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His voice was incredible. Flowing over me like melted chocolate. So smooth and rich, turning my insides to mush.

We had been talking for awhile, flirting and catching up on our weekend apart. Both of us talking of our fantasies and wants. Both of us getting a bit out of control, getting more heated.

I say to him, “Mmmm, I think you need to be cooled off a little, what do you think?”

He chuckles and says, ” Maybe a little.”

Laughing I say, ” I think an ice cube would work nicely. How bout if I start behind your ear? Sliding down your neck, across your collar bones. MMM but I’m a bit thirsty, and that drop of water sliding down your chest is just begging for my tongue to lick it up.”

His moan tells me that I am doing little to cool him down, but that he’s enjoying every minute of it.

I say to him, “If this is too much for you sugar, I could stop!”

His instant, “No! That’s ok baby! Go right ahead with what you’re doing!” caused me to chuckle.

In my mind I returned to his body, telling him my thoughts as I went… “I’m trailing the ice down your chest, around your nipples. Watching them pucker. Leaning down to suck them and to flick them with my tongue.”

He moans and says, “Oh, they’re puckering alright!” I can hear the grin in his voice, making me all the more confident in what I’m doing.

I continue to torture him, teasing him with my voice and thoughts. Trailing my tongue down his stomach to his belly button. Slowly trailing down his thighs, around his cock and finally I take him in my mouth.

He groans quietly, “Yesssss” hissing from him.

My body is flushed. I’m fingering myself by now, running my fingers over my clit, spreading my pussy görükle escort bayan to my touch. Wishing that it was his hand on me, his breath against me instead of the breeze from the fan. The sounds coming to me from him turning my body to liquid fire. I can hear him moving, his breathing getting faster. Knowing that he is stroking himself and wishing I could be there to see him. Picturing him in my mind.

I say how I’m slowly sliding my mouth down over his cock. Swirling my tongue around him and licking off all the pre-cum oozing from his cock. The fingers of my left hand massaging his balls, my right hand stroking him as I slowly suck his cock deep in my mouth. The head of his cock almost hitting the back of my throat.

After sucking him slowly, teasing him and following every vein with my tongue, I slide up his body. Straddling him, my pussy pressed tightly against his throbbing erection, I lean down and trail my tongue around his lips, parting them and pulling his tongue into my mouth, sucking it as I had his cock. I lean back, my hands on his chest, nails digging in lightly and I rock on him. The lips of my pussy surrounding him, the head of his cock against my clit.

He says, “I need you Shanna!” and I can’t hold back any longer.

My body on fire, need pounding through me, I say, “I lift my hips off of you, letting the head of your cock press my pussy lips apart. Just the head of your cock entering me, I squeeze around you, torturing both of us.”

“Then I slowly start lowering myself on to you, taking you into me, inch by inch.”

He says, “I take your breasts into my hands, molding them. Leaning up to suck on your nipples.” Making me moan with altıparmak eskort need!

I say, “I can’t hold back any longer! I slam my body down onto yours, taking you deep inside of me, my ass pressed tight against your balls. I start rocking on you, feeling you lifting up into me.”

“I lean back, my hands on your knees, lifting my hips, pounding down onto you again.”

He moans and says, ” I reach forward and press my thumb onto your clit, rubbing and stroking.”

At this moment, my body throbs out of control, my breathing is fast and I can feel waves of pleasure begin to pulse through me.

I’m barely able to say, “You feel my body start to pulse around you, my pussy throbbing as I begin to cum… ooooo YES Jim! I’m cuming!” I was moaning uncontrollably, my body taking over. I couldn’t speak anymore.

I could hear his moans as he came with me, our bodies losing control together. The sounds coming from him sending me over yet again, causing me to cum at least 2 more times! I was amazed at my response! I had never felt this way before, though I had experienced my body this way many times.

His intensity and sounds, moans and softly spoken words had totally taken me over. My body was pulsing. I was aware of everything! The air touching my skin, his breathing, his soft words of pleasure.

We were quiet for a moment as we let our breathing slow, let our bodies settle. Feelings of pleasure still washing over me, I said, “Jim, that was incredible!”

His deep chuckle sent shivers of delight through my body. He said, “Yes, it was, amazing, fun, sexy.”

We chatted for awhile longer. Both of us relaxed with each other and teasing nilüfer escort and flirting. It was so wonderful. As we said goodnight, we made plans to speak again soon. Neither one of us wanting to let too much time go by before hearing the others voice again

As I wished him sweet dreams and heard him chuckle in response, I hung up the phone.

After relaxing for a few more moments, his voice and the sound of him cuming running through my mind, my body begins to get heated again. So rising, I head to the bathroom, stepping out of my nightshirt and into a hot shower.

I let the water pulse against my skin, feeling the sharp spray enlivening me. I can feel my blood rushing to the surface of my skin, the tingles sending pleasure throughout me. I take the shower head in my hand and slowly run the water over my breasts. Letting the pulsing action excite me.

Slowly lowering it, the water pounding against me. The anticipation of feeling it against my pussy almost too much to bare. I reach down with my left hand to spread my lips, letting the water just run over my clit and inner lips, still so sensitive from my earlier touch. Thoughts of Jim, standing outside the shower, watching me, turning me on even more. I can feel his gaze on me as I spread myself even wider. Lowering the shower head closer to my pussy. Feeling the pulsing and vibrating taking me over.

I begin to lose control quickly. A powerful orgasm washing over me. Wave after wave of pleasure throbbing through me. Heat pouring from me, cuming harder than before, knowing he was watching me. My body wracked with pleasure.

As I calmed, I opened my eyes to find myself alone. An ache inside of me, wishing he was there to wrap me in his arms and take me to our bed and make love with me all night long.

I stepped out of the shower after rinsing off, rubbing myself vigorously with a towel. Still on fire for his touch. Thinking to myself yet again how much I wanted to see this man, to have this man, to touch this man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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