With Great Power Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: Adultery, betrayal, non-consent. A lot of things here that people might not like. Proceed with caution.


My name is Alex, and I’m a freak. I’m 27 years old, and I’ve felt like a freak for over half my life.

It started when I was maybe twelve years old. I slowly began to develop strange abilities, so slowly that I didn’t even realize my perception was changing. At first, I began noticing people’s desires. Not reading their thoughts or anything so specific, just a general sense of a want. I’d be in line for fast food, and I’d suddenly have a strong notion of what the person in front of me wanted. Every time, my instinct would be correct, and they would order what I guessed.

I didn’t realize what was developing until specific thoughts started leaping into my head, especially thoughts driven by great emotion. I could see angry outbursts coming seconds before they happened. I started to use the information in subtle ways, like not being in the room seconds before my dad lost his temper.

As the power developed, I started taking advantage of it. I would ask out a girl, and if I sensed a negative answer was coming, I would claim I was joking and walk away. Cowardly teenager shit. But I avoided a lot of embarrassment.

When I left home and went to university, the excitement and stress of the new environment created an explosion of new ability. On my first night in dorms, I woke with a start at 1 am. I stumbled from my bed. My body felt light and airy. I wandered to the door and into the hall. I turned and looked back at the door, realizing I couldn’t remember opening it. I drifted down the hall in a daze, through the fire door at the end of the hall (again, without opening it) and floated down the stairs. As I got further and further from my room, I got sleepier and sleepier. By the time I got to the lobby of my building I was almost unconscious. I passed a couple of students sneaking into the building after hours, but they didn’t even acknowledge my presence. I exited the building… and ceased to be.

I woke the next morning convinced it was a dream, until I heard about a couple of students getting caught sneaking into the building after hours. From that moment on, I became obsessed with my powers. I started researching astral projection, and I practiced it nightly. Within a month I had explored every room in my building, knew which students were hard-studying night owls, and which students were proficient at sneaking girls back to their rooms. I doubtlessly would have become quite the peeping tom, but my building only had boys dorms, and I discovered that the further I got from my body the weaker I became. So I limited my exploration to my own building.

By the time I finished university, I would spend a few hours out of every night astral projecting. Sometimes I would sit in another student’s room while they watched TV. I appreciated the company, even if they didn’t know I was there. Sometimes I would float outside my dorm window, letting myself drift in the sky, inching further and further away from my room, until eventually my form lost cohesion and I returned to my sleeping body.

When I was 24 I got married. Her name was Kim, and we met in a chem class. We became lab partners, and then life partners. Kim was everything I wasn’t. Kim was short, almost a foot shorter than my lanky six foot three frame. Where my hair was flat and messy, Kim had beautiful, bouncy curls, almost a natural perm. Where I was quiet and reserved from a lifetime of fear of being discovered as a freak, Kim was friendly and outgoing. What she saw in me, I can only guess. Perhaps my natural quietness was soothing for her in her busy life. Regardless, she chose me and I was grateful. We married shortly after university, and it wasn’t long after that I experienced another shift in my abilities.

During our first year of marriage, I noticed that I was dreaming about my wife a lot, vivid and real-feeling. The dreams could take place anywhere, but felt as normal and grounded as if I were in my own living room. One fantastic dream saw us making love against the railing at the top of the Eiffel Tower, while onlookers smiled and offered encouragement. The next morning at breakfast, my wife gushed to me about her vivid dream, and I almost choked on my toast.

I began experimenting with this strange new ability, and my wife was my test subject. I would enter her dreams, spend some time with her. I would try talking to her, telling her untrue “facts” about myself, and seeing if she recounted these facts during her conscious hours. It turns out her memory of the dreams was sharp, much more accurate and complete than typical dream memories. I also found if I entered her mind early on in the sleep cycle, I could create and choose her dreams for her.

Up until Christmastime of my 27th year, my abuses of power had been relatively small and benign. After that Christmas, the sky was the limit. Or more appropriately, hell was the limit.


My olgun gaziantep escort in-laws showed up at our home a couple weeks before Christmas. My father-in-law, Charlie, had been ill the past few years, and Kim wanted to make sure she had as much time with her folks as possible in case it was their last as a family. Charles’s prostate cancer was currently in remission, but both Kim and her mother Claire were keen to build up a trove of family memories together. So I reluctantly agreed to the extended Christmas stay.

