Ceremony of Acquiescence – Incest

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This is a background story for one of my other works. In case the title doesn’t give it away, this story is the incest version of “The Ceremony of Acquiescence – Group”.

The Ceremony of Acquiescence.

Princess Maria could normally see with her eyes closed.

That was not to say that she had any special abilities or superpowers though. Instead, it was simply that she lived on the planet of Sapphira; and one of that world’s many distinguishing characteristics was that every one of its women could do just that. No, despite her exceptional beauty, the mental afflictions from which she suffered and the strangeness of her mind, Princess Maria was at least physiologically normal.

The second distinguishing characteristic of Sapphira was that the members of its population were not categorized as ‘boys’, ‘girls’, ‘men’ and ‘women’, but rather as ‘boys’, ‘girls’, ‘beasts’ and ‘slaves’. By itself, that fact was relatively unimportant, but there was a history of unimaginable length and vicious oppression behind that collection of terms. Three centuries had passed since the replacement of the word ‘Masters’ with the word ‘beasts’, but the women of Sapphira still clung instinctively to it some parts of it. It persisted within the name by which the women of Sapphira called themselves, and it persisted within other matters as well.

Returning to Maria, however, it is important to state that her ability to see with her eyes closed had nothing to do with her own body. It was instead purely down to the invisible but ever-present EnPid, or the Network of Psionic Interface Devices to give it its more technical name. The EnPid enabled a slave to share in the major senses of every slave who was within her allotted range, or to whose channel she subscribed. It was for that reason that every slave heard, saw or felt those sensations that her neighbor did; and whilst the EnPid showed no regard for privacy, it did at least filter out the more unpleasant sensations.

The sting of an insect or the pain of a toe stubbed against a wall? That was blocked. The sensual caress of a silk gown against naked breasts, or of a lover’s tongue against an eagerly presented pussy? That was shared and, furthermore, recorded as well. Well, it was perhaps due to the EnPid’s lack of discretion in what it shared that Maria lived in a society that was far removed from what had been considered normal before its creation. For all of their bizarre sense of modesty, the slaves of Sapphira had never been considered chaste, though.

Of course, any conscious slave would be too busy processing the signals from her own senses to do the same with those of another, let alone those of each of her neighbors. Her brain could at least store the deluge of information into memory, though, and her unconscious mind had no such limits on processing what she had stored. It was for that reason that Maria’s dreams were more vivid than reality itself.

If she returned to the time of her Queen’s last birthday, for example, then she would once more witness the sight of forty thousand slaves frigging themselves to orgasm before the Great Stage. At the same time, she would see every single slave in such detail that she could count the drops of juice that they themselves saw as they gazed upon each other’s delicate folds. Similarly, albeit from the direction of the Great Stage itself, she would once more hear the din of a thousand slaves riding a thousand naked, young beasts. Below that din, she would hear things that would have been too quiet for anyone barring their owner to have heard, though. She would hear the deliciously obscene sounds that each sodden cunt had made as it thrust passionately upon each rigid cock. And when a slave brought her beast to climax, Maria would hear the delicate splattering of each spurt of cum across the slave’s hastily proffered panty-mound.

Maria did not return to her Queen’s last birthday, however, for she did not fall into her dreams by accident, and the EnPid’s ability to share sensory information was not its primary purpose. Rather, it was instead designed to extract as much processing power as possible from each slave’s mind. As soon as they fell asleep the slaves’ minds were amalgamated into their country’s central data processing unit, and it was in that form that they worked to solve those issues where no one person could know everything that was required. Breakthroughs in medicine, in science and in technology; social management and resource distribution issues; new ideas for pornographic movies, and the continued development of sexual toys. Well, the slaves of Sapphira had always been far more enchained by their unquenchable lust than they had been by the Masters who had fought to control them.

