Yes Sir

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As I entered the house, I knew it was going to be a long quite weekend. I usually look forward to my ‘me’ time, but ‘he’ had been on my mind every day since our last conversation. Deep down I knew he made the right decision for our situation, and he knew I was torn between seeing him and ‘breaking my marriage vows’. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and looked forward to my night out; I had some time before I met people from work at the Four Seasons bar in Scottsdale. It had been so long since I had gone out alone and I was a bit nervous and yet I felt a little ‘free’.

I showered, shaved and preened as if I was going out on a date and I stood in my bedroom eyeballing the red dress that hung on my door. I didn’t have the nerve to wear it yet, always working at those last ten pounds to disappear. The dress had been hanging there for five months already, so I thought ‘what the hell’. The dress slid down my thick form the cleavage was hung low, and the skirt hugged my full hips and thighs. I wore my hair up with bangs and some tendrils framing my face; my makeup was just so… black cat eyeliner, light blush, blood red lips. My ears were adorned with thick black baubles and I lightly perfumed. I carried a small clutch purse that matched my peekaboo suede pumps, and I gathered the essentials: lipstick, license, debit card, cell phone, powder puff (because the Arizona heat would make me glisten). I checked myself one more time in the mirror and was pleased with what I saw, I had posted on my Facebook that I was looking forward to a ‘girl’s night out’ and mentioned where I was going (sometimes it’s good to let people know where you were going to be and that you were not going to be alone).

I drove to the hotel bar that everyone was going to be meeting at, it was 7:30 when I arrived and what was supposed to be a large group of people turned out to be four of us and no one I would particularly would want to hang out with. I made small talk for a while, had a beer and after an hour we were down to two of us. Well, that is what I get for looking forward to a night out without my husband. My phone buzzed and it was him asking how my night was going, I told him it was ok but not what I thought it would be. He told me he loved me and missed me and that he would be home on Monday night and that the job was going well. I told him that I loved him and that I would text him when I got home. I decided to leave thinking I could go home get comfy and enjoy the rest of the evening; I said my good night to the straggler. As I walked out through the lobby of the hotel my phone buzzed again. I checked the message…It couldn’t be?!

It washim, my heart started beating rapidly and I was torn between reading it or deleting it. He made the decision that we should not talk, text or email each other any longer and I wanted to respect those wishes no matter how hard it was. I stopped near the lobby chairs and took a breath and clicked the little envelope that said ?and couldn’t believe what I was reading.

Ron: I knew you would look gorgeous in red 🙂

Me: how do you know I am in red? (My hands shook as I typed my response)

Ron: because I am looking at you 😉

I reread the text and I looked up from my phone and scanned the lobby, there he was leaning against the door frame to the bar. I started trembling and my breathing was long and deep, my feet grew roots and I think I lost feeling in my legs. I knew it was him even though we had never met, my body knew. I blinked a few times, licked my lips trying to make the saliva work again. I meet his gaze and tilt my head as if saying ‘is that really you?’ He crooked his finger for me to come to him; I didn’t trust my wobbly legs.

I took a deep breath, turned my phone off and put it in my purse and slowly walked towards him. He immediately stood more erect his eyes never leaving me, watching me walk towards him. I could tell he was pleased with what he saw and I relished in that knowledge. As I got closer all the texts and fantasies we had shared ran through my mind, how he wanted to eat my pussy, lick my ass, fuck me, kiss me, hold me and my body reacted to those memories. I could feel my pussy start to throb, ache almost.

The electricity that passed between us was palpable. I stood maybe a foot away and just drank him in; he was even more handsome in person. He towered over my 5’5 height (with heels on) and a small smile played on his lips. Reality slowly seeped in.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, almost accusatory.

“You never mix words do you?” he said, his eyes locked onto my lips.

“Stop that” I said softly and began to fidget where I stood.

“Stop what Noreen?” he asked as people passed us to get into the bar.

“Staring at me like I am fresh kill.” Suddenly I wanted a drink and I scanned the bar to make sure my coworker was not still around.

“Well I would like to eat you” he said softly only for my ears.

The roaring of my blood in my ears was thundering, and I felt light headed. He grabbed my arm to steady me and I leaned into him.

“Let’s go into the bar and have a seat and a drink” he said with genuine görükle escort bayan concern. He led me to a secluded table and sat across from me and ordered a stout for himself and a margarita for me.

