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I prefer to leave some to your imagination. If you prefer blow by blow sex please check out the many authors that can supply you with that type of story.


My mother in law gives lessons

We, my new bride and I had no place to live. The day before our wedding the apartment we had rented was gone. The building had a fire and everyone had been moved out. June, my upcoming mother-in-law came to the rescue. We could move in with her until our apartment was cleared for occupancy.

The wedding went off without a hitch. The honeymoon was all a person could expect. Well not a complete success. We both were virgins and not experienced in many aspects of the joys of sex. She had allowed me to see her topless and pay homage to her breasts before we were married. I was allowed to touch her down below but it was only over her panties but she never had an orgasm that way.

After kissing me deeply she would touch me over my clothes and rub me. Being horny all the time it wasn’t unusual for with her just doing that I would explode and make a mess in my pants. She thought it was great sport and laughed as I panted and humped back at her hand.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that on our honeymoon we were limited in our sexual knowledge and there were a few misunderstandings. If the porn on the internet was any indication putting my mouth on her vagina would bring her great enjoyment. When I tried to do it I never got close to it. Her legs slammed closed. She grabbed me by my hair and pulled me away from my goal and she made it perfectly clear that I was to never ever try anything like that again.

The same thing when I attempted to put my penis in her mouth. She wouldn’t even kiss me on the tip or anywhere near it. She said it was a disgusting idea. Her words if I remember correctly, “Ugh…Get that thing away from me. You pee through it. That’s so disgusting. Really!!! Just what were you thinking? I’m not putting my mouth anywhere near your penis. You try that again and I swear I’ll bit it.”

No don’t get me wrong. Unity was willing to touch me and stroke me and watch me shoot. I could even do it on her breasts or stomach. After intercourse letting her masturbate me was the second favorite thing we did on our honeymoon. I think she enjoyed doing that as much as I enjoyed her doing it. She even encouraged me to masturbate while she watched. In the evening it was intercourse and in the morning she would use her hands on me or watch as I did it to myself. In the afternoon we might do both.

Now Unity was not against me touching her vagina or fingering her. Actually she seemed to enjoy it a great deal. When I finally found her g spot and her clitoris and spent time with them both at the same time she would orgasm so hard she would almost pass out. But in spite of liking to watch me masturbate she would never let me watch her. She even denied doing it, again her words, “Oh no…why would I even do that? It’s something that perverts do to themselves. I’m not that way. Sister Mary Theresa would have a heart attack if she thought I might do something like that and you’re sick if you think I’m going to let you watch me do it.”

Other than her couple of hang-ups the rest of our sex was wonderful, at least from my side. She would move with her hips with great enthusiasm and hump back at me. As I understand it most women do not climax during intercourse so I would bring her to her orgasm with my fingers after I had finished and I have to admit I enjoyed running my fingers through my deposits and getting her to reach the peak by massaging her g spot and clitoris. I found joy in watching her orgasm and fall into a lite coma. Her face would glow and her eyes sparkle. I love her so much and if those missing parts never come to pass I thought I could still be happy.

All too soon the honeymoon was over. My friends had moved my belongings seks hikayeleri to June’s home. I didn’t have much furniture so it was put in a shed in the back yard. Unity’s old room was full of her clothes so my clothes went into a closet in the guest room. The bad news was that June’s bedroom and our bedroom were side by side. What I didn’t realize was that the walls were paper thin and June was able to hear much of what went on at night. Actually as you will read, that ended up being a good thing.

One night after Unity had enjoyed her orgasm with a bit of noise and I had not yet had mine I tried one more time to get her to put her mouth on my penis. I didn’t expect fellatio. I just wanted a kiss and a lick or two. That set her off and she made sure that it was off the table and for now it was no sex for until I finally understood it. That night I went to sleep unsatisfied. Just to get even with her I didn’t even masturbate.

Saturday morning and June and I were both off work. Unity had a short shift at the hospital and would be home at noon. It appeared that June was watching me kind of strangely all morning. Even when I was out cutting the grass and trimming the hedges she was watching me. I was worried that somehow somewhere I had upset her but wracking my brain did not bring up a thing. Maybe she had another problem that didn’t involve me? I hoped.

