Worth a Thousand Words Pt. 01

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Worth a thousand words….

This may be the first installment of a serial. …See the note at the end… It will depend on YOU! Thanks for reading…all characters are fictitious. Hope to hear from you!


“Hey! Glad you came in today!” Katy was always bounding about like she had been sampling the caffeine that she dispensed in the coffee she served at my favorite diner. “I have something I wanted to ask you. But come on in, get settled. I’ll be right back!” Everything she said ended in an exclamation point, or so it seemed. I went to my usual booth and sat down. The usual group was here. We would have been here anyway, but having a perky young redhead who made all of us old men wish we were thirty years younger didn’t hurt.

I’d barely set down and gotten my paper out when a steaming cup of black coffee was at my place. Despite what most people think of diner coffee, this smelled great, was fresh and tasted wonderful. Something the chains and designer coffee bars couldn’t match.

“So. I saw this ad and had questions. And I knew just who to ask!” Katy slid in next to me. I was immediately the object of intense hatred of all the men in the diner. I resisted the urge to stick my tongue out at all of them. She pulled out her phone and pulled up a screen. “Here it is. ‘Models wanted. Legs, hose and shoes. Aspiring women’s hosiery company. $20/hour. FULLY CLOTHED LAYOUTS (unless model proposes something edgier). For consideration, send…yadda, yadda, yadda.” She turned to me and tilted her head. “Think it’s legit? I figured you would know if anyone would.”

I chuckled. “I’ll have to check it out. From the sound of it and the look of you, I’d say it would be quite a match if it is legitimate. Send me that ad so I can dig into it more. And if you need help with the sample pictures to apply, I can recommend a ready volunteer to help!” Now she had me ending sentences with exclamation points. What was next? Hearts to dot my “i’s”?

Someone signaled for their check and a couple waved their coffee cups. And from all of them I got a glare that wasn’t particularly friendly. The urge to stick out my tongue came back. But I opted for a long swig of coffee and a satisfied “Ah”.


Over the next few days I did check on the advertisement and much to my surprise, it turned out to be a photographer working for a real new hosiery company that wanted fresh models for a new product. I let Katy know it was above board and had a cup of coffee since I was already at the diner. She came by to see if I wanted a refill, and I told her “The answer to that question is always ‘Yes’.”. She chuckled even though she had heard that many times before from me.


The coffee and Katy were waiting for me the next time I went to the diner. She seemed even perkier than usual, her red hair in a pony tail waved as she guided me to a booth.

“I got that job! Thank you SO much for the info and checking it out. Best thing is that I can keep working here.” She leaned over slightly as I sat down. In a quiet voice she continued. “I do have one more favor to ask. Could you come with me? I mean I trust this guy, but I would just feel better having a friend there.”

“Well, I appreciate you considering me a friend. I really do. And sure, I’d be happy to go. Maybe I could be your agent.” We both laughed at that comment. Katy turned to serve the other customers and I turned to the steaming coffee before me.


A couple days later Katy and I headed off to the photo shoot. “Thank you for driving, but that wasn’t why I asked you to come along. I could have gotten there. I just wanted company. Kind of a different experience for me.” Katy had a sweet voice when she wanted. She could also curse with the best of them. I’d heard it once when she got bumped and dumped a couple of breakfasts.

“My pleasure, Katy. I figure I helped get you into this, so I better follow through. What all do you have in that bag?” I motioned to the duffel she carried with her.

“Oh, just a change of clothes, a towel and some makeup. Just thought I’d be prepared.” She set the bag down on the floor. “Didn’t realize I was clutching it. I guess I am a little nervous. Do I look okay?”

I glanced over. Her red hair was perfect, her skin was a milky white and flawless. Without makeup, she looked gorgeous. Pink lips, and sparkly eyes. “You look great. Just be you and listen to the photographer. He has done this and you are exactly what he was asking for. A fresh face. And it is fully clothed. I mean, that was the ad.”

“Yeah, about that. It also said ‘unless model proposes something edgier’. What do you think that meant? I’m thinking less clothes. Maybe more revealing, like lingerie?” Katy sounded a little worried.

“Not sure what it means. But remember, it is your call. Plus, I am there. What do you think? Is that something you might be interested in? You considering something edgier?”