They arrived on a Saturday afternoon when Kim was out at an aqua-fit class. “Alex! You look so handsome!” Claire beamed at me as she rushed forward to give me a hug. I tried to ignore her large breasts squishing against my chest as she clung to me tightly. “It was a hell of a drive. It’s so good to be here finally!” She released me and stepped inside.

Charlie smiled warmly and shook my hand, “Good to see you again, young man.” He looked weaker than before the cancer, but there was colour in his cheeks, and a bit of a spring back in his step.

Kim’s folks were fiftyish and unapologetic ex-hippies. Charles had had a ponytail most of his adult life, until chemo forced him to shave his head. Claire had always had extremely long hair that hung down to her ass, but she had cut it in solidarity with her husband. Now that he was in remission, both of them were growing their hair again. Charlie still looked like he had been ill, but I thought Claire’s short haircut kinda suited her.

I closed the door and offered to take their coats. As I opened the hall closet, I felt a rush of powerful emotion overwhelm me. I staggered slightly as I reached for the door frame to steady myself.

It was lust.

I turned just in time to catch Claire’s eyes flick away from staring at my ass. Claire was attracted to me?? It was an unexpected and pleasing sensation.

As quick as the wave of lust came, it was replaced with an equally powerful wave of guilt as Claire turned towards her husband and started helping him with his coat. I could see suddenly how much of a toll the cancer had taken on their marriage. Whatever ways Charlie had recovered, sexually was not one of them.

Charlie yawned, “If it’s all right with you, I’ll have a little lie down on the couch. It was a long drive.”

“Of course,” I said sympathetically, “You must be drained.”

Claire smiled gently at her husband as he wandered into the living room. Then she turned to me and said perkily, “Ok, Alex, make me a coffee and give me an update on everything!”

I busied myself in the kitchen making coffee while Claire hopped on a bar stool, leaning against the island. As I ground the coffee, I felt a swell of lust surge from Claire again, and I smiled to myself. She must be staring at my ass again. I reached around and cupped my ass cheek under the guise of scratching it, and was rewarded with another surge of arousal. I had never experienced anything like this level of desire before, not from anybody, including Kim. It was both funny and an incredible turn on.

While the coffee brewed I turned around and looked Claire in the eye. “So Claire,” I said, not breaking eye contact, “How have you been lately?” I smiled sympathetically, knowing things had been rough for them. She swallowed awkwardly. I could feel her arousal was being maintained by the eye contact, and I held it for fun.

“Well, you know, remission is great,” Claire said carefully, “Charlie has been doing MUCH better these days. Still recovering his energy, but it’s night and day difference from just a few months ago.”

“Of course,” I nodded and smiled, letting my hand “absent-mindedly” scratch and adjust my balls slightly. “I was so happy to hear the good news. It must be such a relief.”

There was a rush of anxiety from Claire, and her cheeks reddened as she shifted in her seat. I tried to pinpoint the anxiety, and then realized suddenly: she’s uncomfortable because she’s WET.

“It… uh… is a great relief, yes. Now we just need to get his energy back up.”

“Of course,” I replied, never breaking eye contact, “You must have all kinds of activities planned for once he’s got his strength back.”

Claire looked down self-consciously, “Yes… uh… for sure.” The eye contact and innuendo were having the desired effect, I thought. Claire’s cunt must be sopping by now. “Can you excuse me for a minute?” Claire got up from the bar stool and quickly made her way to the bathroom. I heard the door shut, and the latch click.

I poured two cups of coffee, took a sip of mine, and then carefully reached out with my mind. Her arousal surged again. I’d felt similar waves of pleasure while making love to Kim before, and knew now that Claire was masturbating. In our bathroom. Because of me.

At this point, I was hopelessly lost in lust for Claire myself. And I had to spend the whole Christmas season with her.


Dinner gaziantep olgun escort that night was a joyous affair. Kim hadn’t seen her parents in almost six months, and her last visit with them was during the heart of Charlie’s chemo. We ate, we laughed, we drank (except for Charlie) way too much, We even played charades, my least favourite game, and I managed to have a half-decent time playing it, although that had more to do with Claire and her substantial libido.