Of course, only so much work that could be derived from a slave’s mind before she required rest. The EnPid was a generous employer, though, and none of the slaves would seek to complain. If the main reward for a night of intellectual work was Antep Escort Bayan a day full of love and sex, then the second reward was ninety minutes in a dream specifically chosen to remind the slave of just how wonderful her life was. It was because of that, that when Maria’s mind fell free of the communal processing to which it had been dedicated since she had first fallen asleep, she knew that she would dream about one of several Sunday nights. Of course, there were many to which she could have returned. Maria had been a Princess for almost five years, and one of the privileges of being a Princess was attending the various ceremonies and orgies that took place every Sunday within her Great Hall.

Just as the EnPid allowed Maria to see each slave as she had been seen by those who looked upon her, so too she saw herself as viewed by the members of royalty who sat with her, though. The curves of her bare buttocks and beautiful, youthful breasts. The darkness between her thighs that was her only modesty, and the swollen nubs of her erect nipples. The Ladies of State paid such attention to her that, had she wanted to, Maria could have spent almost the entire dream experiencing a longing gaze upon her naked body. She had no interest in viewing herself, however, and she felt only humility in the fact that they delighted in gazing upon her.

She paid no attention to the simply decorated and glass-enclosed balcony within which she sat. The soft, plump cushions upon which she and her peers sat? They too were similarly ignored. The beautifully but obscenely decorated rugs upon which her Queen and peers would make love later? They were also ignored. The dozens of lovingly molded dildos, strapons and vibrators that were hung upon the rear wall, and the sexual toys that had been put to thorough use on every single Sunday since the execution of the Masters? They at least garnered a moment of impish recollection, but that was all.

Maria paid just as little attention to the peers whom she loved as she did to herself and her Great Hall, though, for as always, her first course of action was to turn her attention downward. To which Sunday had she returned? To which delicious memory had her unconscious mind been sent that night? She looked down upon the floor that spread out beneath her balcony, for the answers to her questions were to be found in the slaves beneath her.

If she looked upon vast circles of naked slaves, where each circle could be distinguished by the method with which its occupants brought each other off; then she had returned to the Sunday following her First-Knight’s last birthday. If she saw a seething and writhing tangle of limbs, where hundreds of naked slaves fingered, fucked and sucked each other with no regard for who it was that they pleasured; then that would be the infamous Lady’s Day riot of four years past. If she saw thousands of slaves so dazed by the Queen’s latest batch of Haymel that they could do nothing but stroke frantically at their pussies; then that would be the deliciously enjoyable and yet nevertheless farcically unexpected orgy of last year’s Lover’s Day.

Despite all of that, she looked upon a Sunday that had started more innocuously than any that she could remember. She treasured it above all others, though, and she felt a thrill of excitement as soon as she recognized it. Three years and three months had passed since that night when her world had been transformed before her, and what she had seen still fuelled both her own fantasies and those of her six loyal Knights.

Naturally, the gallery of her Great Hall had teemed with those commoners who had come to watch that Sunday’s Ceremony of Acquiescence. In contrast with the other nights that still fuelled her fantasies, they had behaved with surprising modesty despite their nudity though. No more than a hundred slaves had stroked between their widespread thighs, and just thirty couples had kissed, fondled or suckled each other; whilst a mere handful of couples had decided to take turns going down on each other’s lovers. The remainder of the commoners had waited patiently for the start of the Ceremony, and they had done little more than chat and giggle as they did so.

Having verified the date to which she had returned, Maria turned her attention to the exquisitely beautiful members of royalty who had shared the balcony with her. She started with Catherine, the Queen of Kritoria and the Empress of Sapphira, for there was not a slave alive who could help but do otherwise. It was normal for visitors to modify their bodies, and the previous week had seen the Queen arrive with her breasts as large as her bodyweight would allow. They had in fact been so large that they had felt like clouds of soft warmth against Maria’s back at those times when the Queen had mounted her during the night’s orgy, and Maria had secretly hoped to experience them once more. The Queen had turned up with not one single obvious modification, though; and, at the time, Maria had thought nothing of the fact that the twelve Ladies of State had done likewise.