“You know me so well?” I asked trying to compose myself, my heart still racing at his nearness.

“I’d like to think so…” he said looking into my eyes as the waitress brought our drinks. I realized my question was still unanswered.

“What are you doing here Ron? You said we should break off whatever was between us?” I took a sip of my drink, never breaking eye contact with him sounding braver than I felt.

“Well, when I told you my decision I planned on sticking by it. I had last minute business in Arizona and I didn’t think I could be here and NOT see you. After what you had told me about your new ‘condition’ and how you felt that it ‘sealed your fate’ I thought it best to walk away. I knew it took a lot for you to admit something that personal to me.” He took a drink and I couldn’t meet his eyes, I still felt embarrassed about what I told him and how that was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life.

“Noreen, look at me” he said as he reached for my hand.

I shook my head and still couldn’t make eye contact, another sip of the cool liquid helped to quench my thirst but the tequila was warming me up.

“Look at me” he said sternly and my head shot up at his tone.

“I came here tonight for you, does that answer your question?” he asked, holding onto my hand in a firm grip.

“Why and how did you know I was here?” I asked, my throat constricting trying not to cry.

“I looked up your Facebook page; you do not have any filters on it so I could view it. Your last post said where you were going to be. I was pleasantly surprised that I happen to be staying at the very hotel and I took that as a sign.” His strong hand held mine, drawing imaginary circles on the top of my hand with his thumb.

Now I was confused and I guess it showed on my face.

“A sign? What kind of a sign?” I asked very perplexed.

“You being at the bar in the hotel I am staying at?” He released my hand and sat back in his chair taking another sip of his drink. His confidence was intoxicating and I could feel his lust.

The bar music started to play, setting the mood for the evening crowd and I started to relax.

“Are you sure this is what you want Ron, I feel I am not the same woman in your eyes?” I had to lean in closer because of the music which gave him a clear view of my cleavage.

“I’m not a child Noreen, I realize it is more common that I thought and if you are ok now there should be no risk. Of course we will have to be extra careful” his voice became deeper with lust and I could feel his breath on my neck. I knew from our phone conversations what his voice sounded like when he was turned on. I finished my drink and excused myself to go to the ladies room. I called my husband told him I was on my way home, and my phone was about to die and I would call him in the morning. I looked at myself in the restroom mirror and knew there was no going back once I walked out the door.

As I came back to the table I saw that a woman had struck up a conversation with him, who could blame her? The man exuded sexuality, confidence that would attract any woman. There was a slow song playing as I approached him and I maneuvered myself around her as I extended my hand to him.

“May I have this dance, sir?” I asked knowing how much he loves to dance. The smile on his face was mesmerizing and it made my heart flutter.

“You can have as many dances that you like. Will you excuse me?” He addressed her and took my hand as I led him out to the dance floor. The minute his arms wrapped around me I knew this was something I wanted and that all the things we had spoken of was just put into motion.

The song was Crazy Love by Van Morrison and our bodies became one. My hand fit into his perfectly and his arm around my waist pulled me close. I let my other hand caress the back of his neck, and my cheek rested against his. I could feel his arousal against my tummy and my nipples became hard, I lightly kissed his neck where his jaw met his earlobe and his grip on my waist became tighter and I heard his moan in my ear.

He pulled away from me, grab my hand and start to lead me out of the bar.

“My purse!” I exclaim and he changed course never letting go of my hand, he swung by our table grabbed my purse and headed again to the lobby. I had to double time my steps to keep up with him, and I couldn’t help but smile.

As we are waiting for the elevator I look at his reflection in the shiny doors, his eyes are boring into me and a part of me trembles. The doors open and break the hypnotic gaze, we step in and he is still holding my hand. We are standing side by side; the sexual tension is thick in the small confines and the ‘ding’ of the doors closing startles me. He presses me against the wall and wedges a leg between my thighs and his face is mere inches from me. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath as if inhaling my essence.

“How altıparmak eskort could you ever think I wouldn’t be attracted to you when I saw you?” As he leans in and lightly touches his lips to mine, any doubts I may have had melted away. My body relaxed into him and I wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling him closer into me so I could feel his erection against me. I opened my mouth and welcomed his tongue into my mouth; it had been so long since I had been kissed by another man. His mouth is delicious and he pressed harder into me, my back was pressed against the hand rail, but I didn’t mind the slight pain.