Katy paused. I assumed she was thinking over what I had said. “Well, I might ask. Like you always say, ‘I may be on a diet, but escort bayan bursa it never hurts to look at the menu’. If I did show more, um, you wouldn’t say anything, would you? And would you think any, um, less of me?” Her green eyes looked at me.

“What? If you decide that is something you want, go for it. It is your call. I’m here to support. As for thinking less of you, no. Without a doubt, no. As long as you won’t think less of me if I look. You are beautiful and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t look and enjoy it.” I felt a tinge of red go to my cheek. I hoped I hadn’t crossed a line. But I wanted to be honest. Inside I laughed. “You dirty old man. Here’s this gorgeous kid next to you. You’d look all right. You’d get a hard on and jack it off.” Inner voices can be downright blunt and cruel at times.

Katy looked straight ahead and smiled. “I’d like that. I think I’d like that very much.” We drove the rest of the way with just the radio on. And a smile.


The studio was more like an addition off the side of the photographers’ home. Spacious, well lighted and comfortable with an area for changing behind a screen, a sitting area and the focal point with a screen and umbrella lights. Somewhat sterile, but still comfortable. It just needed a coffee machine.

“Can I get you some water?” The forty something man who greeted us asked as he showed us in. “I’m Philip, the owner and sole employee for PDPhotos. But I am sure you figured that out. You are Katy, and you are…?” Philip’s voice trailed off as he ushered us into the studio.

“I’m Bob, a friend of Katy’s. Consider me the fun uncle. ‘Funcle’ for short.” That was an inside joke between Katy and I. She never quite knew how to ‘fit’ me into her life. More than a customer, semi father figure, but more. I always tried to have a joke or a clever comeback for her, so we had settled on ‘Funcle’. It worked. I saw her smile a little. “Good, it broke the tension she was feeling” my inside voice said to itself.

“Well, welcome… Funcle Bob. Have a seat. Both of you. I just want to go over a few details.” We moved in and took seats. “I have waivers, releases and the usual paperwork to sign. You’ll have copies to take with you. I know we talked on the phone, but any questions? I mainly mean Katy, but you too, Bob.” Philip sorted a stack of papers and handed them to Katy.

Katy looked at me and back to Philip. “Um, I did think of one question.” She paused and handed the papers to me to look over. “The ad said there was an option for something ‘edgier’. I wondered what that involved. Is that also covered in these waivers? Just curious.” She had excellent posture and sat straight up as she could. It clearly gave the impression of being all business. Her eyes stared dead into Philip’s for any clue to ulterior motives. I made a mental note never to try to lie to Katy. She would nail me in the blink of an eye. So to speak.

“Yes, the ‘edgier’ part would entail a bit more revealing photo. More like a lingerie shoot, the company has a line of stockings and garters, for example. There are thongs, and that would entail more revealing shots of your, um, posterior.” Philip looked her over and met her eyes directly. “I assure you that it will be done quite professionally, and ‘yes’, the releases also would cover those pictures as well.”

I had looked over the paperwork, and like my checking had revealed, all seemed in order. The photos would be licensed to the photographer for the specific company, Nostalgic Hosiery, and would include notice of any other release. There was even a cancellation clause for future limitations. So when Katy looked back at me for an answer, I nodded. She took the papers back and signed where the little tabs indicated a signature was needed and handed the papers and pen back to Philip.

“Well, let’s see what we can accomplish tonight, shall we?” Katy stood and the light danced off her copper colored hair and a sparkle came to her eyes. She was clearly enjoying the idea of a new adventure as a model.


Katy ducked behind the screen while Philip set up a camera and tripod. He gave her some instructions and a little about the company. You will see several packs of pantyhose, I selected several sizes to give you choices. These first shots, I want to get the shirt on top with the pantyhose showing beneath. There is a choice of shirts on the hooks. Think of it as a ‘Risky Business’ only female. Nostalgic is going for more normal sizes, and you certainly fit that type. Fit, but not too athletic. Legs are long enough, but not too long…or short. You will do fine”.

“One question” Katy asked while she moved around behind the screen. Oh, to be a fly on the wall. Or the invisible man. “Panties. On or off, or does it matter?” Her voice had the same tone as when she was asking for my food order at the diner. All about the task at hand.

Philip replied. “Totally up to you. We won’t be shooting much where they might show. You get to keep the hose, so it is your call. If you usually wear panties bursa sinirsiz eskort with the hose, that is fine. If not, that is fine as well.” He looked pleased with his equipment set up. “Ready when you are, miss.”