Whatever she had gotten out of her system that afternoon had regrouped and surged back in full force. When it was my turn to act out, I could feel her desire swell. I caught her glancing at my crotch a couple of times, and once she even bit her lip as she stared at me intently. Her lustful attention started provoking a reaction in me, and I suddenly found myself with an unwanted mid-charades erection. I hastily tried to get them to say “William Shakespeare,” while I turned my torso slightly to the side, trying to hide my bulge.

Thankfully, I made it through the game embarrassment-free. We said good-night to Charlie and Claire and headed to bed. Kim and I were both more than a little drunk when we crawled into bed. Kim grinned sleepily at me as she pulled up the covers around her neck.

“See you in my dreams, my love,” she murmured happily. She was so accustomed to dreaming about me that it no longer struck her as odd. When I first started entering her dreams, she would often comment about how often she dreamed of me. Now, it was her normal. She closed her eyes and mumbled, “Maybe we’ll meet up on the French Riviera.” I had frequently acquiesced to her location requests in the past, so she now thought that talking about her dream location was what caused it to come true.

Tonight, my wife would not get to visit the French Riviera.

I allowed sleep to take me quickly, and shortly after my astral body formed next to my bed. I floated through the door into the hallway, and drifted down to the guest bedroom. Inside, Claire and Charlie were both sleeping, and I wondered if I was too late to create her dreams. I closed my eyes, and let my astral form dissipate as my mind searched for Claire’s subconscious.

Blackness surrounded me. I could feel Claire’s energy all around me, and I slowly began to form a reality for us to inhabit. Inky nothingness gave way to floors and walls, to chairs, cabinets and appliances. The void slowly took the shape of our kitchen, and as it formed to cohesion, I populated it with dreamtime versions of Kim and Charlie, sitting at the kitchen table together having breakfast. I gave them the ability to sit and eat and smile, and do nothing else.

Finally, when the last wisps of emptiness were covered by the dream facade, I pulled in Claire’s subconscious, wrapped her in a bathrobe and nothing else, and placed her at the kitchen sink, washing dishes.

I entered the kitchen myself, wearing only boxers, and said “Good morning!” to them all.

Kim and Charlie looked up at me from their breakfasts, smiled, and went back to eating.

“Alex!” said Claire, “You’re just in time for breakfast!”

I walked up behind Claire, close enough to whisper in her ear. “You aren’t eating breakfast,” I said, and I kissed her cheek.

Claire sucked in a breath, “Oh Alex, you startled me,” she giggled. “Well, there are all these dishes to do.” She gestured to a comically large pile of dishes I had created to keep her busy.

My hands slowly slid around her waist as I closed the remaining gap between our bodies. “Don’t let me keep you from your work,” I whispered, and I bent down and kissed her neck.

Claire tilted her head to allow my mouth better access to her neck. “Mmm,” Claire moaned, “This is making it difficult.”

My hands grasped the belt of the bathrobe and pulled, causing it to fall open.

“Oh Alex,” smiled Claire, “You naughty boy.” My hands roamed up to her now exposed breasts. My mouth continued ravishing her neck.

Claire looked over at the table at Kim and Charlie, and said “Do you think they will mind?” They both looked up at her, smiled, and returned to their food.

“I guess not,” Claire laughed, and grabbed the back of my head, running her fingers through my hair as my teeth nibbled her earlobe. My hands pawed at her tits, and I ground my crotch into her ass, with her ass happily grinding back.

“Claire,” I said, matter-of-factly, “I’m going to fuck you right here and now. Don’t stop doing the dishes, no matter what.” I wanted to see just how much control over her I had.

“Yes sir!” Claire said with a mock salute, and she bent herself over the sink and started scrubbing a particularly large pot.

I pulled the back of her robe up over her copious ass, fished my cock out of my boxers, and lined up my swollen dick with her weeping cunt. I dragged it back and forth across her opening. She wiggled her ass back and forth expectantly as she scrubbed furiously.

I gaziantep olgun escort bayan was tired of my dream wife and father-in-law being brainless mutes, so I gave them a modicum of free will and the ability to talk. They began making chitchat with each other as I pushed the head of my cock inside Claire. She groaned loudly, and both Kim and Charlie looked up.

“What are you two doing?” asked Charlie innocently.

“The dishes,” I said, and slammed my cock home. Claire screamed in surprise.