He was devouring my mouth, inspecting it with his tongue and I open wider to take him in. I can taste the slight hint of stout on his tongue and I suck on it. That has sent him over the top and he slides his hand up my skirt and caresses my thick thigh and reaches around to my ass. He feels my fleshy cheek and grunts his approval of the thong. My head is reeling, he is wedged between my thighs and kneading my ass like warm dough. He breaks the kiss as soon as he hears the ‘ding’ of the elevator announcing we have arrived at our destination, his mouth is stained with my lipstick. I start to laugh.

“Oh Ron, I have made a mess of you” I say apologetically, trying to wipe some of the color off. My thumb runs across his bottom lip and he takes it between his lips, sucking on it. My eyes are locked on my thumb lost between his lips and I can feel more juice between my legs. He releases me and leads me out of the elevator.

“That’s ok baby, I will enjoy wiping it off on your thighs.” I follow like a sexual zombie, not thinking, not caring just ready to experience him.

We reach his room and I can feel my silky pussy lips rubbing against each other, and I can’t wait to have him feasting on me. He slides the electronic card in the slot and the green light allows us entrance, the room is nice and cool and gorgeous.

“Oh wow, this is an amazing room” I follow behind and notice there is a lot of paperwork on the coffee table and his laptop is on the desk. There is another door that leads into the bedroom and my heart starts to beat a bit faster.

He can feel my nervousness and offers me a drink.

“A shot of tequila please, if you have some?” Tequila will definitely help me relax.

“Of course” he says as he pulls out a couple of small bottles and a beer chaser from the fridge. I have never seen a room like this and I somewhat feel I am out of my league.

He hands me my shot “Here is to…Christmas in July!” and we both laugh and take the shot at our intimate joke. The tequila burns a trail down my throat and I cool it with the ice cold beer chaser.

“That sir was delicious” I announce. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him towards me. Our mouths touch and this time I wanted to go slow. I tilt my head and open my lips, this kiss is different not rushed or frantic. Our tongues do an intimate dance, the mixture of our alcoholic drinks mingling and it tastes so good. His cock is against me, and I slide a hand down to massage it and I moan in his mouth. He maneuvers me to the couch and I sit down, he kneels between my legs and I can smell the light musk of my arousal. He breaks the kiss and my lips are swollen from the assault. I am leaning against the back of the couch; legs open and he slides his hands under my skirt to expose my thighs.

“My god you are beautiful Noreen” he breathes heavily. His experienced hands are exploring my thighs and have pushed my skirt to the top of my thighs, and spread them wider. I feel so exposed and he runs a finger down my soaked slit. I can’t take my eyes off of him; his pupils are dilated and make his eyes dark passion filled. I start to cover myself slightly embarrassed by my big thighs, and full belly. He grabs my hands and stops me.

“Don’t, don’t ever cover yourself from my view.” His voice is low and heavy with lust; almost roughly he put my hands to either side of me.

“Do not move” he orders me, and I just nod.

“Yes sir” I breathe.

He licks his lips as if preparing for a delicious meal, and I have the feeling I am that meal. The alcohol has relaxed me and every nerve is tingling. I watch as he spreads my legs wide and pushes my dress past my thighs and just stares at my moist panties. I am watching intently, my breathing is low and deep and I can see my chest rising and falling. His hands start massaging each meaty thigh and leans into me inhaling my womanly scent. I bite my bottom lip anticipating his mouth on me, but it doesn’t happen. I feel a finger tracing the wet line my pussy juice has created, putting pressure against my clit. My fists are full of my skirt; a slight moan escapes my lips.

“Such a nice fat cunt baby” he says as he pinches a full slick lip. My pussy twitches at the dirty word he uses for it and it turns me on more. He pulls my lips free and now the thong is wedged between my puffy lips, the soft cotton material rubbing against my hard clit.

“Please… please Ron?” I beg, squirming closer.

“Please what baby? Tell me what you nilüfer escort want…” I can feel his hot breath on my pussy.

“I want you to eat my pussy, please?” I whimper, wanting to touch myself so badly to ease the aching between my legs.

“Are you my dirty girl?” he asks inching closer to my core.

“Yes… yes I am” my breathing is coming faster and I am shaking.

I can feel his hot tongue licking each exposed lip and I close my eyes enjoying the lapping.

