Wine Tasting 2017

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This year, the annual wine tasting event was changed. The event always took place in a very nice upscale hotel in downtown Detroit. The event raises money for the hungry of the Detroit area. The organizers decided to move the event to the warehouse for the Gleaners community food bank. This is a warehouse located in one of the rougher areas of Detroit known for food distribution. They arranged with the same hotel for guest to stay as part of the event but we had to get a ride from the hotel to the event and back.

I was able to get Jason and Lisa (my husband’s nephew and wife), my high school friend Amy, Ryan and Samantha (Ryan is Lisa’s brother), Scott my boss, John the shop supervisor from work, and finally I got Jay, Ron, and Steve (the guys we meet last year at the wine tasting) all to agree to go. I told everyone that even with the change of venue I was sure we could all have fun.

My husband and I booked a two-bedroom suite. I told Amy she could stay in our room if she wanted (Her husband had to work that night and could not go). Jason, Lisa, Ryan, and Samantha all shared a room. Scott and John booked a room together. Jay, Ron, and Steve book a suite like the one my husband and I booked. The plan was for everyone to check in early. We would all meet for some drinks and maybe use the pool before we head to the event. Everyone agreed that we should just use Uber to get back and forth from the event.

We picked up Amy on the way to the hotel, so she did not have to drive herself. She told us that she was glad to see us. She told us her husband had been giving her a hard time about going with us. I asked her if she could blame the poor guy. He had been to several of our group parties and knows exactly what we would be doing all night. She laughed and said I guess you are right.

We got to the hotel and made it to the room around 3pm. We were the first to check in. In addition to our suitcases, we also brought several bottle of booze and mixers to with it. Once in the room, my husband made each of us a drink and an extra-large shot. We all downed the shot in a single swallow.

I told Amy that we should go down to the hotel pool and relax for a while. My husband said he had brought something for Amy and me to use at the pool. I was sure it would be some type of new and risqué outfit for each of us. I never know what I will be wearing when we go to events. My husband loves to pick my outfits out when we are going to be playing with others. I am more than happy to let him. I have gained a large collection of cloths this way. He pulled out two small bags from his suitcase and handed one to each of us.

I opened mine and seen a new bikini. It was all white and I could tell it was made with a light material that I was sure would be slightly sheer when dry. I was even more sure it would be completely sheer when wet. I noticed after looking it over that even the bottoms were not lined. This meant I would be fully on display if I got my suit wet. The top was a slide triangle. This would make it easy for anyone to move the tringles over to expose my nipples easily.

Amy pulled her suit out and found that her suit was a tankini. It was made of the same material except the bottom was fully lined. It did have a plunging neckline that did look great covering her large tits. She gave him a look that was clearly she was worried about wearing this to the pool. He just sat at the table smiling at us.

My Husband poured us another large shot and we all down it. I told her that no one would be complaining about the suit. I told my husband to get my toiletry bag out of the suitcase, am I not allowed to look into it until later to see what he brought for me to wear. Once we were in the bathroom, we both striped out of our cloths and tried on the new suits.

Mine fit me as if it was custom made for me. I had been working out hard over the last year or so. I now have the type of body I have always wanted. I love to show my new body off whenever I can. When I looked in the mirror, I saw the outline of my areolas through the material. I was turned on just thinking about wearing this out in public.

I checked out Amy and she looked great in her new suit. I told her I love having a husband who pays attention to details. I could clearly see her nipples sticking out nice and hard. I could also just make out her areolas through the material. Her areolas are small and pale compared to mine. I told her I could not wait to get her suit wet so that I could get a good look at her tits.

We headed back into the living room. My husband handed each of us a new sheer black cover-up to go with the new suits. With it on, I was covered enough to move through the hotel without getting in trouble. He then handed me a pair of white 4″ heels to wear down to the pool. He had already changed into his suit and was ready to head down himself. He told us to wait five minutes and then come down. He said he wanted to be there to watch any reaction we would get from the people at the cinsel bilgiler pool. He poured the two of us another large shot and left.

