Sarah’s Pool Side Group BJ Party

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Sarah is a central member of our group. She is a very eye-catching, girl-next-door type. She’s about five foot two, ninety-eight pounds, with naturally blonde hair, to the middle of her back. She has sparkling blue eyes, that always shine. Her body is hard and athletic with firm abs. She has small to medium size breasts, with long pointed nipples. Her derrière is to die for, round and hard. Her skin is perfect, with an all-over tan.Sarah is a true bisexual, loving sex. She started having sex during her senior year in high school. This is no surprise, most people do. However, Sarah started with girls, then boys. This vignette is about how it all started with the girls.“When I started to have sex,” Sarah says, “it was first with my best friend Karen, while we were seniors in high school. Being eighteen, we felt we were modern, liberated women.”Karen and Sarah, are the same age, except, that Karen is five foot, eight inches tall, about one hundred ten pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes. Also, she has large, full, double-D breasts, with well-formed hips, and ass.Sarah continues, “As all girls do, we had sleepovers all the time. On one of those nights, we tried kissing each other for the first time, just to see what it was like. We both found holding each other and kissing, incredibly pleasurable. We spent a couple of hours, savoring our make-out sessions. These sessions rapidly moved from French kissing to light petting. We both love moving our hands all over each other, carving the feelings it gives us.”Then Sarah heard about the pleasures of masturbation, she had to try it. Sarah read an article about the need for all women to learn proper masturbation because women are responsible for their orgasms. Sarah wasn’t sure what an orgasm was but, decided if she was responsible for it, she wanted to know about it. Sarah did an internet search for female masturbation. Once her studies were over, she went and locked herself in her room to try this masturbation thing.She got in the middle of her bed sitting cross-legged. By the way, she was sitting, her pussy was wide open. Picking up her hand mirror to watch herself, propped it up on a pillow across from her. The only thing Sarah knew about her pussy was her monthly period, now she wanted to learn about the pleasures it gives.Likewise, when Karen and she made out, she got a moist tingling feeling there. As Sarah looked at herself she noticed her curly blonde pubic hair. Her thin inner lips were hidden by her smooth outer lips, which lightly touched together, hiding what was behind them. This was all very exciting to her.Taking her mirror, she placed the flat of her hand over her outer lips, rubbing slowly over her soft blonde pubic hair. Sarah’s fingers slid all over her pussy. It started to feel very nice. The moistness from her was now wetness, from her flowing juices. She took her middle finger and began moving it between her inner lips. Feeling wonderful from the sensation of it. She was so hot and wet, her fingers easily slid inside her vagina. It felt spectacular.Sarah was also watching all this in the mirror, mesmerized by it. Then Sarah remembered about her clitoris. When she first touched it, she jumped, it was so sensitive. Her breathing was now fast, eyes focused on the mirror watching, when with a scream, Sarah came for the first time. Her first orgasm. It was mind-blowing. She had to do it again, then again. After her fourth orgasm, she had to quit, being so sensitive. Now she knew about masturbation and coming. Giving herself orgasms became Sarah’s favorite amusement. She decided it was something to do before going to sleep, a great way to relax, and even a cure for a headache. It was so great it became obligatory that she had to tell her best friend, Karen. Karen stayed over at Sarah’s the next weekend. She told Karen that she had started to masturbate, telling her everything about playing with herself. Telling her of the spectacular orgasms, and that she was doing it at least three times a day. Sarah could see from Karen’s face, she was not very willing to try it. “I’ll teach you how to do it. I’ll walk you through it,” Sarah expressed to her. Karen was hesitant, but agreed, just to shut her up. The first thing Sarah had them both do was remove all their clothes. Once nude they sat on the bed, facing each other, legs