The Queen had sat upon those cushions that occupied the center of the balcony. Her two gorgeous Concubines had sat in nothing but their collars of sapphire and ruby to her left, and her six First-Knights had knelt naked behind her. Similarly, the Ladies of State had sat at the Queen’s right, whilst their collective First-Knights had knelt naked and subservient before them. As per usual, the Knights had waited in indecent eagerness for their chance to serve the Ladies of State, but for once Maria had been separated from her own First Knight. For the first time ever the Queen had ordered Maria to the front of the balcony, and she had ordered Maria’s First Knight, Elizabeth, to remain in her usual position.

Maria had therefore sat as if isolated from the beautiful members of royalty who occupied the balcony behind her. She had done so knowing that it was a position to be feared, for it was never wise for a member of royalty to turn her back upon a Queen in such situations. The Lady or Princess who did so was likely to end the night pinned to the ground as she was gangbanged by her peers; whilst many a hapless soul had wept in shame as she had been made to squirt her cum across the balcony glass. It was for that reason that Maria should have worried about what her Queen might have been scheming behind her back; but on that special and wonderful day, her mind had been full of thoughts unbecoming of a Princess. She had been left with no wits with which she could ponder the reason for her exile and, rather than attempt to do so, she had merely knelt in complete acceptance of her possible fate.

Had she really stared so fixedly?

Had her eyes really been so wide and so full of tears?

Had she really let her mouth hang open behind the hands that she had raised in shock? Had Maria been proud or vain then she might have recoiled at the sight of herself so clearly shaken with joy before the Queen and Ladies of her country. She was neither proud nor vain, though, and nothing could have stopped her from following the gaze of her past self. She looked, therefore, to where the beasts were leant back against the slope of the Wall of Offering; and she stared at the virile young bodies that had undergone the transition from boy to beast during the week since the last ceremony.

They were handsome without exception. The Masters had always favored those with good genes, and the centuries since their demise had seen an unusual form of natural selection at work. For the most part, the slaves of Sapphica were too busy making love with each other to require the services of a beast, and the beasts were therefore only ever used when a baby was desired. Given that the vast majority of beasts lived out their lives within the Impregnation Halls, that meant that was no reason for a slave to choose anything but the most handsome to fill her with his seed. The beasts who stood before her were, therefore, amongst the most attractive that the planet of Sapphica had ever seen; and they were also each bound to the wall behind them.

They were tied tightly, for they would not they would not move from their positions until the Ceremony had reached its conclusion sometime during the early hours of Monday, and they were blindfolded as well. Even had they not been, they would have been incapable of recognizing the beautiful slaves who waited eagerly before them though, for each had tasted the Concoction of Blissful Darkness. One by one, each young beast had licked obediently at the drug-smeared, naked breasts of the slave who stood before him. One by one, they had lost not only their ability to reason, but also their ability to remember anything that happened that day. The Concoction had left the beasts almost as devoid of instinct as it had of intellect; but it was also because of the Concoction that the beasts’ cocks had stood erect regardless of the fact that they had not been touched. The beasts had therefore stood with their young cocks thrust forward and upward, straining and rigid with need; and each youthful shaft had shone wet and glistening in arousal, whilst some had also leaked trickles of thick, milky-white pre-cum.

How many handsome young beasts had stood before her then? Just seventy? Perhaps at most eighty? Certainly, there had been significantly fewer than was normal for that time of year. Maria had never found any great enjoyment in witnessing their arousal anyway, though, and her admiration was normally focused upon the commoners. How magical it was, to see the slaves knelt in nervous but impatient arousal before the nephews, sons and brothers of the slaves who knelt beside them! Maria could never tire of the magnificence of another slaves’ bodies, but there was something singularly beautiful about the eagerness with which the eighty slaves moved upon their neighbor’s relative. They grinned in mischievous pleasure as they masturbated the young beasts whose cocks thrust proudly upward before them, and they giggled in delight as they rubbed the beasts’ seed into their flesh! For all of their beauty, there was also something singularly naughty about them as well, though.

