What Mothers Are For Pt. 04

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“W-what?” I said in surprise.

“I said,” my sister explained as she spread her legs and showed me her pantiless pussy in the backseat of Mom’s car, “Eat my pussy on the way to school. Please?” She begged.

I glanced back at our neighbor but her back was to us and then looked back to my sister and shrugged, “I love the taste of your pussy,” I told her as I got down of the floor of the car and dove right in. I immediately start lapping Barbie’s puss with not a care in the world. I just loved the flavor of my sister’s cum so much, I would say I probably loved licking her pussy almost as much as my mom liked sucking my cock.

“Oh shit, ooohhh fffuuuck, ooooohhhhh shhiiiittt!’ Barbie started moaning obscenities, louder and louder as I continued to assault her pussy with my tongue. I really wanted her to cum, I wasn’t too concerned about her making noise, even though most of our neighbors were waking up right then and coming out of there houses to go to either work or school.

After about a minute or so of me lovingly lapping Barb’s cunt, Mom got in the car, freshly showered. As she sat and adjusted the mirror she saw what we were up to in the back, “Come on, Barb, what did I just say?”

“What? You said, oh fuck yeah, oral sex was okay.” Barb pointed out between moan as I ate her pussy, “Besides, how is this any different than what you were doing in the dining room just now!”

I was too busy eating Barb’s cunt to really know how Mom reacted to that, but when the car started moving without anyone saying anything to each other, I knew Mom was ignoring us now so she could drive. Though it felt like we were bobbing and weaving a little bit so maybe she had her eyes in the mirror so she could watch as I went down on my sister in the backseat. I ate her pussy like there was no tomorrow.

But then Barbie grabbed my head and shouted “Keep going! Don’t you dare stop! FUCK I’M CUUUUMMMMMING!” She moaned and I wondered if any other cars were nearby because if they were close enough there was no way they didn’t hear Barb’s shouts of pleasure as she came. I lapped it all down, loving every drop of Barb’s delicious juices. I sat up a moment later my face covered in pussy orgasm. I was grinning like an idiot. I saw we were now pulling into the school parking lot, I guess time flies when you’re eating pussy.

“I see you need more stress relief,” Mom said as she could see the huge bulge in the front of my pants, but as she went on she was disappointed, “unfortunately we don’t have time to give it to you.” I noticed she said “we” so I wondered if that meant there would be more group sessions like there was yesterday when I went down on Barb as she went down on Mom. “I have to get to work and you both should get to class.”

We got out of the car. Barb was looking particularly satisfied as we walked side by side into the front door of the school, leading into the cafeteria first then you could find your lockers in one of the nearby hallways.

Because Barb and I were in the same class and had the same last name we had lockers right next to each other. Of course, before yesterday I really hated that fact because she and her stupid bitch friends would come by and heckle me on a nearly daily basis.

Today seemed to be no different at first. Barb’s friend Linda walked up and smiled at me like the cat who just found her mouse-dinner, she was a cheerleader like Barb and was super hot like all the cheerleaders at that school. Like Barb, Linda was also wearing her uniform since they had practice later that afternoon. It showed off her big boobs and great ass. I wondered if she wasn’t wearing panties either, like Barbie, which also made me wonder how they covered it up for the games if they didn’t wear panties, but then realized that I was just having more perverted thoughts again.

I could tell she was already thinking of some way to be mean to me as she walked up. She glanced down and I just then realized I was doing nothing to hide my raging erection in my pants, no wonder people were giving me funny looks on the way in.

“Jesus, Danny,” Linda said with a laugh as I covered my crotch with a textbook, “I didn’t think you were one to stuff your pants. What is that, an actual salami?”

I blushed profusely as a group of nearby girls laughed. I turned back to my locker and tried to ignore everyone.

“Hey, don’t be mean to Dan!” Barb said, surprising everyone, especially me. Even though we started having sexual fun, I hadn’t expected Barbie to change her tune about me around her friends.

“What? Since when?” Linda retorted shaking her head and causing her curly red hair to flow around her face in a way that I thought was very beautiful out of the corner of my eye.

“Since now, Linda.” Barb said softer, realizing that prying eyes were listening in, “My brother has to work and do school and almost never has time to unwind. He’s incredibly stressed out basically all the time.”