spread. Karen looked very beautiful, as always. It türbanlı gaziantep escort was the first time Sarah had seen her friend entirely nude, up close, with her large breast, dark pointed nipples, and legs spread wide open. Karen’s pussy was covered with black curly pubic hair. Sarah noted her pussy was different from Karen’s, whose outer lips didn’t touch all the way together, as Sarah’s did. Karen’s inner lips poked out just a little. “Watch me, do what I do,” Sarah told her. Sarah started to slowly masturbate, rubbing her blonde fur-covered cunt. Sarah was wetter than ever, with her best friend watching. Her nipples were on fire with desire. Karen watching intently. Suddenly, Sarah came. As she did she fell forward on Karen, who caught her.“That was fucking awesome. It’s great.” Sarah said, kissing her on the lips. After Sarah recovered, she told Karen that she will coach her through the steps. Karen was still not sure about it. Sarah didn’t care, as she took Karen’s hand placing it over her black pubic hair, her hand on top of Karen’s. Sarah started rubbing over Karen’s black curly mound and outer lips. After a few minutes, Sarah removed her hand, she could tell that now Karen was all in on doing this. “Now,” Sarah coached, “slide your middle finger between your pussy lips. Feel how wet it is there.” Karen giggled saying, “it’s very wet.” Sarah continues, “Now place two fingers over your wet lips and rub quicker.” She did as told. Eventually, Karen’s breathing increased. Her left hand grabbed her left breast and she squeezed it, pulling her nipple. Then with a soft scream, she came, falling forward on Sarah. “What was that?” Karen asked. “You came, stupid. That was your first orgasm!” Karen leaned in kissing Sarah’s lips. Her hot tongue went into Sarah’s mouth as they sucked on each other’s tongues. Suddenly Sarah pushed her back. “Wait, wait, we’re going to do it together now. You watch me, I’ll watch you.” They frolicked like this for the rest of the evening. Coming at least five more times. Ultimately this led to mutual masturbation, each doing the other at the same time, no longer just watching. It started one night when they had a sleepover. Sarah let her hand wander down to Karen’s pussy while they kissed. As her hand rubbed over Karen’s soft mound, she responded by spreading her legs, allowing Sarah more room.This was the first time Sarah had ever played with another girl’s pussy. Soon she had two fingers in Karen’s vagina. After a few minutes, Karen erupted from her very first orgasm from another woman. It gave Sarah a great feeling, due to the joy of bringing her best friend to orgasm. That was the first time they ever made out while fingering each other. This was just the beginning. The following weekend Sarah slept over at Karen’s house. This time they knew what they were doing. Once in bed, they went straight into kissing and hugging. After about fifteen minutes of making out, Sarah let her hands run over Karen’s willing nude body. As they kissed, Sarah started pinching and pulling Karen’s hard nipples.Moving on top of Karen, they kissed. It didn’t take long before Sarah was rubbing her pussy over Karen’s. Their pubic hair rubbed together, and as it did, it pulled on their clits. It was very arousing to them both. The whole time they were in a tight embrace, French kissing.Sarah moved to the side of Karen, to start petting her cunt. Then she placed two fingers in Karen’s wet vagina. As she did, Karen moved her fingers over Sarah’s pussy. Only playing with her blonde pubic hair, even though Sarah was dripping wet. Soon, Karen came with a soft scream, hurting Sarah’s hand as she squeezed her legs together as her orgasm filled her.Karen still had hold of Sarah’s pussy, as she came, two fingers slid into Sarah’s slick, wet, vagina. Sarah was amazed at how wonderful it was to feel her friend’s fingers inside her. Karen started moving them slowly in and out, kissing her. Momentarily, Sarah came hard trying to muffle her screams of ecstasy by kissing Karen. They spent at least two nights a week engaged in making out and mutual masturbation. Both soon became experts in giving hand jobs to girls.It wasn’t long after learning about the joy of masturbation when Sarah found her brother’s stash of porn magazines. They were full of pictures of couples gaziantep türbanlı escort bayan having sex, but what caught her attention were pictures of two girls having sex. She knew she had to try it. The