Katy stepped around the screen. “Please, call me Katy. Or Kate… ‘Red’ works, too. So. This look okay?” She struck a bit of a pose, shirt covering the top, her legs shining a bit with the hose. The shirt had a slight green hue which made her eyes and hair stand out in the lights. It was also thin enough to tell she had also taken off her bra to give just a hint of her small, firm breasts beneath the cloth. I was betting they had the same milky white flesh with small pink nipples that were getting harder with the attention both Philip and I provided. While these thoughts raced through my head, she repeated herself. “This look okay?” It seemed directed more at me for some reason.

“Oh, right. Yes, it looks just like what Phil described. A nice blend of the ‘girl next door’ and…. Well, let’s just call it attention getting.” I smiled but couldn’t take my eyes off her as she moved toward the background screen. As she turned, I saw the shirt tail flip up slightly and noticed she had opted to go without the panties beneath the hose. Well, they do have ‘panty’ in their name, so I guess that makes sense. Part of my brain rationalized it, but another part drooled and imagined rubbing that cute ass. Clearly my cock agreed with that part of my brain as it made its’ presence known, stiffening a little.

The session lasted about an hour. Katy changed outfits a few times, added shoes, different shirts, hair up, hair down. She had great energy, especially since she had worked the early shift that day, been on her feet for quite a while at the diner. I was tired for her, I guess. It takes a good bit of energy ogling a beautiful girl and keeping ones’ hard dick in their pants.

Phil checked the cameras and seemed pleased with the results. “Okay. I have a nice assortment to show the client. I doubt there will be any problem having you back for some additional shots, new products, etcetera. We did much more in less time than I anticipated. I’ll put in a voucher for three hours for you. Thanks for being prepared. And let me know about the other shootings. You seem like you would be a natural for that, but it is up to you. And maybe your ‘Funcle’. I rather like that term, I probably will steal it.”

Katy went behind the screen and came back out shortly in some loose shorts and a t-shirt. It could have been wishful thinking, but it looked like there were two very hard nipples beneath the shirt. Damn, I bet they would taste good. I imagined kissing them, sucking, rolling them in my fingers, teasing them while rubbing her breasts. But I shook it off and shook Phil’s hand as we left. “Thanks for everything. I had checked on you prior, but glad to see a professional and a gentleman can still be found.” Our eyes locked and I noticed a smile on his face. I think he knew exactly what I was thinking about as well, and it was neither professional nor gentlemanly.

“You have to be tired after working and then this shoot.” I started the conversation as we started the drive back to her apartment. It was about a half hour, so we had some time to chat. “I must say, you were quite natural and seemed to enjoy it. Did you?”

“Actually, I am still kind of charged up. That was fun and really energized me. I saw you watching. And I hope you don’t mind my saying, but I liked that, too. It was hot looking over and seeing your eyes taking in the show. Not that I showed all that much, but, well, it still got me hot. And a little wet…” Her voice trailed off a little. Almost like she was waiting to hear what reaction I would have to that. I decided I’d better be honest. She’d see through any clever line.

I cleared my throat to buy a moment of thought. “Wow. Yes, to be honest, I was watching. Closely. You really are quite exquisite you know that? Very natural. You say it excited you. Got you a little wet. I just wonder what you meant by telling me that. Is it something you wanted a reaction to, something you want me to do? Just curious, you know I don’t judge and I am pretty open…” My turn to leave a thought dangling out there.

Katy smiled. “I don’t know. Not quite sure where to take it from here. Kinda hoped you might have some ideas. I mean, you are the ‘Funcle” after all.”

Thank goodness there was a seatbelt restraining me. I might have considered letting the car finish driving itself back. I asked “You clearly have had the experience of getting turned on and not being able to have a partner satisfy you right there, for whatever reason. How have you resolved that issue in the past? I mean, there’s a workout, a cold shower. Taking matters into ones’ own hands… What gets you over the edge when you get aroused, Katy. Or should I call you ‘Red’ when we get into this discussion?”

“I like that. Call me ‘Red’ when we get dirty. It can be our own little code. Funcle. escort bayan Well, I do find exercise a good way to work off some excess energy. Never liked the cold shower thing. Brrrr.” She shuddered a little. I could see her eyes sparkling in the lights as we passed under the streetlights. Not much traffic, thankfully. “I do masturbate if that is what you were referring to. I even have a vibrator. But mostly I find that my fingers have the best result.” I saw one of her hands move to the edge of her shorts. It played with, teased, the hem at the top of her thigh.

