Another Time, Another Place


Another time, another place

You are lying on your back on a bed, wearing only a pair of red underpants. I am kneeling beside you on the bed, also wearing only undies.

We have already kissed a lot, but I kiss you gently again on the lips, just for good measure, before I move my mouth further down your body. I let my tongue trail lightly over your chest until it lights on your left breast. I close my mouth over your breast, circling your nipple with my tongue as I suck gently. As my tongue dances over and around your nipple, I run my fingers over your right breast, caressing and circling, feeling that nipple harden as I alternately lightly brush it and occasionally squeeze, gently but firmly. I move my mouth down to your stomach, kissing and licking your tummy, even as one hand continues to slowly knead first one breast and then the other.

I change positions, moving down to the end of the bed and place myself between your legs, down towards your knees. I kiss up your inner left thigh; light, dry kisses, that barely touch the skin. When I reach the top of your thigh, I move to the right thigh and do the same, although moving back down the leg this time. I kneel up and run my fingers down the tops of both legs, alternately light and firm strokes three or four times. After a few more leg caresses like Escort Bayan Antep this, I raise my hands to to top of your undies, hook my fingers under the waistband and gently tug them down. You obligingly raise your hips and soon I have drawn them over your legs and placed them on the floor.

I gaze for a short time at one of the most exquisite bodies I have ever seen.

I kneel forward and kiss up your inner thighs again but this time don’t stop at the top of your thighs but kiss your vagina lightly. After a few kisses I start licking, inserting my tongue, moving up and down your pussy and gradually opening you up. As you respond I lick a little deeper, eliciting some involuntary shudders from you as I begin to touch places you like.

After a few minutes of this introduction, I cup my hands under your bum and bring you closer to me. By now I have found your clit and begin circling it with my tongue and occasionally sucking it, responding to some quiet moans that escape you and guide me. I am not sure how long I pleasure you this way, but it is a while, moving between the outer folds of your vagina, licking and kissing you, and coming back to your clit, sucking and flicking, circling with my tongue.

I pull my hands from beneath you and kneel up a little, spreading your legs a bit further apart as I do so. I lean forward over your tummy and again take one of your breasts into my mouth, delighting in the feeling of firm nipples under my tongue and between my fingers as my hand caresses your other breast. I alternate between sucking and caressing each breast but after a while I drop one hand to your cunt while I continue to suck your breasts.

I rest my hand gently on your pussy, my middle finger tracing the line between your labia. As I open you and feel how invitingly wet you are, I guide my finger, slowly and deliberately, into you. Your breath shallows momentarily and your hips buck slightly as I push in deeper. I hold my finger in you for a few second as I continue sucking one of your breasts but slowly withdraw it as I kneel up again and reposition myself between your legs. I begin licking again, more vigorously – licking you out this time – and slide my finger in again as I play my tongue over your clit. I ease my finger in and out, building a rhythm, sometimes slow, sometimes faster. You are moving more now, writhing and lifting your hips in response to the movements of my hand. The quietest “Oh …. fuck…..’, escapes your lips. It’s nice to hear.

I withdraw my finger again but keep licking. You have a developed a momentum of your own and push your pussy into my face. I cradle your bum again and complement your thrusts by drawing you up to me. I lick more deeply now, responding to your own rhythm and muted moans of pleasure. I think you are getting close. I hope so.

I let you back down onto the bed and bring my hand back to your vagina. This time I insert two fingers, again, gently, but also with purpose. I want you to cum. I push my fingers a little deeper into you and continue to lick, immersing myself in you, really losing myself. I quicken the pace of my thrusting for a few seconds and then slow, gauging your reaction. I alternate between faster and slower thrusts with my fingers for a few minutes, between shallow and deeper penetration, listening and feeling as you respond to the changes. I withdraw my fingers one last time and lick you deeply, sucking you, letting my tongue roam, sucking you again.

My fingers enter you a final time and I hear “Please…..Please….’. I push in and out vigorously, steadily. I feel you tighten around my fingers and know you are there. A stifled cry and a tensing of your hips, followed by an obvious relaxation, confirm this. I very slowly bring my fingers out one last time. I place both hands on either of your thighs and kiss your vagina one last time. As I slowly draw myself up, I kiss the insides of your thighs, alternating left and right. Once down to your knees I kneel up and come up the bed to lie beside you.

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