first thing Sarah attempted was sucking on Karen’s nipples while playing with her pussy. Karen has perfect breasts and nipples, every time Sarah held them in her hands, it was amazing.This time Sarah closed her mouth over one of Karen’s nipples, for the first time, lightly sucking. Then she let her tongue make circles all around it. By Karen’s response, Sarah knew she enjoyed the combination of both. Soon Sarah moved her hand to Karen’s black, curly, mound. To her surprise, Karen’s hand was already there fingering herself. Sarah laid her hand upon hers as they played together. Karen came quickly after that, enjoying her climax. Afterward, Sarah lay on the bed as Karen sucked on her hard, nipples for the first time. It was the greatest thing ever. That’s when she found out she has super sensitive nipples. Sarah even learned she could come from just nipple play.That summer while off from school they had a lot of time to experiment with new things. Of course in Sarah’s mind, the next step was going down on each other. Karen had seen the pictures in the magazines, knowing Sarah wanted to try it, but she is not one to go after the unknown. Karen can be led but is not a leader. Then in early June, Karen was staying over at Sarah’s house, and Sarah knew now was the time. Sarah’s parents were out of town with her younger sister, and her older brother was out with friends at the beach for a few days. They were all alone.They spent the first day in the pool, enjoying themselves, spending most of the day nude, and enjoying skinny dipping. They made out as they floated in the water, holding each other. After a few hours of leisurely swimming, making out, and heavy petting. Neither could count the number of times they came.Sarah suggested they take a shower together, something they had never done before. It would be a first. From this first experience, both learned how much joy there is in taking showers with another person. The shower had a hose with a nozzle on it, Sarah had learned to use it to masturbate, so had to show Karen. All of their showers now have that attachment, they call it the “Magic Wand.”After their shower, they dried off, Sarah leading Karen to the bed. Pushing her down on her back, and lying beside her. Sarah began playing with Karen’s large, perfect breasts. Her breasts are much larger than Sarah’s, which is why she loved to play with them. Moving to suck Karen’s hard, long nipples, her hand moved around the folds of her pussy. Suddenly, Sarah did something she had never done. For the first time, she started kissing Karen’s flat belly, moving down towards her soft, black, pubic hair-covered pussy. Karen’s breathing increased the closer Sarah got to her womanhood. Now positioning herself between Karen’s legs, spreading them wide apart. Karen already had placed her hand over herself, slowly manipulating her lower folds, placing two fingers in her vagina. As Sarah moved between her thighs getting comfortable, her face hovered just above Karen’s hand, inhaling her fragrance.At that moment, Sarah kissed the top of Karen’s hand, moving it out of the way. This was the very first time Sarah came face to face with another beautiful pussy. At first, she just looked at it. Taking in all its beauty and sensual aroma. Soon Sarah let a finger slowly go up and down Karen’s wet inner folds, she could see the hood of her clit plus, moisture at the opening of her vagina.Sarah’s had an overwhelming desire to taste her best friend’s pussy. Her tongue lightly licked up the moisture on Karen’s wet folds. Sarah’s first taste of a woman was perfect. She let her tongue run up to Karen’s clit, then down again, before starting over. They both moaned in pleasure. Karen’s nectar was wonderful. Sarah loved the aroma and taste of it.Enclosing her entire mouth over Karen’s lower lips, Sarah’s tongue began running up and down her inner folds. Now and then going into her vagina, or making circles around her clit. Soon Sarah pushed Karen’s legs up, toward her chest, exposing more of her. As Karen’s hips rolled up, Sarah let her tongue twirl around Karen’s cute, puckered, gaziantep türbanlı escort asshole before moving back to her clit. Within a few minutes, Karen grabbed hold of Sarah’s head coming hard. Sarah kept licking and sucking on her womanly charms until she was pushed away.“WOW!” was all Karen said.Sarah moved up on top of her, kissing her lips. Sarah’s face was covered in her friend’s nectar. As they kissed, they licked each other’s lips, holding each other.