Wife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 02


It’s been about a month since we started to spice up our sex lives. The sex was getting better and better as Carol honed her dominatrix skills and I became more submissive and compliant. We didn’t always play ‘the game’, but when we did I was getting more and more into it.

One night, after a great bought of sex, Carol was spooning me from behind, slowly grinding her strap-on cock in my ass and rubbing my nipples, when she started to tell me that before school started back up she wanted to go visit her friend Laura. Laure lived in Reno which is about a 4 hour drive from where we lived. Laura was going to school in Reno and they had talked about getting together before the start of a new semester.

I told Carol that I totally understood, and that I would love to take her, I figured I could relax by the pool, and she could take the car to visit Laura. At first it seemed that Carol did not want me to go but she finally relented. I put in for 4 days off of work. By that Friday morning we packed our bags and we were on the road. I wasn’t sure if Carol packed any toys or outfits but it was just nice to get away.

It was a hot drive. Neither of us like driving with the air conditioner on so we just had the windows down and enjoyed hot temperature. The closer we got to Reno the hotter it became, which suited us just fine it meant we could wear fewer clothes. We finally arrived to “The Biggest Little City” Reno Nevada. While I checked into our motel Carol hit the pay phone and called Laura to make their plans to meet.

After hanging up the phone, Carol told me that Laura was upset. Seems Laura and her boyfriend, David, were having issues. I looked at Carol, tossed her the car keys, and told her to go to her. I knew girls always needed each other at times like this, and I was ok with walking around and laying out at the pool. Carol made the arrangements to go and meet up with Laura. I told her to take her time and that I would have lunch. If I didn’t hear back from her by 6 that night I would assume she wouldn’t be back for dinner.

We brought our luggage into the room and Carol quickly changed into a clean pair of shorts, a tank top, with no bra to hold up her 34c’s, but it was really hot so I didn’t give it much thought.

Once Carol left, I opened my suitcase to get my swimsuit out. Carol packed only a red speedo for me. Great, I was expecting my regular long trunks. I slipped the speedo’s on, turned to the mirrored closet door, and gave myself a quick once over. My package was clearly bulging in the speedo’s, which only made my cock start to grow and get hard. I slipped my regular shorts over the Speedo’s, put a tank top on, grabbed my sandals, and figured I would walk the strip and check things out before I checked out the pool.

Our motel was a long way down the street from the main strip. However, there were a couple of casinos close enough to keep me busy. Looking up the road I could see a large sign with XXX on it. ‘SCORE’, I thought to myself. I figured I wouldn’t spend any more money in there than I would in the casinos, so I headed out towards the adult store. I’m in a town where nobody knows me so I wasn’t worried about being noticed and didn’t care if I was, it just added to the excitement.

The walk was about eight or ten blocks, not far, but in hundred degree weather it took a quick toll on me. I was all sweaty by the time I arrived, so I purchased a bottle of water at the 7-11 that was across the street from the adult book store. I drank the water down to cool off and rehydrate, then I went into the adult store.

I looked around the dark store, eyeing a few guys mulling around the back by the entrance to the video booths. Before I went back there I wanted to first check out the books, videos, and toys. I was like a kid in a candy store. I checked out the dildo section, looking at the different sizes and thinking to myself, ‘I can take that’, or ‘I can take that one too’. Looking at a 12 inch thick lifelike dildo, I reached out and stroked it imagining myself getting fucked by this monster. I was hard as a rock and horny as hell.

I snapped out of my daze, from stroking that nice cock, and continued around looking at cock and ball straps, nipple clamps, and vibrators until I came across the clothing section. The smell of leather was intoxicating. I walked through the pants and vests, running my hands all over them. When I got to the silky frilly clothes my head really started to spin and my cock just about burst out of my shorts.

These were not unisex clothes; there were signs specifically labeled “for him” and “for her”. I went to the “for him” rack where there were maid outfits, slutty tramp clothes, private school girl skirts with white blouses and stockings. I started to run my hands on these clothes as well. They felt lacy and sexy. Then I walked to the panties and bras ‘for him’ these were really hot. At the end of the rack there were breast forms, wow, with real nipples on them. I was going to bring Carol here for sure. eskort gaziantep She just had to see this, and hopefully want to buy a few things.