Amy and I finished our shot and the last of the drink he made use before we headed down. By then, we had 6 or 7 ounces of vodka over the last 30 minutes. I was feeling a little light headed. We headed out to the elevator and pushed the down button. Our room was on the 16th floor.

Before the elevator got to our floor a young guy, maybe 22 or 23 came out of the room in front of the elevator. He had a little girl maybe 3 or 4 with him. Both of them were in their swimsuits. I notice right away that he had a great body. As he looked up and seen us, I could tell he noticed both of us and what we were wearing.

When the elevator opened, we all got in. I made sure to stand so that I was facing the guy. The guy had not taken his eyes off us. Luckily, his little girl was looking out of the glass wall of the elevator facing the lobby. Just for fun, I pulled my cover up open and asked Amy to make sure my suit was on straight. I put my hands behind my head and pushed my tits out. Amy caught on right away, to what I wanted her to do. She moved to one side so the guy had a clear view of me. Amy then reached up, pulled the triangle covering my right tit away from me, and moved it from left to right making sure to expose my nipple in each direction. She repeats the same thing for the left tit. The whole time I keep looking straight into the guys face. I could tell he was transfixed on watching Amy. I was sure he did not notice I was looking right at him. Amy then had me do the same for her. When I was done, I turned to the guy and asked him if he liked our new suits. He told us in an almost whisper that he loved them both.

The doors opened and we all head to the pool. My husband was already in the hot tub. Amy and I both dropped our cover-ups on the chairs next to the hot tube and climbed in. My husband told us that he was disappointed that there were not more people here to check us out, as we came in. We told him about the trip down and he looked around to spot the guy that came down with us. He told us that by the way the guys shorts are filled out, he was sure he liked what he saw.

I heard his little girl ask if she could go play with Lisa in the kiddy pool. He told her sure but to be careful. He told her he was going to get in the hot tub and would be just over there if she needed him. I am sure Lisa was the other little girl in the small pool. He then moved over by us and asked if he could join us. Amy told him sure and moved over so that he could sit between the two of us.

She introduced both of us. She also acted as if she did not know my husband and let him introduce himself. He told us his name was Eric. He then told us he and his daughter were there with his family for a reunion. As she was talking to him, I watch as she put her elbows up on the sides of the tub so she could left herself out of the tub a little. Her tits were fully visible through her sheer top. At that point, she could have been sitting there with no top on at all, for the amount her top covered her. She asked about his wife and he told us that she stayed home because she could not get off work. Amy told him that her husband had to work and left her all on her own for the night.

Not to be out done by Amy, I also raised myself up out of the water enough to put my tits fully on display. As we were talking I let my legs float up and brush my foot up Eric’s leg. He did not pull away at all so I moved my foot closer to his crotch. I bumped into Amy’s foot doing the same thing. I used my other leg to push my lower half to the top of the water. With my legs full spread and above the water line I was sure Eric had a clear view of pussy through the transparent bottoms.

Amy then said oh sorry I did not mean to run my foot all over your hard cock. She told him, she could stop if he wanted her to. Eric said please feel free to keep going. Eric then started to run his hand up and down my leg and I was sure he had his other hand on Amy’s leg. My husband had slide over to me and put his arm around my back to block the view from the kiddy pool. He used his other hand to start tracing around one of my nipples and then the other. Now that my husband was right behind me, I could push myself closer to Eric. He soon had his fingers inside the leg hole of my suit. He was slowly rubbing his thumb over my clit.

Amy sat down into the tub and moved closer to Eric. I felt her move my foot out of the way with her hand as she pulled his cock out of his trunks. My husband grabbed my hand and pulled it down to his cock that he had pull out of his truck. I start to pump it fast and hard. As I got close to coming, Eric slid his fingers into my pussy and started to finger me hard. Before, I could cum he stopped moving and told us his little girl was coming over. I let myself sink down into the water but tighten my legs around cinsellik bilgileri his hand so he could not pull it out of me. Both Amy and I sat down low in the hot tube so our tits were below the bubbles. We did not want her to be able to see our tits. I continued to pump my husband’s cock, while the girl was standing next to us. With the way Amy’s arm was moving I was sure she was still doing the same to Eric’s cock.