“Wow, what?” Sarah asked.“That was the greatest orgasm of my life. I loved every second of it. Also, my taste on your lips and face is delicious. I can’t wait to taste you,” Karen whispered.As Karen continued to kiss her, she let her hand fall between Sarah’s legs. Lightly placing a finger in Sarah’s vaginal opening, getting it wet, before bringing it to her lips. Sarah just moaned in pleasure. Then Karen reached into Sarah’s folds again, to place some of Sarah’s nectar on her right nipple, before licking it clean. This became a game to Karen, she would dip a finger in Sarah’s vagina, then suck it clean, or suck it off her nipple. One time Sarah grabbed her finger wanting to taste herself. It was as nice as Karen’s nectar.“Come on, just do it,” Sarah finally just yelled at her.Karen laughed, as a new Karen took charge. Karen kissed her way down Sarah until she reached her soft blonde fur. She was now staring at Sarah’s pussy, laid wide open as she maneuvered between her legs. Placing a leg on each shoulder, Sarah raised her hips, elevating her womanhood closer to Karen’s mouth. Karen inhaled the aroma of her friend deeply, as she placed a finger on Sarah’s lower lips.Slowly Karen pushed a finger into her. Sarah felt Karen’s warm breath tickle her, as she slowly slid a finger in and out of Sarah’s hot, wet, wanting vagina. Sarah’s juices were flowing out of her, as Karen’s leaned in kissing her upper mound. Then Karen let her tongue swipe along Sarah’s pussy lips, the sensation was wonderful. Licking her for a few minutes she then removed her finger, as Karen let her tongue go deeper into her friend’s inner folds. As her tongue went in, Sarah jumped from the pleasure.“Did I hurt you?” Karen said looking up quickly.“No, silly,” Sarah replied. “It just feels so delightful. So get back to it. I love it.”“I love it too. You taste so sweet to me,” Karen cooed.Karen then went back to licking Sarah’s lower folds. Opening her mouth, she enclosed it over Sarah’s entire womanly charms. Her tongue went in and out of her friend’s love tunnel, then up to her clit. Sarah was going crazy from how great it felt. Then out of nowhere, she had a mind-blowing orgasm. Sarah’s strong legs held Karen where she was until she calmed down.Pulling Karen up atop her, Sarah began sucking on her pert, hard, nipples. As she did Karen lightly ran her fingers thru Sarah’s blonde pubic hair. Karen kept placing a finger in Sarah’s vagina to get wet, then rub it on a nipple, before sucking it. Her sucking Sarah’s nipples, plus playing with her pussy, made Sarah quickly come again, in less than two or three minutes. It was more than mind-blowing. As her deep moaning sounds filled the room.Sarah started rubbing her blonde pussy over Karen’s black curly pussy. Their clits would bump and slide over each other leading to remarkable sensations for both. Eventually, Sarah moved down between her friend’s legs to once again licked her friend’s sweet lower lips. Karen was so sensitive she almost instantly had another mind-boggling orgasm.The tow did this several times throughout the night. Both of them came too many times to count, that night. The next time they were together, was a few days later. That’s when they tried sixty-nine for the first time. It was so intense.It happened when Karen and Sarah were laying on the bed, on their sides, talking. Sarah was facing Karen’s feet her head on Karen’s waist, looking at her soft black pubic hair. Sarah moved so that she inched closer to Karen’s soft mound, kissing her soft black curly mound.Then Sarah turned Karen on her side lifting one of Karen’s legs, placing her foot on Sarah’s knee, and opening Karen up to her. Sarah just looked at her, taking in her beauty and aroma. Running her fingers around Karen’s warm, moist, lower lips. Karen was getting wetter, and wetter. Pushing a finger into Karen’s vagina, then two, Karen sighed, moving her hips toward her.Sarah moved closer turning her head to lick Karen’s soft wet pussy lips. Not realizing she had now placed her wet, blonde, pussy right in Karen’s face. Sarah got comfortable as she continued to lap up Karen’s dripping nectar. Karen now rested her head on Sarah’s thigh. As Sarah licked her, she started to lick Sarah’s lower lips. Instant rush. Sarah clamped her mouth on Karen’s pussy, as Karen started to tongue fuck Sarah.

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