Charlie’s way


Charlotte knew her dad was lonely. Ever since her mum dad died two years previously it seemed like a part of her daddy was gone, he was a lot less outgoing and dominant than he used to be. She heard and sometimes watched as he jacked himself off most nights, feeling almost numinous as he pulled out his 9” dick. Now Charlotte knew she was a beautiful 18 year old; her shiny black hair and porcelain skin helped to highlight her green feline eyes and almost pixielike features; she was petite at 5 foot and was very slim- but not skinny, just perfectly toned with killer curves and two gorgeous round 32D breasts.

Normally she would wear a strappy or tightish top and a pair of skinny jeans; it was what was expected of her. At school she, like most teenagers, was skint and when she asked her father for money he still upheld the belief that she should earn it. Ordinarily she would normally just do odd jobs around the house, like cleaning or washing with her father ‘supervising’. He would watch every aspect of her figure and bent over to unload the washing machine or polish a surface, vigorougly scrubbing until his dick became hard and he would excuse himself before wanking off to images of his daughters breasts jiggling, something that usually produced a pretty powerful orgasm.

For a while Charlie had been after an Ipod but at $299, it was way out of her price range and it was ages away from both christmas and her birthday for her to have any money so she developed a plan.

The next day her father was leaning against the kitchen worktop reading the sunday paper and eating toast. She went over to him and put her arms around his neck, giving him a hug.

“Daddy…” Bayan Escort Antep she cooed,” I was wondering-“

“Go on, what do you want this time?”

“Well, its just that everyone at school has an Ipos and you have no idea how much i want one- it would be so useful.”

“Well, I’ll give you the money, but remember you’ll have to earn it. I’m thinking the lawn could do with a good mowing.” He said, looking out of the window.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about it.” She said, reaching down to her fathers trousers,” And what if I were to do a different kind of job for you?” She asked as she unbuttoned her fathers trousers, unzipping the fly straight after.

“Charlotte- what are you doing!” her dad exclaimed. He was surprised but turned on by the idea, causing his already semi-hard cock to harden further.

“Well, I know you’ve been lonely since mum died and I thought you could do with a little helping hand.” She said, massaging his balls through his boxers.

“No- we shouldn’t do this, its wrong.”

“Oh, but daddy, it’ll feel wonderful.” She said and yanked his boxers down to her ankles,” Trust me.” She said and knelt down in front of him.

“Oh Daddy it’s sooo big.” She said and watched as a little pre-cum leaked out of the end.

“No- you’re my daughter.” He said, torn between the pleasures he’d yearned after for three years, and his morals.

“But daddy, it’ll make you feel so good and I’ll get an Ipod- trust me on this one.” She said and started to lick the head of her father’s throbbing dick.

“Charlie, seriously, this is incest, it’s not ooooh.” He groaned deeply as she quickly put her pretty lips around his dick and deep throated him. She started making swallowing motions while massaging his balls. It felt so good her dad started to moan louder and louder and buck his hips into her as she bobbed her head up and down his straining shaft.

“So daddy, can I get that Ipod after all.” She asked, when she felt he was nearing orgasm.

“You’re on your way- keep going.” He said and shoved her head back onto his shaft just as he felt his balls strain and a tingling all over his loins after he shot spurt after spurt of cum down his daughters sweet throat. She swallowed every drop and got up off her knees after releasing his now limp dick from her hot mouth.

“Wow.” Was all he could say.

“So can I get the Ipod after all?”

“Well, a common prostitute would only charge about $100 for a blow job.”

“But I swallowed.”

“Regardless you’ve got $200 to make up- now you can either give me another 2 blows, 4 hand jobs or you can fuck me.”

“I’ll fuck you.” She said almost automatically, not knowing why,” Why not come into the living room?” she asked and strutted over to the living room, her dressing gown showing off her curves.

“Sit.” She stated and her now naked father sat on the sofa, as indicated. She slowly removed her dressing gown- slowly untying the chord and then slowly, almost excruciatingly, let her gown fall to the floor to reveal to her father the sexiest sight he had ever seen. His daughter in a very low cut red lacy lacy push up bra showing off her heaving breasts, before moving down to her pussy, covered in a similarly low matching thong with a matching pair of red stockings a garter belt, and heels.

“I am yours.” She stated and walked over to her father, who’s dick had grown back to its full size faster than it had in years,” Take me as you wish.” She said as she went to sit next to her father. He kissed her full on the lips, their tongues dancing together for a good few minutes while his hands opened her bra to release her straining breasts. He started to ravish her boobs, licking and sucking her hardened nipples, while he ripped off her thong and, rubbing her clit with his thumb, plunged his fingers in and out of her hole until she was steaming when he stopped.

“Now sit on my lap, legs apart.” He ordered and was all too happy to comply, kneeling above the throbbing head of his penis, teasing him as she moved it back and forth over her wet hole and clit before her father grabbed hold of her buttocks and shoved her down on his cock. He then lifted her up and repeated this again and again while he pistoned his cock in and out of her.

“Oh daddy, it feels so good, you’re big fat cock is filling me up so much!” Charlie exclaimed between pants- she had actually started to enjoy it.

“That’s right, does my little girl like her daddy’s cock in her, the little slut- fucking me like a common whore?”

“Oh G-d yes, I’m a dirty little slut.” She cried and as she reached down to massage her father’s balls he pressed his thumb down on her clit and to the sound of their thighs slapping together she came a few strokes later, soaking his balls with her juices. The tightening of his daughter’s pussy muscles on his cock caused Charlie’s father to come so hard inside of her.

“Now you can have the Ipod sweetie.” He said panting in his post-coital bliss.

“Thanks daddy.” She said and kissed him again.

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