His daughter asked if it was all right if she went with her aunt Jackie and Lisa to get some ice cream. He did his best to tell her calmly that she could, but to behave for Jackie. She then asked him if he wanted to come. He told her not now that he just wanted to relax for a while. We watch as the three of them head out of the pool area. Amy then asked him if he was sure, he did not want to cum. He told her he wanted to cum more than anything else at this time.

I let myself float up again so that my pussy was out of the water and I opened my legs wide so that Eric could start to finger fuck me again. I moved even closer to him so that my pussy was only a foot or so away from his face. Amy moved over to him and straddled his lap. I was sure she was working his cock into her. She was facing us and I was watching her tits bounce up and down each time she forced herself down on Eric’s cock.

My Husband came hard. He moved right behind me and had both of my tits out of my top. He was pulling and pinching my nipple. I was close to coming and I slid my pussy up and down on Eric’s hand as fast as I could. As I started to cum, I stop moving and just held Eric’s hand tight between my legs until I finished. I moved back and watched as he continued to fuck Amy hard. I watched as he let out a moan and said he was coming. Shortly after that, Amy did the same thing.

We all sat back and relaxed as we talked some more. We let him know that we will be out for a while but that we would be back sometime after 10 that night. Amy let him know our room number and told him if he wanted to stop by everyone would be happy to have him. He thanked us for the crazy time but said he did not think it would be possible to make it over. He then said his good byes and we watched him as he heads out.

We stayed for a while just relaxing. Over the next few minutes, another middle age couple came in and got in the pool. A few younger guys came in, and headed to the gym. The gym was in the next room. It faced the hot tub and pool with a glass wall between the two rooms. A little while later, my phone rang so I jumped out of the hot tub and answered it. I could see the guys in the gym looking at me. One was pointing straight at my tits and saying something to his friend.

I had answered the phone and it was Steve just wanting to know where we were. He said they just got in their room. I let him know that we were in the pool area. I also told him that I was standing right in front of two young guys working out in the gym. I told him that I was wearing a completely see though bikini with my legs spread wide so that the guys had a great view of my tits and pussy. As I was telling him this, I used my free hand to start rubbing my pussy.

He said to stay there, that he would be right down. I told him not to bother that we were ready to head up to the room. I let him know what my room number was and that we would be up as soon as I got myself off. I continued to rub my pussy while I made a few more calls to everyone else to see if they were at the hotel and let them know our room number. I called John last. As I was telling him what I was doing, I slid my hand down inside the front of my suit and rubbed my clit hard. I had my second orgasm, as I was looking right at the two guys. Once I came, I told my husband it was time to head back to the room. When I turned around, I noticed that the couple in the pool had moved up close to us and had watched me get myself off. I was surprised when the woman told me that was great a great show. I thanked her and then grabbed my stuff. As we were going out I looked back and all four of them were still watching us.

When we got in the elevator, my husband opened both Amy and my cover up and had us face the glass wall in our completely transparent suits. I could see several people sitting in the lobby but do not think anyone saw us. The elevator never stopped on the way to our floor. When we got out, I saw everyone was already waiting at our hotel door. Amy and I both did a little sexy walk back to the room while the guys were all watching us.

We all headed into the room and had a few more drinks. We spent some time talking about what everyone had been up to lately. As the guys walk by me, I would give them a hug or kiss. Some of the guys would take the chance to grope and play around with me even though my suit was still all wet. As it got close to the time to leave, I told my husband that I needed my outfit.