I walked to the back of the store and there was a maze of hallways leading to the video booths. Right when I walked into the first hallway there was a wall of video covers tacked to the wall with the appropriate channel right below each one of them. I studied the themes until I spotted a couple of interest; CD-girls, because they were guys dressed up in frilly clothes; and some sissy ones with men dressed up and women using a strap on. Bingo.

I took my fist full of dollars and walked down the halls, entering the bowels of the video booths and away from the front of the store. I was the ‘Out of Towner here’, nobody knows me giving me the confidence to walk through the store and the video booth aisles. I went down one hallway where there were some guys mingling. I quickly grabbed a booth, before I got too close to them, stepped inside, and locked the door. I didn’t want some guy following me, and expecting that anything was going to happen. I wasn’t totally naive.

I slipped a couple of bucks in the machine and the volume was cranked all the way up and the picture, I guess from the last person in the booth, was of two guys sucking another guy’s cock. I quickly looked around for the volume button, pressed down on it about a hundred times, and the loud moaning and groaning quieted down. I started to surf the channels trying to locate a bi or sissy channel to watch.

I finally settled in on a guy making out with a “woman”. The guy was naked with a nice hairy body, real manly looking. The woman had her top off, nice set of smaller sized tits with big nipples, but she was still wearing her shorts. As the movie played the room lit up and I was able to check out the good sized 4×4 booth with its plastic chair in the corner. There were used condoms on the floor that I kicked under the chair and out of my way. There was a glory hole on the other wall leading to the next booth. I stole a glance through the hole to see that the booth was empty and dark.

What caught my eye next was what was on the little ledge on top of the tv screen, a bottle of lube. I picked it up and felt that it was half full, the optimist that I am. ‘Oh what the hell,’ I thought to myself as I dropped a couple more bucks in the machine. I pulled my tank top off and put it on the chair. With only sandals to slip on and off it was easy to pull my shorts and speedo off, and put them on the chair, without actually touching my feet to the cum coated floors.

I grabbed the bottle of lube, put some in my hand and rubbed it on my cock, getting it all nice and slick. The screen now showed the woman with her skirt up, stroking her nice shaved cock, and a big mechanic macho type guy had her cock all the way down his throat. So hot seeing her cock going in and out of this big macho guy’s mouth as her tits bounced all over the place. I stroked my cock as the oil dripped down my balls. I quickly rubbed the lube into my balls, as I did I felt my finger touch my ass hole. An electric shock went through my body. My ass was so slippery I could not resist myself as I leaned forward and slid a finger in my ass. I started to grease my hole up and finger fuck myself.

I looked back up at the screen to see the mechanic now on his back with the t-girl ramming her cock in his ass. I turned up the volume and could hear her tell the guy to “Take it you little pussy. You macho slut would rather have a guy fuck you in your pussy than fuck a real girl.”

The guy just laid there getting pounded and whining back at her, “Yes, fuck me harder. Please don’t tell my wife she would never understand that I like having a cock fuck me.”

The t-girl went on to say, “You closeted sissy boy, all big and muscular, a real macho man with his trophy wife. I bet you think of cock when you fuck her pussy, don’t you sissy? The only way you get off is thinking how a nice big fat juicy cock feels fucking your pussy, isn’t that right macho boy?”

He could not deny his pleasure, “Yes. Yes, I’m a big pussy that likes to be fucked. Fuck me harder. Slam that big cock in my hairy man pussy.”

I was going crazy bending over and fucking my own man pussy with my fingers. I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt someone touch my ass from behind. With the volume turned up in my booth, I didn’t notice that someone slipped into the next booth. I was so engrossed in the movie, and bucking up and down on my fingers, that I didn’t realize I backed myself against the hole. I turned around really fast and saw this big burly arm coming through the hole, searching out to touch me.

I stepped closer towards the outstretched hand as he reached under my cock, grabbed my balls, and pulled me even closer to the glory hole. He was rough and gentle at the same time. I scooted closer to the hole. I didn’t have too much choice by the grip he had on gaziantep eskort bayan my balls. He moved his hand under and past my balls to find my well lubed hole. He shoved his finger right up inside me and started to finger me.

