You Get an Email at Work

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You’re at your desk when you get an email. You see the subject line “mine”. Curious you open it and find a cryptic message.

“Blouse and blue jeans. Not acceptable for a sub. Tomorrow it’s a dress. Reply that you understand.”

You have no idea who sent it. You don’t recognize the email. Everything in you wonders who could possibly know your thoughts, your fantasies, who knows what you want to try.

You go home that night wondering, thinking how crazy that was. You wake up and get dressed. You aren’t even thinking about it until you sit to eat your breakfast but you look and you have a dress on. Your heart races. “Did I do this on purpose?” You think you yourself. “Should I change? He can’t tell me what to wear.” You decide not to change and go into work as normal.

When you arrive at your desk there’s a box. Two words written on it. One simple question. “GOOD GIRL?”

You feel your chest rising. You feel a tingle all over your body. You sit down at your desk and debate whether or not to open it. You finally decide to peek inside. Your eyes widen as you see a remote vibrator sitting there. You quickly close the box before anyone sees.

You check your email and see a new one from the same address. The subject line says “Did you open the box?” You open the email and the mysterious stranger has written “Prove to me you want this. At 10:00AM go to the restroom and slide the toy inside you. Turn it Ankara travesti on. Return to your desk as normal. You can do this.”

Can you really do this? Who is doing this? How does he know all of this? Your mind won’t stop. Everything in you should be saying stop but it’s not. You find yourself intoxicated by it, turned on, and you go to the bathroom at 10 and slide the toy in your pussy. You’re already soaked from the thought. You turn it on and head back to your desk. Even on the walk back you’re paranoid people will notice you walk funny. You also wonder who could be doing this, did you just pass them in the hall? Who knows.

Just as you sit back down you feel it, a low vibration inside you. Not strong, just enough to tell you he’s been waiting for you to sit. A gasp spills out of your mouth, your breath quickens, you sit up a little straighter and you just let go. Everything you’ve thought about, being someone’s toy, your pussy being used to please, your body being a canvas of pleasure at a Doms will, it seems to be starting right here at work.

The toy stops vibrating. All you had was the small low vibration and now it stops. You instinctively look around, not sure what you’re looking for, is someone watching you? You stand up, and just as you do it hits you. Full speed vibration. It takes your breath, you moan really loud and quickly catch yourself.

Just as you sit another email Antalya travesti appears. “Don’t stand up again, you be a good little slut and just let it happen.”

The vibrations star pulsating, low to high in rapid succession. It almost feels like someone pounding a cock in and out of you rapidly. Your breath is short and fast, you can feel yourself blushing. Lip biting isn’t helping. Your hands grab your desk and hold on for a minute while your body tries to adjust to the huge vibrations.

As you’re sitting, trying to handle paperwork the vibration assault continues to work harder and softer in changing patterns. You hear a voice beside you and quickly look up. You wonder how long they’ve been there, did they notice you gripping the desk and moaning? The coworker reminds you there’s a staff meeting and it’s time to go. Now you’re really nervous. What do you do? You decide to walk to the staff room for the meeting. As you get up to walk the vibration locks on full power. Your knees go weak. You are smiling and you aren’t sure why. You manage to walk and find your seat at the table. You sit up straight and hope no one hears it. You’re a wet throbbing mess between your legs and you feel like you could cum at any given moment. It starts pulsating again. Slowly up and down. If feels so good you want to moan and scream out but you can’t.

The meeting starts and you aren’t listening at all. All you have İstanbul travesti are feelings building Inside you. Your pussy is aching, your muscles are twitching. You feel vibrations from your belly to your thighs. You also know you’re dripping wet, more excited than you’ve ever felt in your entire life and you can’t make a single sound. Your mind is going in a thousand directions when suddenly you hear your name. It’s a coworker from HR. He looks at you and grins. You wonder why he’s smiling.

He says “I’ll repeat the question because you seem to be lost over there in your own world. Are you going to come? If you’re going to come you need to tell me.”

His smile, his eyes, you immediately know that whatever he’s asking has double meaning. You ask “I’m sorry, what am I coming to?”

He nods and says “The new payroll system is coming in and I need you in my office for training every afternoon, can you do that for me? Can you come?”

You smile and say “Yes Sir I’m coming.”

You let it go. Your body tightens, your pussy goes crazy and your thighs feel like they are shaking off of your body. You quietly cum sitting in your chair. You’ve Never cum this strongly and somehow you manage not to make a sound. You know your face is red but at this point you don’t care. You sit like a good girl and you just feel wave after wave hit you.

The meeting adjourns, you can’t move. Your legs are weak. As everyone is walking out he stalls for a moment and picks up his phone. He pushes on the screen and the vibrations stop. He looks at you and smiles an evil smile. He walks by, touches your shoulder briefly and says quietly “I knew you were a good girl. I’ll see you this afternoon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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