He went to the suitcase and got out my new outfit. He had purchased cinsel bilgi a new outfit from Agent Provocateur. It was a peach top and skirt. The top was made out of two different pieces. The first was a light chiffon shirt with short sleeves. It looked like it would be slightly sheer when on. It also had a bustier with demi cups that did not cover my nipples but did hold my tits up nice and high. The skirt was made out of a similar cloth, but was double layered and far less transparent. It was easy to tell there was no way I could wear anything under it without it showing. The guys all wanted me to put it on in the room so they could see. I told them all they would just have to wait. I took everything into bathroom and I put it on. I did my makeup and then check myself out in the mirror. I could clearly see both my nipples and areolas through the shirt.

When I left the bathroom, I told my husband that I could not wear this to the tasting. Everyone told me that I was wrong that they all love the look. I tried several more times to talk my husband into letting me wear something else but he said no way. Finally, before we left he gave in a little and handed me some silicone pasties. They were thin and mostly see through but did at least help to cover my very dark areolas. I could still see them in the mirror but my nipples were not poking straight out and my areolas were not nearly as noticeable.

With that, we all headed down to the lobby to meet the Uber cars that were waiting for us. My Uber was a large SUV that had two rows of seats in the back. Jay, Steve, and I got in the very back row and Ron, Scott, and Samantha were in the middle seat. Everyone else got into the other SUV.

As soon as the SUV was moving, Jay started to kiss me and was rubbing his hand over my left tit. Steve was working on my other tit. He told me how hot I looked and wished I had left off the pasties. I gave him a dare. I told him if he could make me cum before I get back to the hotel room, that I would let him take them off. He told me he would take that dare. I reminded him how I won the last dare we had.

He quickly moved his hand down to my crotch and started to rub my pussy through my dress. I told him to stop, that he would make a wet spot on my dress. He reached down, pulled my dress up, and started to finger my pussy. He and Jay both pulled my legs apart, so that Steve could easily slide his fingers into my wet pussy. The ride was over quickly and I pulled his hand away. I told sorry but he was out of luck. He told me not to get so cocky, that there was still a long time before we got back to the room.

We spent the next hour or so moving between booths and trying a verity of wines. We finally got to some of the booths featuring whiskey and gins. At that point, I was holding onto whoever was standing next to me at the time. The guys seemed to be taking turns holding me up. This involved many hands holding me tight and normally firmly holding or kneading my ass. This resulted in me being excited and close to coming. I get a few looks from the guys working the whiskey booth but nothing special. My husband suggested we head over to the food area to try out what they had. We grab several samples and found a table in a corner where we could set our plates down while we eat. I was facing out so I could watch what was going on.

I did not notice at first but Steve had moved behind me. He had worked his hand up the back of my skirt, and was rubbing my ass. He then used his foot to slide my legs apart. This made it easier for him to start fingering my pussy. I was drunk enough that I did not even try to stop him. As he was rubbing my clit, he told everyone about our dare from the car. I did not even remember the dare until he told everyone. That got everyone’s attention. He started telling them about how wet my pussy was and that if they listen closely he was sure they all could hear his finger sliding in and out of my dripping pussy.

My husband was on the other side of the table. He leaned over, grabbed my hands, and pulled me over the table to him. This made it look like he was telling me something. What this real did was bend me over so that my ass and pussy were opened up even more for Steve to finger fuck me hard. The guys on either side of me (I think it was Jason and John but I was trying not to cum so hard I did not pay much attention to them) start to rub and pinch my nipples. One of them also pulled my skirt up and rested it on my ass so that I was completely exposed. As soon as they started to play with my tits, I completely lost it and cummed so hard that if Steve’s hand in my pussy did not hold me up I would have falling over. The guys held me there until I could stand on my own.

Once I was able to, I told Steve looks like you won this time. I asked him where he wanted to take my pasties off. He told me right there and then. I told him no way we were in the middle of a crowd. He told the guys to move around me. He then turned me so I was facing him and away from the crowd. Steve then took off the bustier and handed it to one of the guys. Next, he pulled my shirt up and over my tits. Steve then leaned over and slid my tit into his mouth. He used his teeth to pull off the pasty. He then sucked and licked my nipple until he had it as hard as it gets. He did the same thing to my other tit.

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