Of course all my inhibitions were gone now. I loved my ass played with. I quickly pulled off his fingers, turned around, and shoved my ass to the hole. I felt two fingers at my hole; I took the bottle of lube, reached my hand back over my ass and squirted more lube down the crack of my ass. As soon as the lube made contact with his fingers he quickly pulled out his fingers, scooped the oil up, and shoved his fingers back in.

I was being finger fucked and I was slamming my ass against his hand wanting more. When I pulled my ass away from the hole I felt his fingers leave my hole. I was disappointed, I needed more fucking. I saw this big fat cock come through the hole. With the condom stretching tight over his cock, it looked just like the dildo that Carol fucks me with. I was so horned up I just bent over and pushed back on his hard cock. My ass expanded farther than it ever did. There was a blinding pain as the head of the cock pierced my sphincter.

I took my hands and braced them against the far wall and pushed back against the anonymous cock, forcing as much in as I could. I felt so full as my ass pressed against the wall. I pulled back away from the wall a little and then shoved back hard against the wall forcing his cock to go in a little deeper. It didn’t take us long before we got a good rhythm going.

My legs were getting shaky and the timer was clocking down, getting ready to shut off the video. In a panic, I pulled off his cock, threw on my clothes and left the booth. I heard another door open but I didn’t look back. I took off back to the motel, got to the pool, shucked my clothes off, except for my speedos, and dove into the pool. The water went right up into my open ass and it felt so good. Nobody was in the pool so I reached under my suit and tried to rinse off the oil from the crack of my ass.

I was a little shaken by what just happened, but elated at the same time. A real cock felt so different and so damn good. I jumped out of the pool and squeegeed off as much water as I could, grabbed my clothes, and went to our room. I ran into the room and grabbed a towel. I dried off, shucked my suit in the bathtub, and walked back into the room.

I noticed that the light was blinking on the phone indicating a message. I picked it up and listened to the message. It was Carol, she wouldn’t be home until late tonight, around ten or eleven and to go ahead and have dinner without her. Crap it was only 3 o’clock and I couldn’t go back to the adult bookstore for a while, just to be sure that that guy had left.

I grabbed my wet suit again and pulled it back on. The suit was cold and my balls shrank up into my stomach. At least I wasn’t walking around with a boner. I took my towel and went back to the pool. There was still nobody around, or in the pool. I guess it was Friday and people hadn’t arrived for their weekend of sin city. I did a couple of laps and then I lay out on a lounge chair.

I heard the gate open and close. Someone walked up next to me and shadowed my face, “You better get some sun screen on or you’re going to fry out here.” I looked up and I felt my jaw drop. I drank in the site of this big hairy, built like a linebacker guy, all muscles, dressed in just a pair of white speedos looking down at me.

I looked up and shielded my hand over my eyes to block the sun. My eyes slowly trailed up his tree trunk legs which were covered with a matting of soft black fur; continuing up to his white speedos that outlined a massive package; up his lean stomach with equally as much fur on it than his legs; stopping my gaze at his nipples, that were very large pink nubs, and poking out through a nice thick tuft of hair; and finally stopping at his big lumberjack face with a nicely trimmed beard and mustache, green eyes, and holding a tube of sunscreen and a towel.

The man could take anybody’s breath away. I squinted up at him and told him “Thanks, but I didn’t bring any with me. I thought I would just be out here for a short time but I got too relaxed and the sun felt so good.”

The guy turned to the lounge chair next to me and asked if he could join me, I told him it was no problem. He sat down and introduced himself as Brian. “Glad to meet you, I’m Tony,” I quickly responded.

Brian sat back on the lounge and was about to put some sun screen on when he proclaimed out loud, “I think I’ll take a dip first so I don’t wash off the lotion.” He got up and told me, “You coming in before you roast?”

Brian’s tone was authoritative, not too demanding, but enough so that I automatically started to get up as I responded, “Sure, why not,” and we both dove into the pool.

With nobody around, Brian swam up next to me, “Water feels good, and gaziantep eskort takes off the day’s grunginess. Nice quiet little place here, at least until later tonight when all the weekenders start showing up. So Tony what are you doing here this weekend? Got any big plans, or are you here to make one big role at the tables and go home a rich man?” he said jokingly.

