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This is my first attempt at a story here. I would appreciate any advice that is provided to make my next one better. If anyone wants to offer their assistance in editing, I would not turn it down.


I get to your studio right around 11:30. Your last client drives away as I enter. You come out from your office to tell me you’re closed. You stop, hesitating when you see it is me. You are wearing a formfitting sport shirt and workout pants. Your shoes have been left off, as you must have been relaxing in your office. I grin, turning to lock the door and then walk to the windows to close the blinds.

You start to say something, but I place my finger to your lips and shush you. Your nipples are pressing against your sports shirt. My hands trail down to them. With a larger grin I pinch each between my fingers and pull on them. This makes them stand out even more. I reach down and pull your shirt over your head, throwing it down between two pieces of equipment on some mats. I bend down and take your nipple into my mouth first one, then the other. I start to suck gently at first, but then run them through my teeth; biting until pain mixes with pleasure.

Meanwhile, my hands travel to your pants covered pussy. I start massaging you through your görükle escort pants. You begin to grind your hips into my hand as you pull my head tight to your tits. I rub harder, forcing your paints into your pussy, creating a camel toe. Your pants start to feel damp with your wetness. You let out a moan and I stop. I warn you to be quite, or else then go back to your tits.

I start to pull you by your pussy to where I threw your shirt. Once there, I spin you around and push you down. You sink first to your knees, then on to your back as I push you down. I reach down and remove both your pants and thong. I crawl over you with the pants and grab your arm. I push it near the machine and wrap your pants around your wrist and then the machine. I repeat with the other arm and your shirt. You start to protest slightly, but a look makes you quite.

I slide back down, pausing to bite your nipples. I reach your pussy and go to work. With little preparation, I slide first one then two fingers into your sex. You are so wet, they enter with little resistance. I bend down and start to attack your clit. First by sucking, then biting. It swells and come out to play. I curve my fingers upwards inside your sex, finding that spot that makes you squirm. Using eskort bayan a “come hither” motion, I rub the inside of your pussy. With my other hand, I slide it around my first that is in your pussy to get it full of your juices, then slide one finger into your ass.

You yelp with surprise then start to moan in pleasure. I stop everything. I told you to be quite or else, now it is time for “or else”. I pick up your thong on the floor and rub it all over your leaking pussy, and then I crawl back up your body. Squeezing your cheeks to force your mouth open, I shove your pussy soaked thong into your mouth. Once I am sure you cannot get it out, I return to your pussy. Again I put two fingers into your sex and slide one in your ass. Your clit enters my mouth to be sucked and bit.

Even with your thong in your mouth, you still make a lot of noise as you cum. Your hips thrust into my face with abandon. Your legs start to quiver and shake and your toes curl. As you peak, I pull my fingers out and you squirt you delicious pussy juice all over my hands. I lick them clean.

Standing I remove my clothes, and then get back on top of you. My cock is poised at the entrance to your sex. I look into your eyes as I enter you. In one motion, altıparmak escort I slide my cock to the root. I can feel your pussy quake with aftershocks of your orgasm.

I start to fuck you, slow at first then gaining speed. I place your legs up on my shoulders so I can go deeper. Your head rocks from side to side as I hammer away. I can feel your juices squishing out to cover my balls as the slap against your ass. You start to scream into your thong as you cum around my cock. You pussy grabs me like a vice so I can’t move; all I can do is stay deep inside you and ride you out.

When you come down, I pull my cock from your sex. I untie your arms and roll you over. Now on your hands and knees, I can pound you as you like me to do.

Again, I bottom my cock out inside you with one stroke. I grab your hips and thrust as hard as I can. As I thrust, your hand comes up to play with your clit and the union of our sexes. You pass over the brink for a third time. This time as you cum, I cannot hold back. Grabbing your hips, I pull you tight to mine. I cum over and over deep inside your sex.

I pull out as you roll over, removing your thong from your mouth in the process. I pick it up and use it to clean myself off. You now have to spend the rest of the day with no panties and my cum deep in your pussy. If you are not careful it will leak out on to your pants.

I lean over and kiss a nipple. “Have a good week; I will be back next week.” I say.

I dress and exit your studio while you are still lying on the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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