I grabbed Claire’s hips, and began fucking her nice and slowly, and looked back over my shoulder at wife and father-in-law. “And each other,” I added.

Kim and Charlie smiled and nodded and went back to their breakfasts. They were still basically mindless. I had so little experience controlling dream figments, and these two were proof that I needed more practice. I reached inside their minds and eased in more situational awareness, and some jealousy for good measure.

My pelvis was smacking Claire’s ass hard. THWUP THWUP THWUP. Claire was grunting and sweating as she tried desperately to continue washing the dishes.

“Hey!” I shouted at Kim and Charlie, their heads snapped up. “Kim, I’m fucking your mom! Charlie, I’m fucking your wife!”

This time their eyes gleamed with awareness, and expressions of concern crossed their faces.

“Mom?” Kim asked, confused, “What is going on? What are you doing?”

“Honey?” Charlie rubbed his forehead, “Are you OK over there?”

Better, I thought. Good little automatons.

I leaned over, cupping Claire’s tits, and growled in her ear. “OK, forget the fucking dishes.” Like a spring release, she dropped the pot and turned to face me, her expression pure lust.

“Charlie, sweetie,” she said as she snaked her arms around my neck, “I’m busy right now.” Her mouth met mine and our tongues danced.

Charlie looked confused as he grappled with his weird, half-formed consciousness that I had just created. “But… I don’t want you to do that.”

Kim put her hand on my arm, “Please stop kissing my mother.” I shook her off.

“You two,” I said, pulling my mouth off of Claire’s, which was difficult to say the least as she was holding my hair tightly with her right hand, while her left was stroking my cock. “Just… fuck off. Go to the living room.”

Claire positioned my cock head at her opening, “You two… go…” Claire lifted a leg around my thigh and lowered her cunt onto me. “Fuuuuck…” I moaned. I half carried Claire over to the table and sat her ass on the edge. Kim and Charlie, uncertain and awkward figments, wandered off to the living room, casting worried glances over their shoulders at our mating dance.

The table rocked on two legs as Claire’s weight pulled it off balance.

“Alex, you feel amazing!” Claire panted as I pistoned in and out of her. My hands gripped her thighs as I lifted her off the ground. My dream self was as strong as I wanted, and I carried her effortlessly. Our eyes locked as I held her in my arms, never stopping our glorious fuck.

“Claire, you feel so wonderful,” I said, holding her gaze, “When you wake up, I want you to remember this moment. Can you do that for me?”

Claire looked confused and aroused in equal measure, “Ohhhh fuck, Alex. Whatever you want. Forever and ever, whatever you want.”

“Please pay attention, Claire,” I said, chiding, “This is important. I want you to remember a word. TANGO. Remember TANGO.”

“Tango,” she moaned as she bit my neck, “tango tango tango… fuck me… fuck me…”

“Good girl,” I said and dick still firmly sunken into her cunt, carried her out of the kitchen and into the living room. Then I stopped dead.

Kim and her dad were on the floor. They were both naked. Kim was lying on her back, legs splayed wide, and Charlie was between her thighs. Kim’s hands were on his shoulders, and sweat was dripping from Charlie’s face and landing on Kim’s breasts.

They were, of course, fucking.

It was robotic and unnatural looking, but it was definitely fucking. Charlie was slowly feeding his dick in and out of his daughter’s cunt. Kim was moaning quietly, mimicking the sounds she had just heard her mother emit.


Claire noticed I had stopped dead in my tracks, and she looked over her shoulder. Seeing her husband and daughter mid-coitus, her eyes widened and she screamed, thrashing off me and falling to the floor. Kim and Charlie looked terrified and confused, stopping mid-fuck, Charlie balls deep inside his daughter.

FUCK, I cursed myself for my stupidity, and collapsed the dream reality. The Kim and Charlie apparitions dissipated instantly, and the room quickly lost cohesion, the furniture and walls disappearing in swirls of black nothingness. I abandoned the dream and woke up instantly.

I lifted my head off my pillow. I had a giant erection and I was covered in sweat.

In the stillness and quiet of those early morning hours, I finished myself off, took a shower, and returned to bed.


Claire came downstairs later than everyone else. She found me making coffee, and Kim and Charlie sitting at the breakfast table. She gave them a strange look, like their positioning was jarring her memory. She shook her head, sighed, and wandered over to me.

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