“That’s not what you were saying when you were at my house yesterday.” gaziantep escort numaraları Linda pointed out, not even caring that I was in listening distance. I glanced around and noticed that outside of Linda everyone else had left to get to class. I realized I should go too or I would be late, but I wanted to hear the end of what Linda was saying, “You were saying how stuck up and spoiled he was and how he was just doing it all because he has some sick crush on your mom.”

“Well, that’s true, he does have a crush on Mom,” Barb said, making me blush again but at least my back was turned, “but never mind that. He’s a very stressed out man and he needs relief. Mom taught me yesterday that I should help out when I can.”

“What? With giving your brother stress relief?” Linda asked, confused, “Are you, like, giving him massages or something?”

“Um, yeah,” Barb said, she glanced at me then back at Linda, “and I think he needs a massage now. See what you did, Linda!” Barb barked at her friend, her big breasts heaving in anger causing my cock to jump in my pants behind the book I was holding in front of it. My large cock pushed against my book so hard it dropped out of hands and I blushed again, too worried that my cock would jump out of my pants when I bent over to pick it up that I just stood there with a very obvious erection in view.

“W-what?” Linda stammered, she saw my erection again, though I felt she probably thought I was just “stuffing it with a salami” like she said earlier, then she glanced at Barb as she took my hand and started leading me over to the restrooms. After a moment of confusion, Linda followed us and caught up, “You’re going to massage your brother in the bathroom?”

“Well, there’s not really a good place to do it otherwise,” Barb explained as she dragged me into the women’s restroom. I cringed, sure I was about to get caught, but there was no one else inside but the three of us, “I suppose we could use the spare cheerleading equipment room but that’s on the other side of the building and we don’t want to be too late for class.” As soon as the bathroom door was shut, Barb turned to me, got on her knees, and yanked my pants down all in one motion. Surprising the hell out of me, and especially surprising Linda as she watched her best friend’s brother’s huge cock spring out of his pants.

“What the fucking fuck!?” Linda shouted, “What the hell are you doing with your brother!?” The redheaded cheerleader was even more shocked by this than Barb had been walking in on our mother giving me a blowjob in the middle of the kitchen.

“Like I told you, Danny needs stress relief,” As Barb said this she reached up and grabbed my cock with one hand and started to slowly stroke me off as she fondled my balls with her other hand, “And yesterday we discovered that this was the only way he could get it.”

“Well, it is a huge cock and- wait ‘we?!'” Linda said as she realized what Barb was saying, “You mean, you and your mother!?” Linda had figured it out, I guess she was smarter than I thought she was.

“That’s right,” Barb said as she started stroking me faster and pre-cum leaked from my cockhead and onto the back of her soft hand and wrist. Linda noticed my cock leaking and got down on her knees next to my sister in order to watch more closely. I could tell she was just as cock-hungry as my mother and sister, “Mom and I have made it our duty to provide Danny with stress relief. And duty calls.” With that, Barb leaned in and took my cock in her mouth, causing Linda to gasp but she didn’t look away, in fact, I think she leaned in even closer to watch as Barbie started sucking my dick.

Barb still couldn’t deep throat at that point but she still tried to get as much of my cock in her mouth as she could, which wasn’t that far, maybe only a quarter of the way up my shaft, but she was licking my dickhead with suck ferocious horniness as she tried to eat all the pre-cum as fast as I was producing it.

“Jesus, this is fucking hot!” Linda said. She had pulled her skirt up and was playing with her pussy, flush with red hair. I saw that I was right in assuming that she didn’t wear panties either and it made me wonder if none of the cheerleaders did. I wondered why that would be if it were the case?

But I had more pressing matter at hand as Barb sucked on my cockhead, stroked my shaft, and fondled my balls, I could tell it wasn’t going to take much longer, “I’m getting close Barb.” I said.

“Mmmphf mnfffmm,” Barb responded as she stroked faster and sucked harder on my dick. I felt my balls tighten and I knew Barb did too by how consistently she was fondling them. I started to cum, my first blast filling up Barb’s mouth, she had to pull back so she could swallow.

“Shit, you can’t get it on the uniform!’ Linda shouted before jumping in and taking my cockhead in her mouth as I filled her mouth as well, Linda wasn’t at all prepared for this and had to pull back immediately. gaziantep escort bayan numaraları Though she was just complaining about not getting cum on my sister’s uniform, she soon found her own uniform painted with my semen, along with her face, neck, hair, and cleavage. Linda fell back, defeated and I just kept cumming until both Linda and Barb’s faces were both glazed like a donut, also their cheerleading outfits were streaked with pearly white cum and probably ruined, not to mention all the cum I got on the floor of the girl’s bathroom, the area in between where Linda and Barb sat was a mess.