“That sounds incredibly hot, Red.” I found it more difficult to keep my eyes on the road. “Tell you what. If you would be game to discuss this further, or even play it out some, I could pull over into one of the lots here. That way I can give you my full attention. And not hit something or someone.”

“By all means! Pull over and we can see what happens.” I saw her hand move beneath her shorts, a finger sliding up the leg hole. “Mmmm. I thought I was excited from the photo shoot. This just got me way beyond that. I think it would be incredibly hot to finger myself while you watch. You do want to watch me, don’t you, Funcle? Watch Red play with her pussy?” Her hand moved deliciously slow in and out of the fabric opening as I pulled into a vacant spot that had just enough light to illuminate the inside of the car.

“Oh, I do want to watch you, Red. I want to watch you take care of yourself, maybe offer some suggestions, but it will be hot as fuck to see you finger yourself. You have my undivided attention.” Katy undid her seat belt and turned slightly toward me raising one leg up onto the seat.

“How’s this angle? Can you see? Oh, fuck, I am soaked.” With one hand she moved the cloth covering her pussy to the side exposing her swollen pussy. A neatly trimmed copper colored bush of hair sat above glistening lips that were attended to by the fingers of her other hand. A musky odor filled the interior of the car. “Mind if I take these shorts off?” Katy didn’t wait for an answer, but slipped them down and off one leg revealing her whole crotch. I watched as a slender finger disappeared inside her and reappeared to rub at the top of her slit. “Ooooh, I can almost feel your eyes on me. It’s like they can see through me, inside me….” Her hands repeated the dance from lip to inside to the top, becoming almost a blur.

“That’s it, girl. Let your fingers dance on that fine looking slit of yours. It looks so wet, so moist. So ready to explode. Keep rubbing it, find your clit for me. Spread the lips and show it to me.” I watched her writhe in the seat, exploring herself as I watched. Her head was slightly back and her eyes closed as she appeared to move closer to orgasm. I was so intent on watching her I had completely forgotten about my erection. My cock had grown hard and then beyond hard restrained by the cloth of my pants, but just barely.

Katy slid two fingers inside herself and rotated them around while the other hand focused on the top. The lips spread and she rolled a hard little button between her thumb and forefinger. “H-h-here it is! That’s my hard clit. Fuck! It’s throbbing. I feel it. Oh, I feel it bulging. Oh, it’s cumming. Oooooo…” As she climaxed, she arched her back and I could see her juices in the light. Her thighs glistened from them. Her hand cradled her sex as her breathing began to slowly return to normal.

“That was…. Intense. Incredible. Having you watch was… was more than I could have imagined. It got me fucking off. Big time.” She adjusted her clothes to cover herself, bringing her shorts back up. “But what about you? You must need to take care of something. I hope that had some effect on you.” She looked over at me with a slight pout on her lips.

Thankfully I had worn dark pants. The precum seeping from my hard on wouldn’t be noticeable, and even the outline of the erection was hardly apparent. “I do have quite the erection, Red. You want me to stroke it for you? It won’t last long, you have had me on the edge for most of the evening.” I watched her face.

Her eyes met mine and sparkled. “Yes, I want to watch you pleasure yourself. I want to see how you cum. You saw me, it’s only fair.” She relaxed, waiting for a show.

“That only seems fair. Here you are, hon.” I unzipped my pants and undid the belt and top. My cock sprang forth and I swear it gasped for air. I felt the hard shaft in my hand, moist from the pre cum and from being confined all evening. I moved from the base to the tip and back, increasing in speed. It felt good, and it felt even better seeing Katy watching me jack my cock off. Time was irrelevant. I have no idea how long or how quickly it was, I was only aware of the intense feeling of release moving closer and those eyes watching my dick.

Almost without warning it stiffened and I felt the spasm start from within. “Ahhh…here it cums, Red, I’m gonna shoot my load for you. It’s here.” As I spoke a gush of hot white rope erupted from the tip of my cock going out into the darkness. It was followed by another and another. I closed my eyes and two more spasms drained me. I slumped slightly into the seat. “Oh, my. Been a long time since I delivered a load like that. I think I remembered that you had a towel in that bag? Think I could borrow it? I’ll gladly clean it and return it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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