What Does Your Mommy Do?

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After we drop the kids off, I’ll follow you to your house? While we drive are you thinking about my short skirt and wondering if I have on anything underneath or if those stockings go all the way up? My white breasts spilling from my bra as I lean over to talk to you? My blouse unbuttoned so that you can see them spilling out?

I want to press my body up against yours as we kiss my breasts pressed firmly into your chest and then your hands cupping my breasts as we kiss, your hands reaching in and undoing my bra allowing them to fall free into your hands, my hard nipples pressing into the palm of your hand as you rub them gentle in your hands. Breaking our kiss you kiss my neck as you work your way down to my right nipple, my hands pres against the back of your head , my head tilts back wards as you suck at one and then the other lightly rubbing and tweaking the other nipple with your hand. My hand leaves the back of your neck and begins to stray towards your waist band and tugs at the shirt pulling it out of your pants as you stand back up and kiss me on the lips pulling my shirt form my shoulders. your hands trace my face and my neck lightly and as you trace my lips I turn and grasp a finger with my lips and begin to suck it.

Damn I almost rear ended you I wasn’t paying attention when you slowed for that turn I was thinking about you and your mouth, your touch leaving trails of fire on my body. God I hope we get there soon I’m sooooooooooo hot! My nipples are getting harder as we drive and rubbing against the inside of my shirt. As we slow to turn into the drive way, Bad to the bone comes on the radio and I think it is fitting and turn up the radio, its warm out so I have the windows rolled down. As you get out of your car and mine rolls up behind yours, you smile as you hear the radio. I turn off the ignition just as you reach the side of the car and as I open the door and step out of the car you take me in your arms and kiss me pressing your gaziantep escort body up to mine and one hand going up the back of my skirt. As your hot hand touches my bare ass lightly I gasp, and moan into your kiss. You break the kiss and suggest we go inside or at least out of the driveway. I answer that yes that would be good idea and follow as you lead into the house.

As I enter behind you turn and push the door shut and at the same time you kiss me again, pressing us back against the door as you do. My hands are on the bottom of your shirt tugging at it wanting to expose your chest so I can run my hands through your chest hair. Your hands unbutton my shirt pulling it off of my shoulders, then you reach for the single clasp in the front and undo that as I finally get your shirt free and pull it over your head as our kiss breaks when your head pops out of the shirt you lower it and take my right nipple in your mouth sucking it. Your right hand begins to gently stroke the left breast as you do this.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I moan. Pressing my hands to the back of your head leaning back so that you can easily suck on my nipples. My right legs starts to slide up and down the inside of your legs caressing your calves with mine and then my knee lightly touching the inside of your thighs. I pull your head up and looking you right in the eyes I tell you I want you to fuck me. As I say this I reach for the snap on your pants and undo it pulling them apart and undoing the zipper as I do. I press forward against you kissing you and pulling your pants down at the same time. As I press backwards against you I wrap my right leg around behind you, causing you to loose your balance. You wrap your arms around me pulling me to the floor with you. We both sorta laugh as we land on the floor. You fight with the pant legs trying to kick your pants off and as you do this I lean back. I place my hands on your shoulders and bring both of my legs up so that my feet are planted firmly on the floor. I raise my self up slightly and placing the head of your cock just inside the lips of my pussy, you moan just a little and place your hands on my hips. I feel your cock twitch a little and then I slam your cock all the way in my pussy, as I reach the base my body explodes as the first of many orgasms hit me, I lean forward and kiss you as I cum my whole body trembling my pussy twitching around your cock.

Mmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh As this one passes I lean back and begin to ride you slowly at first going all the way up so only the head is in me and then back down and as I do I grind my clit against your body then back up and then back down. With each down thrust you begin thrusting up holding my hips. My hands are on you chest my fingers opening and shutting in your chest hair as I fuck your cock deep into my pussy then almost out then in and then out. Ohm it feel so good my pussy tightens around your cock as we pick up speed. My pussy slamming down onto your cock as you thrust it up harder and faster with each stroke I lean back a little my hands getting closer together on your chest mmm hold my hips I need you to hold the to help steady me as I start to cum again harder each time as I fuck you through this one my pussy tightening around your cock as I lean backwards my head tilts back, moans deeper and louder start to escape my body with each stroke. Going up and down faster grinding my clit with each down stroke a little twist as I go up and back down. I feel your cock jump as my pussy tightens down around it and your hands tighten around my hips. I lean forward a little and fucking you harder I feel your hot juice starting to spurt into my pussy making my pussy tighten and I catch my breath for just a second before I cum my whole body shaking still going up and down on your cock as I do your cum spraying deep inside my pussy as our bodies keep slamming into each other.

Finally I collapse on top of you , our mouths meet and as we kiss I cum again you gasp as my pussy tightens around your cock. Your cock jumps a little spurting just a little more cum into me. My tits press so firmly against your chest the hair is so soft touching my tits. your hands reach up and around me with just the nails go up and down my back lightly as I continue to cum on your cock. Each one a little less intense. My pussy tightening and then loosening a little then tightening again.

You roll us over, I protest a little but allow you to do this. mmmmmmmm As I kiss and nibble at your body my hands playing in your chest hair I go down your neck and find your right nipple licking it and kissing it to see what kind of a reaction I will get. MMMMM you moan a little and laugh a little as I do this( by the way I like your laugh!).

I need a drink you say you? I answer yes that a glass of water would be nice. I disentangle myself from you to let you go get it for us. While you are gone I roll over on my tummy and have a look at the room for the first time.

Hurry back So I can suck your cock I yell to you! As you enter the room carrying 2 glasses of water I get up on my knees and as you hand me the glass of water I take the head of your semi soft cock in my mouth and begin sucking it, holding the glass of water in my hand. As I suck your cock your hand plays in my hair lightly stroking my hair and the side of my face. I take your cock all the way into my mouth and suck it hard. I feel it jump a little in my mouth. mmmm I moan against it as I start to lightly move my mouth up and down on your cock. Feeling it grow harder in my mouth with each stroke. Damn woman you say as your cock jumps to total erection in my mouth I throatily laugh around your cock as I start to suck your cock a little harder. Taking your cock all the way down my throat and then out to the head and then back again, I place my free hand on your stomach a little for balance and begin pushing you backwards towards the chair or would you rather join me here on the floor again?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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