“Wow, that was insane, does he always cum like that?” Linda asked as she wiped the cum out of her eyes.

“I don’t know we just started yesterday, and, um…” Barb wiped my sperm out of her own face and then looked up and saw that we were no longer alone in the bathroom. Though during first period this bathroom was rarely used, as Barb had told me in the past when she was playing hooky from class, most people weren’t using the restroom during the first period as they were still coming in from home and just trying to get to class, and the teacher’s break room was on the other side of the school, we hadn’t counted on someone else, Ms. Alexa Finigan was now standing in the doorway.

She was a very nice principal most of the time, so it was very surprising to all three of us when, once the shock of the situation settled in her brain, Ms. Finigan shouted, “HOLY FUCKING SHIT! ALL THREE OF YOU ARE IN THE MOST TROUBLE OF…THE FUCKING CENTURY! GET IN MY OFFICE!”

Ms. Finigan was so pissed and we were all so scared after getting caught that we all just immediately followed her out of the bathroom and down the hall to her office at the front of the school, just off the cafeteria. I grabbed my pants now crumpled on the floor and walked, bare-assed down the hall while the two girls followed with their cum-stained uniforms and equally cum-covered faces. Thankfully, no one else was in the hall at that time, but we really hadn’t thought much more than we were about to be punished. At least we didn’t get any high school ridicule as well.

We stepped into Alexa’s office and sat down. My cock was flaccid but looking at my sister and her BFF, both covered in my cum, and my cock twitched, threatening to get hard again.

“What the hell were the three of you thinking?” Alexa yelled at us, I was glad the secretary wasn’t around to see us either. “Never mind, obviously you weren’t thinking. Look, I don’t know what else to do, I’m going to call your parents and probably a shrink for all three of you.”

“What?” Barbie complained, “But we didn’t do anything wrong!”

“I think giving your brother a blowjob in public and letting him cum on you is not exactly right, don’t you?” Ms. Finigan said to my sister, she was a very sexy woman, I thought as I looked at her, long black hair, long legs, a great ass, and bigger tits than even my mom’s, I think. It was hard to tell just eyeballing it. “My eyes are up here, young man!” Alexa said, noticing I was ogling her gorgeous body.

“Sorry,” I said as I looked down at my lap, which still had my bare cock in it.

“Okay, this is distracting me,” Ms. Finigan said, “You two, hit the showers and get to class, I’ll summon you when I get ahold of your parents.”

“Yes, Ms. Finigan,” Barbie and Linda said at the same time as they walked out of the room.

“And you, tell me everything that happened,” Alexa said with pure hatred in her eyes. I could guess who was getting the brunt of the blame for all this.

“Can I at least put my pants on first?” I asked, feeling very exposed.

“No,” Ms. Finigan answered without hesitation, “I want to gauge how much of a depraved pervert you are and I feel this is a good way to do it.” As she said this she got up and walked around her desk so she could lean back on it. She looked like she was about to punch me in the face. I gulped.

“Alright, um, well, I essentially need stress relief, um, for my mental health, and, um, orgasms are the best way for me to-“

“Hmm, so this is a medical issue, I see,” Alex said and sat on the edge of her desk. “Please continue.”

“Um, well,” as I said this Alexa raised a hand to her chest, “when we got to school,” she unbuttoned the two top buttons on her shirt, “Linda came up,” she reached a hand in her shirt and started openly massaging her breast, “And Barb noticed I needed relief,” her other hand started pushing her skirt up, “So we went in the bathroom,” and she pushed two fingers into her wet pussy, moving her already wet panties out of the way, “and she took off my pants and-“

“Stop,” Alexa ordered as she removed her hands from her private areas and put her clothes back on properly, “You are obviously just as much of a depraved pervert as I thought,” She pointed at my cock, very erect now from the sight of my principal finger fucking herself a moment escort gaziantep numaraları earlier. I shook my head, feeling like I’d been tricked. Ms. Finigan went on, “This is obviously more than mental health, I’m going to recommend that you see a doctor and a therapist. You obviously have an out of control libido, at the very least, I mean, who else would be fooling around with their own sister?”

