. Cher poked me saying she’s really enjoying this! Robert reached around Bunny from behind, trying to find her top button, but finding everything else to the delight of Bunny. He found her first button that was hard working trying to hold her blouse together. Mike was getting jealous, seeing Robert feeling Bunny’s chest. Bunny was making it worst showing how much she was enjoying it. She was wiggling, trying to make it difficult for him to find the button. It was fun for Robert, who was grabbing everything else but a button. The next button followed, and soon the rest. He pulled the blouse apart, running his hands over her chest doing so, exposing her low cut bra, holding her perfect breasts. Robert took her by the hand and she twirled around for everyone. She kept eye contact with Robert, then she did a sexy walk, showing her bra to everyone, on her way back to Mike.

The dice rolled again and Mike rolled high and I was low! Bunny was excited as she read that Mike had to take off my blouse the same way, from behind! I thought, Mike probably wanted to get back at Robert for the liberties he took removing his girlfriend’s blouse, and get back at Bunny, who made him jealous by enjoying escort gaziantep cimcif it so much.

I was about ready to call it quits when Cher poked me and said please don’t stop yet, ok, please she begged me. Good God, I reluctantly nodded okay. Mike reached for my hand and helped me from my seat. My blouse was long and was hiding most of my panties and garter belt, but it would not be for much longer. I was blushing with embarrassment.

Cher and Bunny had their bras exposed, but I would soon to be showing my bra, panties, garters, nylons standing in high heels. All eyes were on me as Mike held me by my waist and turned me to face the crowd. I knew I was about to get felt up. Pulling me closer to him, his hands slide from my shoulder tops, down the front of my chest, and across my breasts, supposedly searching for a button. I could feel him breathing on my neck and his hard excitement pressing against my backside. Not to be outdone by Bunny, I acted like I was really enjoying it. Robert appeared to be enjoying my behavior, as was everyone else. I had never done anything like this before.

His hands roamed my upper body, attempting make Robert and Bunny jealous. He removed my blouse, displaying all my sexy underwear for all to see. I quickly sat down and poked Cher hard.

Next, the dice rolled again and Robert rolled high and Bunny was low. She was very excited when she read that She and Robert had to go into the bedroom and kiss in private for 10 minutes. Robert looked over at me, I shrugged my shoulders, signaling him to keep playing. Mike wasn’t saying anything, seeing how excited Bunny was acting this time too. We don’t know what happen in there, but Cher had to knock on the bedroom door 15 minutes later to tell them there time was way up. They came out with their hair messy and smeared lipstick. This was getting more and more intense.

The dice rolled again and Bunny rolled high and I was low. She read the note, saying that, She was to pick one other person and they would take me into the bedroom for 10 minutes. Everyone started to oo and aw. What was she doing, I thought, making this up as she goes? She grabbed my hand, picks her boyfriend Mike to join us, leading me to the bedroom door.

I looked back at Cher and Robert for help, only to see his hand reaching for her knee, as she was moving closer to him. Bunny was in charge, as usual, telling Mike to peek out the door and see what they were doing. He reported back saying they were kissing and Cheryl’s bra was off already.

Good, Bunny had said, then we have a little more time in here. With that, she sat me on the bed and told me to lay down. I must have looked bewildered, when she knelt between my legs, bent over to kiss me, then again, longer and more serious this time. I was shocked being kissed by a girl, also surprised she did it in front her jealous boyfriend. She raised up, bracing herself with her hands on my chest. Mike wasn’t sure what to do with himself. She continued to massage my breasts while moving her knees apart, to force my legs apart in the process. It was happening so fast, I didn’t have time to think of my options, one of which should have been stop! But, she was so attractive, uninhibited and strangely enough, I wasn’t repulsed by her.

With my legs moved apart, she moved her hands to my panties, grabbing my crotch, while kissing her way down my bare stomach.

Mike was watching Bunny devour me. She had told him to lay down next to me. Mike quickly complied and ran his hands over me. Bunny had my legs in the air, and her mouth on my pussy. Girls know what girls like it have done to them, and this sex bomb was really good at it. I was more excited, then I was ashamed or embarrassed.

I could feel Mike’s rather large cock against me as he stroked my breasts. Bunny reached over and took hold of his cock and stroked it as she continued on my pussy. She took my hand and had told me to make myself useful, putting my hand on her boyfriends cock. He grabbed my hand, held it on his cock, encouraging me to pump it up and down. Mike moved farther up the bed, with me still holding on to his cock, like I was told. Now his cock was close to my head. He turned my head, putting his cock against my mouth. Go ahead Eve, Bunny had told me, suck on the poor little boy’s cock. With that Bunny turned my hips shifting me on my side, facing Mike. Bunny began to rub my newly exposed anus. I am in my first threesome, I thought.

Bunny was doing things to me like never felt before, as Mike’s cock was filling my mouth, I was doing my part, giving the best blow job I knew how to do.

Bunny triggered a powerful orgasm in me. A moment later, we traded places. She had removed her panties, and I was guided to a position between her legs. Now, she was probably waiting for me to do what she had just done to me.

She had a long slender sexy body. At first I was hesitant to put my mouth on her pussy. With her encouragement, I began licking her clit lightly, then more and more until I was actually beginning to enjoy it. She moaned giving me more encouragement, Making me want to try different technics that might please her more. I touched her anus too and she writhed with pleasure. Mike was staring at us, fascinated seeing two sexy women pleasuring each other. I was kneeling doing Bunny’s thing, my butt in the air, when Mike saw how he could be more involved.

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