“Oh fuck!” I moan as I start to caress my tits. His fingers are buried in my thighs and I can hear his moaning as he sucks on my pussy lips, one then the other.

He grabs my panties tighter against my clit and the friction is driving me crazy, I open my eyes and I see the top of his head bobbing up and down I can feel my juices escaping my panties.

“Oh my sweet girl, you are so fucking wet and your cunt tastes amazing.” He sits back on his heels and pulls my panties off; I can see some of my juices on his chin.

The sexual tension in the room is thick along with my musky scent.

“I’m not finished with you yet baby” he said as he spreads my thick lips open.

“Mm mm look at that big clit, makes my mouth water” he moans as he slides his finger against my engorged clit, rubbing it. I throw my head back against the back of the couch and moan.

“I love how your clit twitches when I rub it” I could barely hear him while I moan loudly.

“Ron, you keep doing that and I will cum in your hand” I half-heartedly warned.

“That sweet pussy honey will not be wasted in my hand, just tell me when you are close and I will dive in happily.”

I just nod. He is playing me like a fine tuned instrument.

He has taken my little female cock between his fingers and starts to stroke me, slightly pinching at times. My body is on fire and my mind is about to explode, my legs are spread wide, and my hands have now grabbed each thigh to hold them up for him. I can feel my juices dripping down my ass crack and feel his hot breath close to my puffy cunt.

“Ron, please… Oh god, I can’t take much more of this” I whimper, our eyes have connected and his have turned to a dark blue.

“Hold your pussy lips open for me, baby. Let me see that pretty fat cunt” as I follow his orders, he slides two fingers inside me, and attached his mouth to my pussy. I can feel the sides of his face on each hand holding myself wide for him. He is sucking me, giving me head.

“FUCK!” I exclaim.

“Yes, Ron… yes, I’m so close!” my fingers dig into my thick thighs, and I am grinding my hips to his mouth . He is sucking me, two fingers inside me are stroking, rubbing my g-spot and bright lights have started to explode in my head. I begin to cum.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck… I can’t stop it Ron! I’m cumming!” and with that announcement my pussy clinched around his fingers and squirted my arousal into his mouth.

“Mmmm yes Noreen, that’s it baby drown me in your cum. I love how I made you squirt!” he didn’t stop his manipulation of my body and I was floating and every nerve feeling exposed and raw.

He rubbed some of my ejaculate all over my shaved pussy, making it glisten. The heavy musk scent filled the room, and I opened my eyes to see him still kneeling between my legs and reality started to sink in.

“Oh, I have made a mess Ron” I said as I rolled to one side to avoid the generous wet spot.

“That is not a mess babe that is beautiful” he stands up and I can see the generous bulge in his pants, and I reach to caress him over his pants.

“Now, it’s my turn” I scoot to the edge of the couch and undo his belt, unbutton his pants and slowly unzip his zipper. His mouth still has remnants of my orgasm on his face and he looks so sexy. His hair is a little mussed and he starts to undo his shirt, his chest is tight from being so physically active.

I can see a wet spot on his boxers and my mouth starts to water. I rub my nose against his arousal and his cock jumps trying to reach me.

“Let’s release him, shall we?” I grab the waist band of his shorts and pull them down. His cock is engorged and seeping pre cum, I can’t hold out and I lick the tip. He sucks in air sounding almost like a hiss. I wrap my hand around the base of him and he closes his eyes enjoying my touch, he is velvet steel. I slowly stroke him, creating more pre cum, letting it drip on my tongue.

“Such a good girl” he moans. My free hand reaches around and caresses his taunt ass cheek. I look into his eyes to make sure he is watching me, and I lick around the tip of him. He is tangy sweet, and I wrap my lips around the head of him and suckle.

“Oh fuck…” I hear him moan.

“You are such a good cock sucker Noreen” he has placed his hands on my shoulders. I slowly start to take more of him in, bobbing my head up and down on him. Inch by inch I accommodate him in my mouth, opening to capacity and I can feel my jaw starting to burn but I ignore it. I slide my tongue under his sensitive shaft taking long strokes. I slide my free hand under his heavy balls and caress as my mouth makes love to his cock. I slide him out and take a much needed breath and fist his cock and slap it against my lips and face. His pre cum had dotted my face and I gloss my lips with the remainder. This time I take him in with a fierce passion and take him almost all the way in, I’m trying not to gag but I can tell he wants to fuck my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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