When Unity made it home June turned to watching her the same way she had been watching me. Now I was really worried. Our apartment would not be ready for another two weeks. Should I be looking for a temporary place? But by dinner time the tension I felt was gone. June was her normal self and whatever it was must have passed by.

I was hoping Unity had gotten over her snit and we could have a little romp before going to sleep. “No way John, I’m still mad at you. I made it perfectly clear. I am not going to put your thing in my mouth and yet you tried it again last night. Let’s just go to sleep and let me get over it. If you’re hurting just take care of it yourself. I know you know how. ” She turned away, pulled the blankets up and after a few minutes was softly snoring.

I was tempted to pull my shorts down and take care of myself but I guess I was still going to punish her. So I lay there staring at the ceiling for the next half an hour. I was almost asleep when I felt movement in the room. When I opened my eyes there was June standing over the bed looking at me. She put her finger to her lips in the hush symbol. What the hell was going on? June’s in our bedroom and telling me to be silent?

Then she and with a twinkle in her she bent down and whispered, “Be very careful. Don’t make a sound. If my silly daughter won’t give you a blow job I will. I love it when I get a mouthful of man juice. When Frank was alive he would let me do it at least every week. So just lay there at let me give you a treat, ok?”

I didn’t know what was going to happen. Was June really going to do it? Or was this some kind of test? I tried to shake my head no. June nodded yes and pulled the blanket down. Just like that she was running a hand over the bulge in my boxers. With every pass of her hand the bulge was getting bigger. I might have made a sound. June smiled and again hushed me one more time while she pulled on my boxers.

In a flash I was exposed and hard. Was this really going to happen? My mother-in -law had my boxers around my ankles and was holding my erection firmly in her hand. I was ready to explode. Two whole nights without sex and I was primed.

When she leaned over and whispered, “You be very still. Remember don’t make a sound. If she wakes up we’re both in deep do-do.”

Then she licked me, right on the head, twice. When her lips slid down and sucked me in I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I was so close with just sex hikayeleri that little bit. I could feel it building and getting ready to shoot.

Just then Unity sighed and rolled over. I couldn’t stop it. It was coming and Unity was awake and looking and seeing her mother leaning over me and my hard member in her mouth.

I was coming. June was pulling away. My emissions were shooting up and falling back on my stomach. Unity was screaming. It was a hell of a scene.

“My mother is sucking my husband’s cock,”

I had never heard Unity use that word.

June stood up tall and answered her, “And why the hell not. You won’t. If you weren’t so damned uptight it’d be your lips and tongue giving him the pleasure. Girl get over it, give him a blow job. Let him suck you off. You might find it’s enjoyable.”

As June turned to leave she had a parting shot. “Think it over darling, and if you won’t, I will every chance I get.”

My young wife sat there just staring at the door as it closed. With a shake of her head she looked down at my wilted penis. “Did my mother really do what I saw her doing or am I in a nightmare? She put your penis in her mouth and you let her? Why? Isn’t what we have enough for you? Look at your stomach, it’s covered with semen. I need to think. I’m going to sleep on the couch.”

She grabbed her pillow and the blanket and was gone. I never had the chance to say a word.

The next morning was awkward. June was silent. She never said a word. Unity had red swollen eyes like she had cried all night. I felt guilty and snuck outside to sit on the back porch and wonder about my marriage.

I was out there for over an hour. In the background I could hear loud voices. They may have been in the living room because all I got where the sounds without any meaning.

“John…would you please come in. I…mother…um…we want to…um. Will you please just come in? Mom’s making pancakes and we want to talk…um…about last night and stuff.”

I got up and followed her inside. The pancakes were good. The coffee was better. The silence was deafening. The only sounds were knives and forks scrapping on the plates with a background of slurping coffee.

Finally my love sighed and began, “I can’t have my mother giving my husband fellatio.”

“It’s a blow job darling daughter. A blow job, it’s not some three dollar word. You suck him off until he comes in your mouth and if you really love him you swallow it.”

“Can I please talk? I know it’s a blow job. Let me get comfortable will you?”

“Ok…I’ll let you handle this…for now.”

Me, I’m sitting there like a clown trying to figure out what’s going on.