Certainly, it could not be denied that they giggled whenever they made their respective beast squirt his cum across their heaving breasts. They did not do so when the slave beside them made their nephew, brother or son spray his seed across her tits, though, for instead they cried out in mischievous triumph! How wonderfully daring they were, to not care that their cries threw light upon their hidden or until-then latent desires! How heavenly it was, to watch the way in which their daring increased as the night wore on! It was as if they were somehow emboldened by the ever-increasing amount of sperm that was squirted and splashed across their flushed and eagerly proffered breasts, and the sight of their growing lust never failed to trigger Maria’s own.

Sometimes it seemed to Maria that for as long as she could remember, she had spent every Sunday night stroking herself to orgasm beside the Queen whom she adored, whilst the other Ladies of State did likewise about them. Certainly, she had spent thousands of hours staring in wonder as the commoners accepted the precious fluid with which they were rewarded for their years of devotion, but that was not the entire story. Rather, a good proportion of those hours had been devoted to wagers with the use of each other’s fingers, tongues or strapons at stake.

Which of the commoners would be the first to give in to her desire? Who would be the first to aim the cock of her neighbor’s son upwards so that his cum splashed across her face rather than across her breasts? Who would be the first to kiss and suck upon the swollen knob of her neighbor’s brother, or the first to hold the cock of her neighbor’s nephew within her mouth as it spewed his cum across her tongue? Strictly speaking, the Ceremony was meant to be a hands-only affair, but every Sunday without fail the commoners switched from tired hands to eager mouths, regardless of what was meant to happen. Her Great Hall echoed then not to the rapid and sibilant working of hands upon shafts, but to the far noisier and more obscene sounds of slaves slurping, sucking, licking and slobbering upon the beast’s swollen knobs.

How long would it take for a slave who was tired by her oral ministrations and aroused by those of her neighbor, to decide that she needed nothing more than a cock within her pussy, regardless of what convention dictated? How long until her Great Hall echoed to the cries of pleasure and exertion with which the commoners bounced their buttocks against beasts’ instinctively thrusting hips? How long until all that could be heard would be the cries of pleasure with which the slaves fed their swollen teats to their eagerly suckling beasts, whilst their cunts sucked with equal eagerness upon the cocks that thrust into them?

And of all those commoners, of all the aunts, sisters and mothers who stared at the boy whom they would soon lose as they worked upon the erect flesh of their friend’s or neighbor’s relative… Who would be the first to decide that, taboo or not, she couldn’t give up her one chance to experience what was forbidden? The first to lick his seed from off of her neighbor’s beautiful, naked body. The first to wank the young boy turned beast to whom she had dedicated herself for eighteen long years. The first to suck and eventually fuck the beast who filled her mind, and who would never learn of just what had happened on that night that was for slaves only. The first to do everything within her power to ensure that her sons, brothers or nephew’s body understood just how strongly he could be loved, if only he didn’t follow his genetic destiny and turn into a complete arsehole.

Well, there were few things that the slaves of Maria’s era considered taboo when carried out between consenting adults. The act of incest with a beast was the second most forbidden of them all, though. The shame associated with it was so strong that Princess Maria and her companions would normally have been engrossed in fucking each other senseless long before the first slave had given in to her desire to break it. On that Sunday, however, the Ceremony had started with an ex-Champion simultaneously following and defying convention.

Where the other slaves had knelt naked before their charge, she had not only knelt as the Ceremony demanded, but also obeyed those traditions that had been discarded long since as being too troublesome to follow. She had worn her hair tied upwards in the elaborate ceremonial style; and even though they did little to alter the elegance of her curves, she had bound her breasts and buttocks with the uncomfortable and unflattering bands of years long past. In that respect at least, she had thus been a model of a slave from an era when the blindfold had been necessary; and yet, in defiance of tradition, she had knelt not before another’s relative but before her own.

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