I laughed as I explained, “Hardly, my wife and I are here for a few days while she visits her girl-friend that just broke up with her boyfriend. So I’m here alone or at least until later tonight. I knew by coming here that I would be relaxing by myself but I didn’t want her to drive alone for four hours. I don’t gamble very much so I’m not looking to win next month’s rent. I’m just hanging out before I go grab a bite to eat then back to the room to watch tv. What are you doing here?” I inquired back.

Brian leaned up against the side of the pool, floated on his back, and slowly kicking the water, “I’m a long haul trucker passing through. I like stopping in Reno, so I planned to stay this weekend and relax a bit before getting back on the road heading east. I usually hit a bar or two looking for some ass. If I strike out then I head to the adult bookstore and hit the booths for a little anonymous blow job through a glory hole.”

He looked at me with a grin as my cheeks flushed red, “Hey a blow’s a blow and it releases the stress, if you know what I mean?” he finished with a wink of those dreamy green eyes.

I felt myself blush and he could tell I was flustered by his openness, but I guess he figured he would not see me again, so who cares. “Hope I didn’t offend you with my candor, little buddy? But you looked like the type that can handle it.”

I kind of stuttered, “No problem. Hey ‘if it feels good then go for it’ that’s my motto.”

Brian smiled at me and agreed, “Exactly, great philosophy. I like you’re thinking.”

Brian turned around and faced the edge of the pool. He hauled himself up and out of the pool in one fluid motion, “Time to get out, rub some lotion on, and grab some rays before I hit the night life.”

As he stood at the edge of the pool the water cascaded down his body, landing back in the pool and leaving the hair on his body looking combed down. The water drained from his speedos and the white nylon became transparent. When he turned around to walk back to the lounge chair it was as if he wasn’t wearing anything at all. I could see the hair on his ass matted down and pressing against the nylon.

When he got to his chair he turned back to me and I could see his cock clearly through the material. I could see his dark thick patch of pubes smashed against the nylon suit. His cockhead and shaft were all scrunched up, nestled against a huge ball sack. I looked up at Brian’s face and he was looking right at me, catching me staring at his cock. He gave me a wink, smiled, then turned and sat down on his chair.

I swallowed hard, jumped up and out of the pool. I ran to my chair before I started getting noticeably hard in my speedos. I got to my chair, grabbed my towel, and laid it down across my lap, covering my hardening cock while I attempted to dry off using the ends of the towel.

Brian was sitting up on his lounge chair squirting some suntan lotion in his hand, “That felt great. I love the freedom of swimming, wish we didn’t have to wear a suit. Nothing better than skinny dipping,” he shot me a smile and a wink again.

I retorted with an uncomfortable, “Ya, well at least we have the pool to ourselves for now.”

Brian swung his legs over the side of his chair, sitting up, and facing me. He poured some lotion in his hands, rubbed them together a bit, leaned forward, placed his hands on my chest, and started to rub his hands and the lotion all over me. Before I could object he said, “You are starting to turn a shade of pink there Tony, and it’s not just your cheeks blushing this time. You better get some of this block on you.”

His tone was firm and confident. He was strong and forceful, yet had a gentle quality about him. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do. Fight him? I wasn’t stupid. This guy outweighed me and had the muscles to turn me into minced meat. As my mind raced through my options he grabbed my arms and rubbed each one up and down the length. He massaged my shoulders and forced me down to a laying position on my stomach.

He worked his way down my back and then started on my legs. “You are one smooth guy Tony. I have never seen a dark haired guy with absolutely no hair on his body. Your legs are really smooth like a little girl.” I could feel my cheeks turn beet red. My cock jumped a bit each time he touched my thighs and legs.

How do I get out of this without pissing this big guy off? “You don’t have to put that on me,” I told him as I continued to explain, “I was just about to go to my room and shower the chlorine off and then go grab a bite to eat.”

Brian looked a little offended “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to just jump right in and take control of you, just didn’t want you to burn. I apologize for my brash personality.”

‘Are you serious?’ I thought in disbelief, I hurt this big guy’s feelings. Now I felt bad so I thought I would invite him to go eat with me, “No worries, I was just getting hungry. How about we go get something to eat?”

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