“Well…” I said but trailed off, I knew it wasn’t exactly proper behavior but I wasn’t going to stop if I could help it.

“No need to make up any excuses, you’re obviously too perverted for your own good.” She looked down at my erection, “But I also can’t have you walking around school like that. I’m going to do you a favor, I’ll jerk off your big cock, but you have to go and talk to the school counselor after that.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but I didn’t argue, and a moment later Principal Finigan was on her knees with both her hands wrapped around my throbbing dick.

“Fuck that feels good,” I said as she stroked me.

“Don’t swear young man, we’re in school,” she said as she continued jerking me off, I wanted to point out the irony but she didn’t seem to care, “You have a very large penis, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cock as big as this.” She stroked me more and my dick started to leak pre-cum. I noticed Alexa lick her lips as she watched it dribble out, “You know what, I think this cock is just too big for me to properly pleasure with just my hands, let me suck you off instead.”

I could hardly believe my luck as the incredibly sexy principal of my high school put her lips on my dick and sucked me in about halfway. I could feel my cock just start to go down her throat but then she stopped, I guess she couldn’t deep throat, but she started sucking me like the horny slut I guess she secretly was. God this was fucking hot, I could feel myself already getting ready to cum, but I held back.

Alexa seemed to notice that she wasn’t getting her creamy surprise and she took her mouth off my cock, “What the fuck, why can’t I make you cum?” She whined as she put her mouth around my dick again.

“Well, maybe you just aren’t pleasing me right,” I teased, hoping she would give me a tit job while also sucking me off like my mom did to me yesterday.

The principal took her mouth off my dick again, I was sure she was about to do what I wanted but as she stood up and started removing her clothes she said, “You’re right, I guess I’m just going to have to fuck you.” And she took off her skirt very quickly and I saw that she had a beautiful vagina with trimmed black hair. I wondered if Mom would kick me out if she knew I fucked the principal. Well, only one way to find out.

Principal Alexa Finigan, now naked and showing off every curve of her delicious body, stood above where I sat on the couch and then lowered her body, slowly and sexy, down to my cock, “God, what am I doing?” She said as she grabbed my dick and lined it up with her soaking wet pussy, “Go slow, I’ve never had a dick this big before.” And she lowered herself onto my dick, taking my virginity.

Wow, her pussy was so wet and tight and I’d never had sex before I was sure there was no way I could last very long, and as she started to slowly bounce on my cock, the friction of her cunt was just so much pleasure shooting through my dick, her hot, tight opening started to spasm and Alexa announced to me that she was cumming and that was all it took. My cock started to spasm and I was soon filling up my principal’s womb with my potent spunk.

“Holy shit,” Alexa announced as she rolled off of me in our post-orgasmic bliss, “You cum like a fucking racehorse, don’t you? I don’t think I’ve ever been so full of cum.” She reached down and scooped a very copious amount of my sperm from her pussy and into her hand, “Jesus Dan,” she said as she held up her hand and showed how strings of cum passed between her fingers as a large pool of my jizz was cupped in her hand. She raised it up to her lips and surprised me as she started licking it up, “Oh fuck, you’re delicious too. We’re going to have to make this a regular thing.”

“I’d like that Ms. Finigan.”

“You can call me Alexa if you like,” she said as she rolled over on the couch and I held her in my arms. “Was that your first time?”

I blushed with embarrassment but told her, “it was.”

“Good,” Alexa said as she sat up, “that means you’ll last longer next time.” She glanced down at my cock, which was still hard, waiting for more action, “Like right now, maybe?” She said with a smile.

“Sorry, I’m late!” Alexa’s secretary, Janet, yelled from the connecting office as she came in, “Traffic was awful today.”

“Shit, I was hoping she was out sick,” Alexa whispered to me before shouting, “That’s okay, no harm done. Why don’t you go out and pick up some more printing paper, and take your time too? No need to come back for at least an hour!” She glanced at my dick, which twitched, “Or maybe two!”

“Nonsense, we need to set up the computer system, there’s no way I can’t be here with my knowledge of the current system” Janet responded from the other room.

Alexa rolled her eyes and started quickly getting dressed and so did I, before we were fully dressed Alexa grabbed me and French kissed me for a moment before whispering, “Don’t fool around with any girls at school, if you need any more ‘stress relief’ you come to me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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