You and Me (Snac) Pt. 02


You sit back in your office on the tenth floor of the company building in downtown Nashville. You are dressed in a sensible business suit with heels, nothing special, but underneath, you are wearing a cupless bra and crotchless panty set that I bought for you. We are now in a D/S relationship that we have both stepped into smoothly in the two weeks since our business trip. You have been in many, some more satisfying than others, but all of them have helped you grow as a complete submissive to men. This is my first one, and it is surprising but nice to see how good I am at it. You being my immediate supervisor at work only adds to the fun. The last part of your outfit is the metal butt plug you have inserted. It came with the underwear, and I instructed you to wear it today. I also told you to ensure that your asshole remained lubed, which you have. You are not an anal rookie, and you are pretty sure you know what I have planned. You just don’t know when it will happen. The anticipation alone has your pussy dripping. I have yet to do anything to your ass other than eat and finger it. The thought of my dick in it has you on edge, but you are not allowed to masturbate without permission, and you know I won’t give it, so you wait.

We are four hours into work, and since your last meeting before lunch is running over, you are still at your desk on a group Zoom call when I walk in quietly. You look at me, seeing the devilish grin on my face, and Sex Hikayeleri make sure that the call is muted and your camera is off before speaking.

You: Are you here as my top worker or my Daddy?

Me: Definitely your Daddy. All clear.

You: They can’t see or hear me right now. Brad is still talking about eastern sales, so I doubt anyone is awake. All clear, Daddy.

I lock the door and make sure the blinds are closed before walking over and kissing you. You moan in my mouth and wrap your arms around me as our tongue wrestle. I pull up your skirt and smack your ass, causing you to giggle.

Me: Have I told you how much I love your ass?

You: Not today.

You bend over your desk to give me a better view of it and the blue crystal end of the butt plug sticking out of it.

Me: I absolutely love your ass, Snac.

You: I absolutely love your dick, Daddy. I bet my ass will, too, if you introduce them.

I smile and take hold of the butt plug, slowly pulling it out of your lubed asshole. It comes out with a wet pop.

You: Mmmm.

I sit in your chair and examine your slightly gaped hole before I lean forward, pushing my tongue into it and tasting the strawberry lube. You let out a nearly silent moan remembering where we are.

You: Oh, Daddy. That feels so damn good. Deeper.

I begin to tough fuck your ass making you grip the edge of your desk to keep from screaming in pleasure. Erotik Hikayeler On the call, you hear Brad call your name.

You: Shit, I have to unmute Daddy.

I acknowledge it with a hand wave, but I don’t stop.

You: Shit.

You unmute.

You: Yeah, I am still here. I had another call I had to take. What is the question?

You listen and answer while I eat your ass like it is my last meal. You keep your voice steady and professional the whole time. Just when you think you are done, Brad asks you something else. You cuss silently and begin to answer when you feel me remove my tongue and stand up behind you. You look back and see that my dick is at full attention. Then you see the grin on my face as I signal you to continue talking.

You: Sorry, yes, I heard you. Multitasking. Ok so, Georgia sales are…

I slide my dick in your ass.

You: Oh my…no, no, sorry, Brad, just knocked over my drink. As I was saying, GA sales are up…

I begin to fuck your ass slow and steady, going deeper until my balls slap your pussy with each thrust. You must mute your mic when you cum for the first time and jump back on quickly to cover the pause. I remain silent as I continue to pound you making sure that you feel every inch of me without our thighs slapping. By the time you are done and back on mute, your second orgasm is creeping up, and you have to bite back a scream when it comes.

You: Tecavüz Hikayeleri Oh, my fucking God, Daddy. Harder, please. I need it. I need you.

I go harder, and you cum faster. You are still half listening to the meeting but hearing nothing inky, feeling my dick invading your guts. You lose count of the orgasms, and by the time you hear Brad call and end the meeting, you have almost forgotten we are at work. You exit out of the call with shaky hands and look back at me.

You: You are fucking evil, Daddy.

Me: I know.

I reach forward, taking you by the throat, and pull you back against my chest. Now, I am thrusting directly up into you and applying just enough pressure to your throat to make breathing a challenge.

Me: And this is only round one. You are staying the night with me. By tomorrow morning, your asshole will be customized to fit my dick.

All you can do is bit your lip as you struggle to breathe, and your pussy quivers like my words are pure electricity. I hold you there as I feel you cum again. Then I whisper in your ear.

Me: Take it.

I slam up into you and cum deep in your asshole, holding you there while I do. I let you go, and you fall back onto the desk, breathing hard. You feel me as I pull out of you and then feel as I push a slightly larger butt plug up your asshole.

Me: To seal in all the juices. Until I am ready for sloppy seconds.

I pull your skirt down and sit you back in your chair before pulling your head forward and putting my dick to your lips.

Me: Clean it.

You take me in your mouth and begin to suck and lick me like my dick is your favorite lollipop. I lean my head back with a sigh.

Me: Best lunch ever.

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