“Mother is trying to convince me that…ugh…giving you a…blowjob isn’t the worst thing ever. She thinks that if I give it a chance I might even like it. I’m willing to give it a try. I can’t let her be doing it to you. Is it ok with you if I try? Mother promises to just watch and maybe give me some tips. What are you thinking? I really love you…please can I try?”

Without waiting for an answer she took my hand and pulled me up and into the living room, near the couch. She looked at her mother with the strangest expression. Unity nodded her head as if there was some silent message passed between them. A pillow was dropped on the floor and my darling knelt on it. With clumsy fingers my pants were undone and pushed down.

The bulge in my undies was huge. This was the most unusual situation I had ever been in. June moved up behind me and pulled my t-shirt over my head. When my boxers went down I’m standing there naked with two women completely covered and my hard-on almost pointing at the ceiling.

Unity didn’t do a thing. She just stared at it, like she had never seen it before.

“Well are you going to do something? Open up…take it…it won’t pop in your mouth by itself. Come on Unity you can do this. Should I help?”

“Just wait. I’m going to do it. Give me a sec will ya?”

“Just remember…no teeth…biting ruins the whole thing.”

I was in heaven. The fact that June was standing there made no difference. Unity was giving me a blow job. Her first time giving me oral and I was climbing the walls. Whatever they had talked about Unity had paid attention. Her tongue was caressing that sensitive spot on the underside of my penis…no my cock. One hand was softly stoking the shaft. Her other hand was holding my testicles and gently rolling them back and forth with her fingers. All was perfect.

Except it was going to end all too soon, I was rapidly approaching the point of no return. I tried to warm my love. She just increased her stroking and the pressure from her tongue. There was no stopping. I was unloading and I could feel her swallowing. All too soon and it was over. I was sensitive and pulled back. With a pop I was free and soft.

Unity looked up at me and smiled, “How was it? Did I do it good?”

She turned to her mother, “Damn it mother you were right. I loved it. I had him in the palm of my hand, I could have asked for a new car and he would have asked what color. It didn’t taste gross. Maybe a bit slimy, but I can handle that. No worse than oysters.”

She turned back to me, “Want to go again? How long before you can get it up? I want to practice one more time before I forget how.”

June offered, “Give him a bit. Then so very softly start to do it again. He’ll grow right in your mouth. That’s when you know you got him. He’ll follow you on hands and knees if necessary. But while you’re waiting…maybe it might be time to let him return the favor. If giving is fun, getting is even better.”

Unity had been examining my soft penis. She looked up at me, smiled and as she stood said, “Ya…I think that’s a good idea.” She pulled her slacks and panties down in one motion before sitting on the edge of the couch. “Come here John and mother could you maybe give him some idea on what needs to be done? If I’m going down this road I want to be sure it’s the right one. “

“Ok John I want you to pay attention now. All of this is pussy. Outer lips and inner lips, the whole thing is sensitive. This area just above her asshole is sensitive. You lick her there and you’ll get a reaction. You start with kisses and licks all over the place. Don’t be in a hurry. Slowly build a foundation. If she’s getting wet a finger up inside feels really good. Feel for a lump. That’s the g spot, a good place to massage with your finger tip. And up here is the clit. It’s the real thing, if you lick and suck it and she’ll be your slave. It’s the seat of her pleasure. Some like it gentle, some like it hard and some go from softly to harder, let her guide you. Everything else is a build up to it. But a fair warning, don’t just attack it. Work toward it one step at a time, there is no hurry.”

I let her tell me all about it. I didn’t tell her that we had found out most of Unity’s pleasure spots on our honeymoon. Sometimes it’s better to watch and listen and keep your mouth shut. She had been willing to let my fingers do the walking it was the tongue and mouth she had a problem with.

June stood up and moved back. “I think I’ll just leave now. We can have questions and answers at dinner tonight if you guys want. Take your time. You’ve got your whole lives to learn all about it. Ask questions and tell each other what feels good and what doesn’t. One final thought, if it doesn’t feel good right now it may feel better a little later or maybe next week. Be open and honest with each other. I love you, both of you.”

Just like that June was gone. “John, are you planning on doing something? Or just look at it. My pussy is expecting something…like maybe a kiss or two for a start.”

The end

Thanks for spending your time reading this story. I hope it didn’t disappoint you. Stopping at the point I did gives you a chance to put your imagination to work. Please share your thoughts if you have time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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